Amzn Digital Charge: What are These Charges?

Amazon offers just about everything. A significant part of this “everything” is the digital services that Amazon offers. Some of these digital services include selling video games, applications for your smartphone, and e-books. Just about every digital service that you can buy comes with an “Amazon digital charge”. But, what are these charges, and what do you need to know about them?

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The Amazon Digital Charge: What Is It?

Amazon owns and operates a number of businesses. Many of these businesses pertain directly to the functioning of One of these businesses is Amazon Digital Services Inc., which is a firm that services electronic transactions, on the Amazon marketplace, for digital services.

The specific nature of these charges depends on what is being purchased. Many digital applications come with a $1 charge, and this charge serves as, essentially, a “transaction fee” for the digital service that you are purchasing.

But, that being said, many of the other digital services Amazon offers don’t come with such a fee – e-books and films, to name two examples – which means you will not be subject to that same charge if you purchase a digital service that isn’t related directly to a piece of digital software.

What Charges Are Most Common?

For digital applications, a charge of $1 is very common. If you purchase digital applications through Amazon, with any degree of regularity, then it is likely you will end up paying this $1 fee quite a bit.

But, Amazon offers a plethora of other services that will be charged through the Amazon Digital Services firm. Some of these services include, of course, e-books and films. Those don’t come with any fees, but the charge will show up, on your bank statement, as being from “Amazon Digital Services Inc.”

A $10 charge, every month, is likely a “Kindle Unlimited” charge. Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows you to read certain Kindle books for free. But, to use this service, you will need to pay $10, every single month.

A $100 charge, every year, is likely an “Amazon Prime” charge. Seeing such a charge is especially common if you’ve been using the free trial, and haven’t cancelled or begun a payment plan just yet.

Beyond those reasons, Amazon offers other digital services, such as letting you subscribe to digital magazines and purchase albums. Those charges are handled by Amazon Digital Charges Inc., which means you will see them on your bank statement.

Is There A Way To Avoid Amazon Digital Charges?

The answer to this question is “No”, but also “Yes”.

You see, if you use Amazon to purchase a large volume of digital services, then you will receive Amazon digital charges. But, if you don’t, then you won’t receive these charges. That is, essentially, the only way to avoid these charges.

To ensure that unwanted charges never happen, however, it helps to turn off the “1-Click Purchase” function and to, if needed, refund certain items.

In the end, if you use Amazon, you will be dealing with Amazon digital charges. Fortunately, these charges are pretty simple, and more often than not, you won’t even notice them.

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