Air pollution levels are dangerously high in many parts of the world; according to the world health organization, 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. Some of these pollutants are lingering around your home as well.

AIRMEGA 300S Review

Whether you are an allergy sufferer, an asthmatic, or just looking to improve the air quality at home, the Airmega 300s would be a good option to consider. The following are a few important things to note when it comes to this modern smart App enabled air purifier.


Most Air Purifiers are designed to save space and not for their aesthetic value. The Airmega 300s is different. It’s a 21.2 by 13.6 by 13.6-inch box which requires a fair amount of space. Its size might explain why it is designed like a piece of furniture; it is meant to fit in among other pieces. It has four black plastic stands and a silver plastic body (depending which color you choose).

At the top corner are the power control buttons and a series of LED indicators for the different modes. It has four filters which trap larger impurities like hair, dust and fur and two max2 filters that use true HEPA filter technology with an activated carbon filter.


The pre-filters are supposed to be cleaned and reinstalled while the max 2 filters are permanent, but they need replacement after about a year. Next to the filter buttons is the Wi-Fi indicator which glows solid when connected to your network and blinks when not. The indicator for Wi-Fi turns off when there is no connection. A ring of LEDs change color according to the air quality in the room; blue and green indicate good air quality, yellow and green moderate, yellow and pink unhealthy, and pink and red means very unhealthy.

The Airmega 300s covers a 1256 square foot area when used indoors. We don’t recommend using an Air Purifier outdoors for obvious reasons. The living room is an ideal location to place it. It comes already assembled, and all you need to do is insert the filters.

AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier

This is done by removing the corresponding side panels and inserting the max2 filters first, then the pre-filters. Once the Airmega 300s Air Purifier is hooked to power, it is designed to work with most operating systems; be it Android, Windows, and IOS. The mobile apps walks you through the connection to your network.

When in smart mode the purifier adapts to the air quality in your home, and its pollution sensor communicates the indoor air quality in real time. It has 5-speed modes:

– Smart
– Sleep
– Low
– Medium
– High

The air purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the current air quality. The 300s performs well for medium-sized rooms. Noise levels are tolerable at 43.2 decibels even at its highest settings.

The 300s comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty which covers any internal malfunctions for 1 year, and motor and electronic parts for five years, but the filters are not included. The manufacturer also advises against placing it in places where its filter panels are blocked, placing items on it or too close to windows.


The Airmega 300s has taken air purifying to the next level, it is Star certified and consumes only 66 watts on the high-speed setting. It has real-time monitoring for pollutants, it’s relatively quiet and has an easy to use App which ensures you can control and monitor air conditions.

The 300s is quite stylish with a futuristic look. It has five purification modes, and it transitions between them seamlessly and consistently. Whereas most air cleaners in the market use a Bluetooth connection, the Airmega 300s is wireless enabled.

The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier


Its large size limits the areas in which it can operate due to space constraints. Another downside of the 300s is its price tag. Whereas your average air purifiers would go for between 175 dollars to 250 dollars, the Airmega goes way beyond that price level. The bright Led panel can cause a little discomfort especially when one is trying to sleep in a dark room.


The Airmega 300s Air Purifier has formidable air cleaning abilities; it is a leader in air purification. However, it can be considered as overkill for most people even for those with severe allergies or other respiratory issues.

Unless you live in a poorly aired environment or just want a highly effective smart air purifier and the high price cost is no obstacle, then this sleek and modern air purifier would be a very interesting option to consider.

Airmega 300S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier

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