Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

If you are on the market for an excellent air purifier/humidifier combo, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this guide, you will learn all about air purifier/humidifier combos, and how to find the one that’s right for your needs!

Buying Guide For The Best Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo

What Is An Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo?

To answer this question, we need to define what an air purifier is and, then, what a humidifier is. By defining those two devices, we can then define what, exactly, an air purifier/humidifier combo is.

So, an air purifier is a device that takes in air from one particular space. By taking in this air, it is then able to push this air through a series of purification mechanisms. The exact purification mechanisms that the air purifier uses are dependent on the air purifier itself. But, there are plenty of air purifiers that use mechanisms such as HEPA-Filters and Activated Carbon Filters, both of which are used to break down allergens and odors; among other things.

The main purpose of an air purifier is, as you would expect, to purify the air in a particular space. It uses the purification mechanisms within it to perform that exact process. That way, when air moves out of the air purifier, it is free of things like allergens and odors, making it much healthier for you to ingest.

A humidifier is very different from an air purifier. Rather than taking air in and cleaning it, a humidifier takes water and then converts that water into pure humidity. More often than not, this humidity is in the form of either a warm mist or a cool mist. By producing this humidity, the air within your space is much less dry and far more moist. Because of this, your nasal and throat passages will be moistened, which helps clear away dryness and discomfort, while making it easier to protect against/fight off colds and other illnesses.

Since an air purifier/humidifier combo uses both of those devices it is, essentially, a device that can purify your air while also adding humidity to it. If you have a need for both of those functions, then an air purifier/humidifier combo is a wonderful investment.

Why Is Purchasing An Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo A Good Idea?

Air purifiers and humidifiers are both excellent devices. By using an air purifier, you are able to keep your air free of allergens, odors, germs; and all kinds of other nasty things. By using a humidifier, you are able to keep your air nice and moist, which makes it easier to breathe and much easier to deal with the winter season.

Since this is the case, purchasing an air purifier/humidifier combo is a wonderful choice because you have access to both of those functions in just one device! Rather than having to purchase those two devices separately, you have them in one device that allows for an easy air purification and humidification experience.

Finding The Best Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo

What Spaces Does The Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo Work In?

Every air purifier/humidifier combo is designed to work in spaces of a particular size. Most of this is due to the air purifier, since air purifiers have a Maximum Area Coverage that determines the size of the spaces that they can pull air into. For example, there are air purifier/humidifier combos that can work in spaces that are 540 square-feet, but if placed in a space that is larger than 540 square-feet, they won’t be able to purify or humidity the entirety of that space.

Since this is the case, you should think about where you want the air purifier/humidifier combo to go. If you have a few places that you are thinking about, in particular, then consider the size of those spaces. If you want to purify and humidify your living room, for example, think about how big your living room is. Measuring that space may be a good idea, too, if you really aren’t sure how big it is.

With those measurements – or estimates – in mind, you can then go online/to a store and begin looking at different air purifier/humidifier combos. Make sure to pay close attention to the Maximum Area Coverage of the device. There are air purifier/humidifier combos that can work in large spaces, small spaces, medium spaces; and just about everything in between.

Just as a general rule, though, you should try to find an air purifier/humidifier combo that can work in spaces that are at least 250 square-feet. By shooting for that range, wou will have a more versatile device, which makes it easier for you to purify and humidify a wide variety of different spaces.

What Air Purification Mechanisms Does The Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo Offer?

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned the fact that air purifiers rely on air purification mechanisms. The air purification mechanisms that an air purifier uses allow it to remove certain types of particles from your air. A HEPA-Filter, for example, allows the air purifier to remove allergens such as dust and pollen. But, without the necessary air purification mechanisms, an air purifier is unable to remove certain kinds of particles.

While you are looking at different air purifier/humidifier combos, take the time to consider the air purification mechanisms that each one uses. The air purifier/humidifier combo that you purchase should have, at the very least, a HEPA-Filter. By having a HEPA-Filter, it will be able to thoroughly remove all kinds of really small, and really nasty, particles – these are particles such as pollen and dust, among many others.

FOR YOUR SAFETY. Most HEPA-Filters need to be washed on a regular basis. If you don’t wash them on a regular basis, they will be less effective and they can even make your air less healthy.

While a HEPA-Filter is great, though, you should also look for one other purification mechanism. If it is within your budget, that is, since this mechanism can add more to the price. The purification mechanism in question is that of an Activated Carbon Filter. By having this particular filter, you are able to remove bad odors and smells from your space. That way, those will no longer linger in your air.

Beyond that, though, there are various other mechanisms that may be worth considering. But, these mechanisms may not be very useful to you, depending on your exact needs. So, consider your air purification needs, think about the type of air purification that you need done, and then find an air purifier/humidifier combo that can fulfill those needs. At the very least, though, make sure it has a HEPA-Filter.

How Much Humidity Does The Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo Produce?

Within every air purifier/humidifier combo, there is a tank. This tank is designed to hold water, and by holding water, it allows that water to be transformed into pure humidity. But, every air purifier/humidifier combo has a different tank, which means that every tank holds a different amount of water.

Take the time to consider the amount of humidity you want the air purifier/humidifier combo to produce. If you want the device to produce a lot of humidity for a large space, then finding one that offers a 2-gallon humidity tank – or more – is probably ideal. But, if you don’t need too much humidity, then anything less than that should be fine.

Even though the tank of that humidifier may be able to hold that much, that doesn’t mean it is capable of producing that amount in twenty-four-hours. So, because of this, you should try to figure out how much humidity an air purifier/humidifier can produce in a twenty-four-hour period. If you need a lot of humidity to be produced in a short period of time, then figuring this out is especially important.

Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Air Purifier/Humidifier Combo Usually Cost?

The answer to this question definitely depends on the air purifier/humidifier combo that you purchase. You can find various air purifier/humidifier combos that cost as little as $125, but you can also find air purifier/humidifier combos that cost as much as $400. It all depends on the mechanisms that it uses, as well as the build quality of the device.

Do Air Purifier/Humidifier Combos Have Machine Washable Parts?

In the past, that was a rarity. But, today, most air purifier/humidifier combos have parts that you wash in your dishwasher. That way, you don’t have to scrub and brush as much, which makes it so much easier to keep both the air purifier and humidifier nice and clean.

CAUTION. Even though most air purifier/humidifier combos have machine washable parts, not all of them do. Make sure that yours supports that before washing its parts in the dishwasher.

Do Air Purifier/Humidifier Combos Use A Lot Of Power?

Even though an air purifier/humidifier combo performs two rather elaborate functions, they usually don’t use a lot of power. Many of them even rely on various power-saving technologies, ensuring that they use as little electricity as possible.

CAUTION. Even though most air purifier/humidifier combos don’t use that much electricity, it’s still a good idea to unplug them when they’re not in use.


In the end, a great air purifier/humidifier combo is a wonderful investment! By using the information in this guide, you won’t have any problems finding the air purifier/humidifier combo that is right for you!

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