When it comes to robot vacuums, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never actually heard of amarey – yes, it’s not supposed to be capitalized. This is really a shame, too, since amarey is actually one of the best robot vacuum manufacturers out there.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum. This is definitely a lesser-known robotic vacuum, but it offers some absolutely fantastic performance. And, along with that, it is very affordable!

Amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum Review

You’re going to learn all about the features and attributes of the amaray A800 Robotic Vacuum, and by the time you’re done reading this article, you will know whether or not this is the right robot vacuum for you.

What Are These Features?

Let’s start off with the performance. One of the things that the A800 does exceptionally well is it provides you with fantastic cleaning performance, all across the board.

Some of this has to do with the sensors which are great. The sensors encompass the entire 360-degree span of the device itself, and they tell the device what is going on all around it. What this does is it makes it much easier for the A800 to prevent collisions and to avoid crashing into things or falling down stairs.

Amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum

However, it does something else, as well. It allows the A800 to use its “Automatic Cleaning System adequately”. While cleaning, it can detect just how dirty certain surfaces are, and it will adjust its overall cleaning performance to accommodate that particular surface.

As for the cleaning performance itself, it operates at 1400Pa. Now, for a robot vacuum with this cost, this is very good. You can clean carpeting with it, as well as bare floors. You can clean any type of floor with this robot vacuum, giving you a great deal of flexibility. All of the floor types are handled well, due to the strong motor and the three-point cleaning system.

This three-point cleaning system consists of three key elements. The first is that of a triple-filter, which consists of a Pre-Filter, which is designed to separate the big particles from the smaller ones, and then there is a Sponge, and finally, a High-Efficiency Filter.

Amarey A800

The other two-points for the three-point cleaning system consist of dual-side brushes – for cleaning the sides and the edges of walls and other surfaces – as well as the powerful motor. When you combine those elements together, you get a robot vacuum that can clean thoroughly and effectively.

Using the remote control that amarey has provided, you can adjust the cleaning schedule of the device. To give you an example, you can tell the A800 to clean twice a day, from eight in the morning to nine in the morning, and from three in the afternoon to four in the afternoon. You can set the cleaning schedule for any time and for any day, and this means you can have the vacuum clean while you’re at work, so you come home to a nice, clean home.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum
During the cleaning process, you can also use the remote control to choose from several different cleaning modes. These cleaning modes consist of the following: Automatic Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and Single-Room Cleaning. Single-Room Cleaning is a rare feature that you don’t see in many robot vacuums, but it is truly an excellent feature, since it allows you to clean the entirety of a single room, without having to set up some kind of barricade – which can be dangerous for the vacuum – if you only want to clean a single space, rather than the entirety of your home.

However, this leads us to the main flaw of the amarey A800: you can’t use your smartphone to access these features. Many other robot vacuums allow you to use your smartphone, or even a Smart Home device such as Amazon Echo, to utilize these features, but the A800 doesn’t offer that functionality. This means you are restricted to the remote control, in order to do these things, and you must be within range of the device itself, to adjust the schedule or to turn it on.

Amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum Review


If you don’t mind the fact that there isn’t any smartphone functionality, then the amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum is a fantastic device! It’s powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use. You won’t have any problems with this device, but needing to use the remote control for everything could be a small annoyance for you.

Amarey A800 Review

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