We’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot. This robot vacuum comes directly from Aiper, a brand that many people are unfamiliar with, even though Aiper has produced a couple of amazing products.

Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review

You’re going to learn all about the features and attributes of this robot vacuum, and you will also know, by the end of this guide, whether or not this is the right robot vacuum for you, and whether or not the features are good for your purposes.

Just as a quick refresher, a robot vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that uses robotics technology to automate the entire process of vacuuming. Instead of you having to manually control and manipulate the vacuum, you can simply press a button on the vacuum, and it will do all of that for you.

What Does The Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Offer?

Let’s start with this. In terms of the design and aesthetic, this is a basic robot vacuum. That’s not a bad thing, though, since it doesn’t need to look especially beautiful or unique. The aesthetic is basic, and black is the primary color. In terms of clarity, though, everything is clearly delineated and marked, and the whole unit is clean and concise.

To use the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot, you can use a remote control, or a smartphone app that Aiper has developed. This smartphone app uses Bluetooth technology, instead of Wi-Fi, which does mean that you won’t have as much freedom since you will have to be within a certain range to use the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Unlike other robot vacuums, you can’t activate the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot anywhere you are, as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal. Instead, you need to be relatively close to it.

Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot

However, this smartphone functionality is still quite useful. It lets you choose and activate the different features and cleaning settings without having to use the remote control, but more importantly, it gives you access to a wide range of different data points that allow you to see and understand what the robot vacuum is doing. You can receive error alerts, the battery and accessory status of the robot vacuum, you can monitor the individual cleaning sessions, and create custom schedules for the robot vacuum. With custom schedules, the vacuum will clean on its own, without your input, which is convenient.

When using the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot, you have access to a maximum of 12Kpa of suction. For a robot vacuum, this is a considerable amount of suction, and it ensures that you won’t have any difficulties vacuuming on hard floors, and getting all of the dirt, dust, and debris on those floors. With carpets, things may be a little more challenging, but definitely, not to the point where you won’t be able to vacuum on those surfaces, it just won’t be as thorough.

One of the advantages of this suction, as well, is the fact that it is quiet. It doesn’t produce that much noise, which is a good thing since it means you can have the robot vacuum cleaning your home.

Aiper Robot Vacuum

When using the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot, you have access to a few different cleaning modes. There is the “Auto Cleaning Mode”, and this mode is simple. You tell the vacuum to clean, and it uses all of its sensors and capabilities to thoroughly and effectively clean your floors. It requires no input from you – unless, of course, you want to create a custom schedule for it to follow – and it is by far the easiest and simplest cleaning mode.

Then, you have “Spot Cleaning Mode”, which is useful for cleaning specific spots and spaces on your floors. You just turn on that mode, and the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot will clean the space that it is on in a thorough and efficient manner. Finally, there is “Edge Cleaning Mode”, which is a mode where the robot vacuum moves across the edges of the space that it is in, sucking up all of the dirt and dust that is on those edges, making them nice and spotless.



If you are on a budget and want something that is easy-to-use, quiet, and efficient, you can’t go wrong with the Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Due to the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, it isn’t as convenient as some other robot vacuums, but for the price and for the power it offers, you can’t go wrong!

Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review

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