1/3 vs. 1/2 vs. 3/4 vs. 1 HP Garbage Disposals

In this buying guide, we are taking a look at the four basic HP measurements that garbage disposals tend to offer. You are going to learn what HP measurement means for a garbage disposal and how it affects the overall experience. When you are finished with this guide, you’ll know what HP measurement your new garbage disposal should offer.

What Does A ⅓ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

A ⅓ HP garbage disposal offers the bare minimum that a garbage disposal can offer. But, this isn’t a bad thing, especially if you don’t need to grind up and dispose of foods that are particularly dense and thick.

Most garbage disposals that offer ⅓ of HP use non-steel blades, making them lack the strength of other, more powerful, garbage disposals. This, combined with the HP measurement, allows them to break down soft foods – fruits and vegetables being two main examples – but not hard foods.

What Does A ½ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

Most ½ HP garbage disposals tend to be just a little pricier than ⅓ HP garbage disposals. But, the slightly-higher price is usually worth it, since ½ HP garbage disposals often use stainless steel blades and can more effectively break down thicker food scraps – fruits, vegetables, and meat; to name just three examples.

Since most ½ HP garbage disposals use stainless steel blades, they are less prone to rusting. Because of that, they are a lot more durable, they last longer, and they are more convenient. More often than not, regardless of your exact needs, a ½ HP garbage disposal is a great choice.

What Does A ¾ HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

For larger homes, where the garbage disposal is used more often a ¾ HP garbage disposal is extremely useful. Every ¾ HP garbage disposal has stainless steel blades, and can easily break down hard and soft food scraps.

One of the nicest qualities that ¾ HP garbage disposals tend to offer is that of low-noise. Most of them are designed to make very little noise, which is very nice and makes the experience a little bit more pleasant.

What Does A 1 HP Garbage Disposal Offer?

A 1 HP garbage disposal is one of the most powerful garbage disposals that you can purchase. By having a 1 HP garbage disposal, you can easily break down coffee grounds and chicken bones – materials that most garbage disposals can’t dispose of – as well as all kinds of other, much softer, food scraps.

To go along with that, 1 HP garbage disposals are larger and designed for long-term use. More food scraps can be disposed of at one time, and a 1 HP garbage disposal can easily last for many years.

Conclusion: Which HP Should You Look For?

For peak efficiency and power, you can’t go wrong with a 1 HP garbage disposal. If you have a large family and need something that is quiet and power, a ¾ HP garbage disposal is wonderful. For something that is simple, basic, and durable, a ½ HP garbage disposal will serve you well. If you don’t care that much about performance, and just need something that works, then a ⅓ HP garbage disposal won’t give you any problems.

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