360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review

For a fantastic robot vacuum and mop, the 360 S9 is one of the best robot vacuum/mop you can purchase. Throughout this review, you will learn all about what this device offers. That way, you can figure out if the 360 S9 offers what you are looking for.

360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Super Easy-To-Use

For you to use this device, you will be relying on either the included remote control or your smartphone. Both of these devices work incredibly well, and provide a pleasant and enjoyable vacuuming and mopping experience.

Regardless of the device you use, you have access to the same basic set of features. Some of the most notable features include a scheduling feature, being able to choose which floor cleaning mode you want the device to use, turning the device on and off, and telling the device to recharge.

For those who choose to use a smartphone, rather than the included remote control, you will have access to a map of your home. You can glance at this map and, by doing so, see where the device is, and where it’s going. That way, you can find this device with ease, and understand how it is cleaning your floors.

360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Fantastic Mapping System

Through the use of ultrasonic and laser technology, this device can build a thorough and detailed map of your home. As mentioned in the previous section, you can use this map to see where the device is, and where it is going. But, while that feature is very notable, that certainly isn’t the only feature this system offers.

Since this device is meant to be wandering throughout crowded spaces with a variety of different objects, a detection mechanism is necessary. This detection mechanism is the navigation technology mentioned earlier. By using this technology, the device is able to move across your home very quickly, without bumping into anything. All of this allows for speedy and efficient cleaning, without any problems or issues.

360 S9 Review
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Excellent Vacuuming

To thoroughly vacuum your floors, this robot vacuum relies on 2650Pa of suction power, as well as a powerful brush system. Both of these systems enable the device to thoroughly remove dirt, dust, and debris from hard and soft floors. Even carpets and rugs, both of which are often difficult for most robot vacuums to clean, are easy to clean with this robot vacuum.

With that being said, however, some especially thick carpets and rugs are rather difficult for this device to thoroughly clean. Despite the length and efficiency of the brushes, and the excellent suction power, sometimes those surfaces are just too dense.

360 S9 Robot Vacuum
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Excellent Mopping

The mopping system that this device offers is fantastic. Removing stains and messes of all sorts is very easy. What’s really cool is that this device can vacuum and mop at the same time, allowing for a very thorough cleaning process.

One thing to note, though, is that this mop is less-than-ideal for especially dense stains. For those, a traditional mop will be ideal.

Conclusion: Excellent Robot Vacuum And Mop

In the end, if you need an excellent robot vacuum and mop, the 360 S9 Robot Vacuum And Mop is a fantastic choice!

360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop
360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Ultrasonic & LiDAR...
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