In this robot vacuum comparison article, we’re looking at the Amarey A900 and the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum. Now, most people have heard of the Roomba. However, not as many people have heard of Amarey, which is a shame, because Amarey is a great and upcoming robot vacuum manufacturer.

Amarey A900 vs Roomba

While they aren’t as popular or as prolific as the Roomba from iRobot, they do make very good robotic vacuums. In this short article, you’re going to see the differences between the two vacuums. It will give you an idea of which brand focuses on what, and, in the end, what robot vacuum might be better for you and your purposes.

Amarey Robotic Vacuum A900

When you get the Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaner out of the box, you’ll notice it’s only 2.9 inches tall, and it weighs just under six pounds. This enables the robot to easily crawl underneath things like couches, chairs, beds, TV cabinets, etc.

Amarey A900

You’ll also notice that it comes with mobile app control and Alexa support. The Amarey app allows you to turn on the vacuum, as well as to create custom schedules for the robot vacuum. You can leave the house, and it will follow the schedule that you have created for it. Once the Amarey is done cleaning, it will go back to the charging dock. Or, if the robot isn’t done cleaning, but it’s running out of battery-life – the A900 can last up to one-hundred minutes, on a single charge – it will go back and recharge.

Amarey A900 Amazon Deal

Using 1400Pa suction, the Amarey robot vacuum is able to clean all types of floors effortlessly.

– Wood
– Marble
– Carpet

You name it. This is due to the aforementioned 1400Pa suction, as well as the two side brushes, together with the triple filtration system. This triple filtration system consists of a washable pre-filter, a sponge, and a high-efficiency filter. You also have access to four distinct cleaning modes:

– Automatic
– Spot
– Edge
– Single room

The last mode enables you to clean one specific room, rather than the whole floor.

Amarey A900 Review

Navigation is effective and simple, thanks to a 360-degree anti-collision sensor technology that enables the vacuum to detect any obstacles. It will prevent the robot from damage, collisions, or just getting stuck. Along with that, due to an anti-scratch glass top, it’s challenging for this device to get damaged, even if there is some collision.

Overall, this is a great robot vacuum regarding its effectiveness. There smartphone functionality, which enhances its overall convenience.

Amarey A900 Robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba 690

Just like the Amarey A900, the iRobot Roomba 690 is a sleek device that weighs very little – just under eight pounds, in this case – and is quite short – just over 3,5 inches. You’ll also notice that it comes with something called a “dual mode virtual wall barrier”. These are little sensors that you place around certain areas, and this tells the robot vacuum not to go past that area. This, essentially, enables you to choose which specific areas you would like the Roomba to clean.

Roomba vs Amarey

Unlike the Amarey, you can use your smartphone to control this device and to create schedules, among other things. You can also use Google Home and Amazon Echo to utilize those functions as well, which makes the Roomba 690 a very convenient device to use and operate.

As for the actual “vacuuming” part of this robot, it is very efficient and effective. Using a three-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes, debris is easily loosened up and then sucked into the unit. Whether it’s tiny, little dust particles or pet hair, or larger debris, the Roomba 690 can handle it.

Using the sensors, the iRobot Roomba 690 can detect spots on your floors that consist of more dirt than normal, and then the robot will automatically give those spots extra attention, to thoroughly clean those particular spots. These sensors are also used to navigate around objects, and to prevent any collision or accident from taking place.

With a single charge, the Roomba 690 runs for 90 minutes. When the battery life is about to run out, it automatically moves back to the charging dock, and once it’s charged, if the cleaning cycle wasn’t finished, it will resume what it was doing.

Roomba 690 vs Amarey A900

Final Words

Overall, the iRobit Roomba 690 is a more convenient vacuum than the Amarey A900, due to the smartphone functionality. If the smartphone functionality isn’t very important to you, the Amarey A900 is a good robotic vacuum to look at as well.

iRobot Roomba 690

Well, that’s it for this Amarey vs Roomba Comparison. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robot Vacuum that’s best for you see our full guide on robot vacuums here.

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