In this review, we’re taking a look at the Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover. When you’re finished reading this review, you will know whether or not this robotic pool cleaner is right for you and the needs that you have.

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50

Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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Very Easy-Set-Up

When you first take this robotic pool cleaner out of the box, you’ll notice that it is very small and not particularly heavy. It is a small and lightweight pool cleaner that you can easily pick up and take to different places and areas.

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Pool Cleaner

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50

Since this robotic pool cleaner is so lightweight and small, it’s easy for you to move around. But, this small size makes it easy for you to set-up, as well.

To set this robotic pool cleaner up, you must plug it in, and then you must plug it into the control console that Aquabot has included. By connecting the robotic pool cleaner to the control console, you can then turn the robotic pool cleaner on. Plus, you can also choose the size of the pool that you need the cleaner to clean. So, if you want it to clean a “Small Pool” or a “Large Pool”, you can choose those settings.

Works In Many Pools

Every robotic pool cleaner is, generally speaking, designed for a certain kind of swimming pool. For example, some robotic pool cleaners are designed for above-ground pools that are a certain size, while other robotic pool cleaners are designed for in-ground pools that are also a particular size.

What sets this robotic pool cleaner apart from many others is the fact that it works in both in-ground pools and above-ground pools. It isn’t just restricted to cleaning in-ground pools or above-ground pools.

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Review

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50

Since this robotic pool cleaner can work in both types of pools, it offers more versatility than many other robotic pool cleaners. By having this versatility, it’s very easy for you to use this robotic pool cleaner in your pool, as well as other pools that need a thorough pool cleaning.

One thing that does need to be mentioned, however, is the fact that this robotic pool cleaner can only clean pools that are, at most, fifty-feet in diameter. If the pool is larger than that, this robotic pool cleaner won’t be able to clean it as thoroughly.

Thoroughly Cleans Pool Surfaces

Just as every robotic pool cleaner is designed for a particular kind of swimming pool, every robotic pool cleaner is also designed for cleaning specific pool surfaces. This robotic pool cleaner is designed for cleaning the floors of your swimming pool, as well as the walls of your swimming pool.

It cleans both of those surfaces very thoroughly, due to the different cleaning systems that this robotic pool cleaner uses. But, along with that, since this robotic pool cleaner is designed for cleaning those surfaces, it leaves your swimming pool looking completely clean and spotless.

The floors and walls of a swimming pool comprise the majority of that swimming pool’s surface. Being able to clean both of those surfaces, and in the effective manner that this robotic pool cleaner does, leads to your pool being very clean.

Excellent Hydro-Robotic Design

A big part of what makes this robotic pool cleaner so great is its absolutely fantastic Hydro-Robotic Design. It relies on patented technology that allows this robotic pool cleaner to use as few parts and pieces as possible, while also offering excellent suction power.

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Pool Cleaner Review

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50

Since this robotic pool cleaner uses such an excellent Hydro-Robotic Design, it consists of very few parts, and all of these parts are extremely durable. Because of that, there’s less of a need for repairs and replacement parts. Naturally, this saves a lot of time and money down the road, and makes the entire experience much easier.

Powerful Brush System

Right underneath this robotic pool cleaner, there’s a set of two brushes. Each brush consists of thick and strong bristles, and these bristles make quick work of things like dirt, gunk, and grime.

As the robotic pool cleaner moves across the surfaces of your pool, the brushes loosen up and agitate the dirt, gunk, and grime on the floors and walls of your pool. Then, those materials fall off and flow into the robotic pool cleaner, so that they can then be disposed of.

Conclusion: Affordable & Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner

In the end, the Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover is an excellent robotic pool cleaner. It is very affordable, while also offering plenty of efficiency. If that is what you need, then it is a great purchase!

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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