When it comes to high-quality stick vacuums, Tineco should be a brand that pops into mind. It’s truly puzzling why this China-based company doesn’t have a larger presence in the vacuum cleaner market despite having subsidiaries in many countries including the US. Regardless, one look at their selection of stick vacuums and you’ll be hooked for life.

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Tineco produces both corded and cordless vacuum cleaners, but it’s their line of cordless models that really shines. It’s fair to say that the success of the A10 – the 350W, 3.7-pound cordless stick vacuum – has really put the company on the map. Some argue (ourselves included) that the A10 has even given some modern Dyson vacuums a run for their money.

With the overwhelming number of positive reviews from consumers and fans of the A10, many people have high expectations for its successor – the Tineco A11 Hero Stick Vacuum. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most prominent specs and features that the A11 Hero comes with. Spoiler alert: this stick vacuum is awesome.

Cordless and Lightweight

It’s 2018; the days of being tied down to a power outlet are over. A Cordless Vacuum cleaner offers several benefits, the most basic of which is not tripping over power cords. Other benefits of going cordless include supreme portability, maneuverability, and not having the headache of wrestling long extension cords.

If you thought the A10’s 3.7-pound build was light, prepare to be amazed. The A11 Hero weighs only 2.87 pounds! Being both lightweight and cordless, this tool is extremely easy to use, even on vertical surfaces like curtains.

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

More Powerful Motor

Despite being 25% lighter than the A10, the A11 Hero’s motor is almost 33% times more powerful. It’s a rarity that a vacuum cleaner packing a beefier motor will also be significantly lighter in weight.

The 450W motor of the A11 Hero reaches a peak of 120 air watts on MAX mode. Basically, no particles, not even embedded crumbs in your carpet, can stand a chance against the ultimate suction power of the A11 Hero.

Tineco A11 Hero vs Tineco A11 Master: Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Quiet (For a Vacuum Cleaner)

Stick vacuum cleaners aren’t exactly known for being, but the A11 Hero is (to a certain degree). When running MAX mode, this cordless stick vacuum will produce a max of only about 120 decibels. On REGULAR mode, its noise level reaches around 60 decibels. Please note that the A11 Hero will still scare the bejesus out of pets and young toddlers.

4-Stage Filtration System

One of the most notable features of this cordless stick vacuum is its 4-stage filtration system. Essentially, any particles and stray hair that get suctioned by the vacuum head have no chance of escape. The final stage in this filtration system pushes air through a HEPA filter to latch onto any microscopic debris (larger than 0.3 µ) that the first three stages can’t detect. The filters, vacuum head, and brushes are specially designed to help users pluck and get rid of any hairballs that could affect the vacuum’s suction power.

Tineco A11 Hero

Innovative Pre-Filter Cleaner

One thing many people look for in a vacuum cleaner is reusable filters. Nobody wants to shell out hard-earned money regularly on picking up replacement filters when a reusable option is available. However, this means you need to periodically check the vacuum’s filter to ensure that nothing is blocking airflow which could inhibit suction power.

The A11 Hero uses an innovative filter cleaner attachment. Instead of running the filter through water, you simply need to detach it and place it in the nozzle attachment provided. Turn the vacuum on and let the suction power clear out the pre-filter until it’s complete unclogged.

Run Time

The only thing you need to worry about if you have a cordless vacuum cleaner (or any cordless tool for that matter) is how long the battery can supply power. The A11 Hero’s battery can provide up to 60 minutes on REGULAR mode and 15 minutes on MAX mode.

The greatest thing about the A11 Hero is that it comes with not one but TWO batteries. Use one to power your stick vacuum while the other stays in the charger. When the first battery’s juice is out, simply swap them out and resume where you left off.

Tineco A11 Hero Stick Vacuum

50% Larger Dust Bin

The previous A10 model came with a 0.3-liter dustbin which isn’t that great. In the middle of heavy-duty cleaning, you’re going to need to empty out the dustbin quite frequently.

This problem is solved to some degree, by the A11 Hero’s 100% larger dustbin. With 0.6 liters of space to collect dust, hair, and food particles, you can reduce downtime significantly by cutting the number of times you need to empty out the bin.

Another magnificent thing we’d like to point out is that this tool has twice the dust-storage capacity while still remaining slimmer and lighter than the older A10.

Tineco A11 vs Dyson: Stick Vacuum Comparison


Like most stick vacuums out there, the A11 Hero isn’t just designed to suction up dust and hair from the ground. This kit includes both an upholstery brush attachment and crevice attachment. Cleaning sofas, beds, carpets, and the little crevices in your car is simple to do when you plug in the right attachment. There are several other attachments you can use on your A11 Hero to clean your entire home with ease (attachments sold separately).

Tineco A11 Hero Review

Summary of the Tineco A11 Hero Features
– 60 Minutes Runtime
– Enhanced Extreme Suction:
– Dual Charging Powerhouse
– Fully-sealed filtration system
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Tineco A11 Hero: Final Remarks

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen; the A11 Hero from Tineco. This vacuum cleaner manufacturer from China has blown our minds yet again with their newer generation model following the highly successful A10.

The thing we still can’t wrap our minds around is how Tineco managed to create an extremely powerful cordless stick vacuum while retaining its lightweight. Compared to the A10, the A11 Hero has almost 33% more suction power while weight 25% less!

There are also several things about this tool that improve cleaning efficiency. First, the kit includes two batteries, so one can be on standby and charging while the other powers the stick vacuum. Next, this unit has a larger dustbin – 0.6 liters in volume – so you won’t need to empty the bin out as frequently in the middle of working. Next, a full charge can supply up to 60 minutes of power (15 minutes on MAX mode) so cleaning large areas is possible with just a single battery.

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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