AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow Smart Garden

Smart Gardens are a pretty new invention. Even today, most people are still unfamiliar with them.

Click and Grow vs. AeroGarden Smart Garden

What a Smart Garden is, is a small garden that is housed within a unit. This unit can hold dirt, the plants themselves, and above this unit there are usually an array of lights.

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On the front of a Smart Garden, there are usually various buttons and little lights that turn on at random times. These are designed to tell you when you need to water your plants, while also giving you the ability to turn the lights on and off.

When your plants need water, the Smart Garden tells you. This information is discerned through the various sensors that are located within the garden unit. From this information, a notification is then brought up, on the Smart Garden, and you’ll know what you need to do.

AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow Smart Garden

In the end, a Smart Garden is a type of garden that is, almost, fully automated. You don’t need to do much work, but you get access to the experience of raising plants, and ensuring that they are healthy.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about two great Smart Gardens. The AeroGarden, and then the Click And Grow Smart Garden. These are both great Smart Gardens that offer some great features, and you’re going to learn what those are!

What Does The AeroGarden Offer?

Right off the bat, you’re going to notice that the AeroGarden is a pretty small Smart Garden. Most Smart Gardens are, though, but this does mean that you are a bit limited when it comes to how many plants you can grow at one time.

AeroGarden Smart Garden

At one time, you can grow a maximum of six plants. These six plants cannot grow any higher than twelve-inches high, because the lights are twelve-inches above the ground.

Within the unit, you’ll notice that there’s no small. Everything is very clean and precise, and there isn’t any clutter or clunkiness. To grow the plants, you just need to take the seeds, and put them inside a small pod. This pod is placed within the unit, and the plants then grow within the water that has been placed inside of the unit.

Much of the gardening process is completely automated. Within the pods, there are the seeds. And these seeds get plenty of water, and plenty of light. That’s because there is an array of LEDs above the garden unit, where the pods and water are.


Most of the time, the lights are on for fifteen-hours, within a twenty-four hour period. But, you can turn the lights on and off, at any time. It all depends on how you want to run the gardening process.

On the front of the AeroGarden, there is the light button, which also tells you when the lights are on and off, and there are two other buttons. These are also notifications, and when they are lit up, it means that you have to do whatever the button refers to.

To the far left, there is the “Add Plant Food” notification. AeroGarden includes this plant food, and it allows the plants to grow quickly and healthily. And then, there is another notification that tells you when to add more water.

It’s a simple and easy design. You always know what is going on, and what you need to do to keep your plants healthy.

AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow

Included with the AeroGarden are six herbs. Genovese-Basil, Curly Parsley, Thyme, Dill, Thai Basil, and the plant food.

Ultimately, the AeroGarden is one of the best Smart Gardens around. It’s easy-to-use, comes with everything you need, and quite affordable, too!

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What Does The Click And Grow Offer?

The Click And Grow is a little different from the AeroGarden. It’s a little smaller, but it’s also a little wider, too. And, Click And Grow has designed a wide variety of different seed pods – over fifty, in fact- that you can choose from, and then grow.

Click and Grow

Using the Click And Grow, you can grow nine plants at one time. The Click And Grow comes with three mini tomato plants, three green lettuce pods, and three basil plants. These pods just need to be inserted into the Click And Grow, and then they will start growing.

Right above the space where you place the plant pods, there is a small array of LEDs. Just as with the AeroGarden, these LEDs are automated. They turn on when they need to, and then they turn off when they don’t need to be on.

When you are watering the plants within the Click And Grow, you’re just going to pour it into a small section. Then, the water flows into the bottom of the Click And Grow, where it can be stored for up to one-month.

During this one month, the plants are watered on their own. This is accomplished using sensors, and timers, that tell the Click And Grow when it needs to water the plants. It’s entirely automated, which means that all you need to do is simply sit back and relax, because those plants are growing!

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Each plant is grown in something known as “Smart Soil”. Smart Soil is similar to the soil that NASA has used for quick and efficient plant growth. It works in a very similar manner, and is designed to provide your plants with all of the nutrients and growth that they need!

With the plants growing in the Smart Soil, they receive all of the water that they need, as well as all of the nutrients. This allows those plants to grow beautifully. And then, when you’re done, you can use them for cooking, plant them somewhere else, or, you can just allow them to keep growing.

In comparison to the AeroGarden, the Click And Grow is a bit more comprehensive, and has a more efficient design. But, with that being said, it’s also a more expensive Smart Garden. So, depending on your needs, it may not be entirely worth it. Make sure to keep that in mind.

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