Are Smart Digital Picture Frames Worth It?

Smart digital pictures frames are popular right now, and they will only become more and more popular. But, the popularity of these frames begs the question, are they worth the money? By reading this buying guide, you will not only learn the answer to that question, you will also learn what, exactly, a smart digital picture frame offers!

What Is A Smart Digital Picture Frame?

A smart digital picture frame is a picture frame that uses digital technology. By using digital technology, a smart digital picture frame can display digital photos – photos that you take with your phone, for example – using a built-in display. The “smart” part of this picture frame comes from the fact that you can connect your smartphone, and other smart devices, to the picture frame.

A smart digital picture frame offers many benefits. But, the most notable benefit is convenience, since smart digital picture frames make it very easy for you to display large amounts of photographs in the exact manner and order that you prefer. You do not have to fumble with physical photographs, nor will you have to manually switch out old photographs with new ones.

Why Are Digital Picture Frames So Expensive?

A lot of digital picture frames are, these days, rather inexpensive. Just a few years ago, they cost considerably more. That being said, though, there are still plenty of expensive digital picture frames, and some believe they cost far too much.

The reason digital picture frames are so expensive has to do with the fact that, in more ways than one, digital picture frames are a lot like smartphones and tablets. Most of them use the same basic materials as those devices, while also relying on custom software that allows Wi-Fi applications, among others, to run.

None of those things is cheap, but for a good smart digital picture frame, they are necessary. Since digital picture frames rely on those technologies, though, they are more expensive than any traditional picture frame.

How Long Does A Digital Picture Frame Last?

A digital picture frame can last for many years. You can leave your digital picture frame on for 24-hours, every single day, and, if it’s a good digital picture frame, it will remain functional and useful.

The thing is, though, digital picture frames, just like any other electronic device, require a certain amount of energy. All of this energy has to come from somewhere, and you will be paying for it. So, leaving a digital picture frame on for large swathes of time, especially when you aren’t even looking at it, is often wasteful and unnecessary.

To make your digital frame last even longer, while also ensuring that it doesn’t use too much electricity, you should turn it on at specific times of the day and turn it off after a certain period of time has passed. Some digital picture frames have a scheduling feature, which allows you to automate that process.

Do Digital Frames Require A Lot Of Power?

As mentioned earlier, digital picture frames rely on many of the same components and technologies as smartphones and tablets. So, they use the same amount of power – usually a little less, though – as those particular devices. This, of course, means that they don’t use very much power at all.

Even though a digital frame doesn’t use that much power, leaving it turned on every moment of everyday is wasteful and, because of that, you should turn it off at least every once in a while.

What Should You Look For In A Digital Picture Frame?

A good smart digital picture frame will offer an excellent display and some very useful smart features.

The best smart digital picture frames that you can purchase have a resolution of 1920X1200. Most of the smart digital picture frames that offer that resolution are quite expensive, however, so a resolution of 1280X800 may be ideal, and is still quite good.

Some of the most useful smart features a smart digital picture frame can offer are features such as smartphone connectivity, smart home device connectivity, and allowing you to connect your online accounts to the smart digital picture frame. More often than not, the online accounts you will be connecting are from Google Photos, Instagram, and Facebook; among others.


In the end, a smart digital picture frame is more than worth the money, if you want a convenient and reliable picture frame. To find the best smart digital picture frame for your needs, make sure to look for the two main qualities that we just described, while also considering your exact picture frame needs.


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