1/3 vs. 1/2 vs. 3/4 vs. 1 HP Garbage Disposals

In this buying guide, we are looking at the four basic HP measurements that garbage disposals tend to offer. You will learn what HP measurement means for garbage disposal and how it affects the overall experience. When you finish this guide, you’ll know what HP measurement your new garbage disposal should offer.

1/3 vs. 1/2 vs. 3/4 vs. 1 HP Garbage Disposals

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What Does A ⅓ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

A ⅓ HP garbage disposal offers the bare minimum that a garbage disposal can offer. But, this isn’t a bad thing, especially if you don’t need to grind up and dispose of particularly dense and thick foods.

Most garbage disposals that offer ⅓ of HP use non-steel blades, making them lack the strength of other, more powerful garbage disposals. This, combined with the HP measurement, allows them to break down soft foods – fruits and vegetables being two prominent examples – but not hard foods.

What Does A ½ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

Most ½ HP garbage disposals tend to be just a little pricier than ⅓ HP garbage disposals. But, the slightly-higher price is usually worth it since ½ HP garbage disposals often use stainless steel blades and can more effectively break down thicker food scraps – fruits, vegetables, and meat; to name just three examples.

Since most ½ HP garbage disposals use stainless steel blades, they are less prone to rusting. Because of that, they are a lot more durable, last longer, and are more convenient. More often than not, regardless of your exact needs, a ½ HP garbage disposal is a great choice.

What Does A ¾ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

For larger homes, where the garbage disposal is used more often, a ¾ HP garbage disposal is handy. Every ¾ HP garbage disposal has stainless steel blades and can easily break down hard and soft food scraps.

One of the most admirable qualities that ¾ HP garbage disposals tend to offer is that of low noise. Most of them are designed to make very little noise, which is very lovely and makes the experience more pleasant.

What Does A 1 HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

A 1 HP garbage disposal is one of the most potent garbage disposals that you can purchase. By having a 1 HP garbage disposal, you can easily break down coffee grounds and chicken bones – materials that most garbage disposals can’t dispose of – and all kinds of other, much softer, food scraps.

To go along with that, 1 HP garbage disposals are more significant and designed for long-term use. More food scraps can be disposed of at once, and a 1 HP garbage disposal can easily last for many years.

Conclusion: Which HP Should You Look For?

You can’t go wrong with a 1 HP garbage disposal for peak efficiency and power. If you have a large family and need something quiet and powerful, a ¾ HP garbage disposal is lovely. For something simple, essential, and durable, a ½ HP garbage disposal will serve you well. If you don’t care that much about performance and need something that works, then a ⅓ HP garbage disposal won’t give you any problems.

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