Today, we are taking a look at the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Now, as robot vacuum cleaners go, this is one of the more “unknown” ones on the market today. But, Anmade is a very good robot vacuum manufacturer, and the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a very good robot vacuum.

Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

You’re going to learn why, exactly, this is, and you are also going to learn all about the features, attributes, and the flaws that the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner possesses. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll be able to say whether or not the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a good robot vacuum for you.

What Are The Attributes And Features Of The Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Let’s start off with the most important aspect of all: the performance. Now, Anmade has done something truly exceptional with their robot vacuum cleaner. They’ve given it 4000Pa of performance. For a robot vacuum, that is absolutely fantastic and, in comparison to most other robot vacuums, it is truly unparalleled.

According to Anmade, and you can verify this by looking at the suction speeds of other robot vacuums, this is more than three times the suction of other robot vacuums on the market. Using this robot vacuum, you can clean any type of surface, because the suction allows you to vacuum up just about anything.

Anmade F11A Robot Vacuum

To best utilize this suction power, there are three cleaning modes. The first cleaning mode is that of “Smart Cleaning”, which uses the sensors to guide and direct the vacuum to where it should go, and the amount of suction it should be using at any given time, based on the surface it is currently on. Then, there is Edge Cleaning, which is for cleaning the edges of walls and chairs and other surfaces that surround the vacuum. Finally, there is Spot Cleaning, and Spot Cleaning is a mode that you can activate when you want to clean a certain spot that is really dirty. When you activate Spot Cleaning mode, the vacuum hones in on the spot it is in, and it uses the highest amount of suction.

One other feature that is useful is the fact that you can adjust the speed of the side brushes. That way, if there is dirt on the side that you want to clean, but the cleaning is taking a bit too long, you can simply press a button, and that process will go much quicker.

The battery life is a total of 120-minutes, which is very long when you consider the cleaning performance of this vacuum.

Anmade Robot Vacuum

During the cleaning process, the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses something known as the “Cyclone System”. Now, essentially, the Cyclone System is a system that separates all of the dust, dirt, and debris from each other, choosing what does, and does not, go into the HEPA-Filter. The purpose of this system is to make the suction process much more efficient, to make the filtration process simple and easy, and to ensure that the filtration doesn’t become clogged, causing you to have to open the device up in order to remove the material that has been sucked into the vacuum.

As for the sensors, which are also used during the cleaning process, they are quite good. Using them, the vacuum creates pathways that allow it to clean your home at a fast and efficient pace. It also prevents the vacuum from bumping into different objects and becoming damaged. As for the technology that is being used, it’s pretty standard technology, but it works well. You won’t have any issues with the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner colliding with chairs or falling the stairs.

Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One of the last things that needs to be mentioned is that you can use the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner with your Smart Home device, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can also use your smartphone to control this vacuum and to access the data it is putting out, making the entire process convenient and easy.

Ultimately, the only real flaw with the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that it is a little on the expensive side. But just barely, and if you were to compare it to other robot vacuums, from more well-established manufacturers, you would realize that the price is actually very good.

Anmade F11A Robot Vacuum


As robot vacuums go, the Anmade Robot Vacuum Cleaner is great! It’s exceptionally powerful and easy-to-use. If you aren’t turned away by the slightly steep price-tag, then you are in for an absolute treat!

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