Best Alexa Outdoor Smart Speakers in 2021

Alexa is one of the best smart home devices that you can buy. Because of this, more and more speakers are choosing to integrate Alexa functionality. That way, you can control the speaker using just your voice. By reading through this guide, you will learn all about these unique speakers, while also learning how you can find the right Alexa outdoor smart speaker for your needs!

Best Alexa Outdoor Smart Speakers

What Is An Alexa Outdoor Smart Speaker?

An Alexa outdoor smart speaker is a smart speaker that works with Alexa. But, generally speaking, there are two ways that this functionality can be implemented. Both implementations will transform your experience with the smart speaker and what you are able to do with the speaker.

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Many of the Alexa outdoor smart speakers that you can purchase will support Alexa. You can use your Alexa device to control the speaker – turning up the volume, for example – and this means that you can control the speaker using just your device. But, for you to make use of this functionality, you will need to already own an Alexa device because, if you don’t, then you won’t be able to use the Alexa functionality that a particular smart speaker offers.

Some other Alexa outdoor smart speakers have built-in Alexa functionality. What this means is that the Alexa software is built into the software. Rather than needing to purchase and use a separate Alexa device, you can simply speak into the speaker and you can use Alexa for whatever needs you have.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker
Bose Portable Smart Speaker

For the easiest and most convenient experience – especially if you don’t already own an Alexa device – the latter implementation is ideal. But, due to Alexa being built into speakers of that sort, they tend to cost more than smart speakers that work with Alexa, but don’t have Alexa built-in.

Why Should You Purchase An Alexa Outdoor Smart Speaker?

A good speaker makes listening to your favorite music a significantly more pleasant experience. Listening to your music, as it’s being played on a fantastic speaker, allows you to enjoy all the little details and nuances that a speaker of poor quality is unable to properly convey.

So, that reason, alone, is why you should purchase a fantastic speaker. But, of course, that can go for any speaker, and not just an Alexa outdoor smart speaker. Alexa outdoor smart speakers offer a fantastic audio experience, as well as a couple of other very useful features.

A good Alexa outdoor smart speaker is durable and mobile. Due to this durability, you can take the speaker just about anywhere and, of course, use it outside. That way, if you want to play music while on a picnic or relaxing at a park with your friends, you can do so. Most outdoor smart speakers can even withstand rain – up to a point, of course – which means that you can use the speaker just about anywhere, without any issues or difficulties.

Alexa Outdoor Smart Speakers

All of that functionality is great, but a good outdoor speaker will offer all of those qualities. A smart speaker that uses Alexa, however, offers one more fantastic quality: using just your voice, you can command the speaker to perform whatever function you need performed. That may be adjusting the volume, changing the level of bass that is present or, depending on the speaker you buy and what it can do, turning on your favorite music.

The convenience and functionality that a good Alexa outdoor smart speaker offers is truly unparalleled. Once you combine this convenience and functionality with the excellent sound quality and fantastic audio experience that most Alexa outdoor smart speakers offer, you get a product that is truly incredible!

Buying Guide For The Best Alexa Outdoor Smart Speaker

What Smart Features Does The Speaker Offer?

Right away, no matter what smart speaker you are looking at, you must consider the smart features that the speaker offers.

Since this is a guide for finding the best Alexa outdoor smart speaker, the smart speaker must offer Alexa functionality. But, most smart speakers, of this sort, offer more than just Alexa functionality.

Alexa is perfect for most things. But, if you have a Google account, and enjoy what Google offers, then Google Assistant may be a nice feature to have. Many smart speakers offer Google Assistant functionality, so this isn’t a hard feature to find.

A good Alexa smart speaker will offer BlueTooth and Wi-Fi functionality. Both forms of functionality are excellent. Making use of BlueTooth functionality allows you to connect devices that you have on hand to your smart speaker, even if there’s no internet. Making use of Wi-Fi functionality allows you to connect devices that are further away, while also giving you more immediate access to music streaming services and platforms.

Outdoor Smart Speakers
Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Speaking of music streaming services and platforms, many smart speakers support certain music streaming services and platforms directly. Rather than having to use your smartphone to access these services, you can do so with just the speaker itself. Because of this, if there are a couple of services and platforms that you rely on, it is worth finding a smart speaker that lets you connect with those services directly.

In the end, for the best experience possible, it’s worth finding a smart speaker that supports BlueTooth and Wi-Fi, while also giving you access to Google Assistant and, of course, a plethora of music streaming services and platforms.

What Kind Of Audio Quality Does The Speaker Offer?

Every smart speaker is a little different. Some smart speakers offer top-of-the-line audio quality. Other smart speakers offer audio quality that, while good, is nothing special. It all depends on the smart speaker that you purchase and what that particular smart speaker offers.

The easiest way for you to find a smart speaker that offers excellent audio quality is to read the product descriptions for the smart speakers that offer the smart features you desire. By reading through this description, you will learn a little bit more about how the speaker works and, more specifically, what it offers.

Reading through a product description will allow you to see the specific qualities that a smart speaker offers. Many of these will have to do with the wattage of the speaker, the individual speaker units built into the speaker, and the audio technology that it uses. All of this is very useful, especially if you know what those features mean. But, if you don’t, then the best thing you can do is read the reviews for that speaker, which will give you a greater sense of clarity regarding the audio quality that a particular speaker offers.

How Durable Is The Speaker?

Every good outdoor smart speaker is exceptionally durable. As a result of being so durable, you can take a smart speaker of this sort outdoors, even in rather tumultuous conditions, and it will remain functional.

Since this is the case, finding the most durable Alexa outdoor smart speaker that you can afford is the right choice. For you to find a smart speaker of this sort, you will need to read the product description so that you can see the durability features that a particular smart speaker offers.

The two key durability features to look for are that of a waterproof exterior and a speaker body that is made of high-quality metal. Both of these features ensure that your speaker can survive the rain, if it happens to be outside during a rainstorm, and that you can drop and toss the speaker without creating any significant damage. But, if you don’t plan on using the speaker in precarious conditions, the high-quality metal may be unnecessary and, as such, you should save some money and purchase a smart speaker that offers less durability than that.

Sonos Move
Sonos Move

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does An Alexa Outdoor Smart Speaker Battery Last?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the speaker you are using. You can find some speakers that last for as little as ten-hours – ten-hours is still good, though, especially if you don’t use the speaker that much – and as long as fifty-hours.

Make sure to consider the sheer variety of battery-lives when searching for an Alexa outdoor smart speaker.

How Much Should An Alexa Outdoor Smart Speaker Weigh?

You can find Alexa outdoor smart speakers that weigh as much as seventeen-pounds, or as little as one-pound. The weight that is right for you will depend on what you are looking for.

But, for most people, a lightweight smart speaker is ideal. Because of that, try to find a speaker that is no more than eight-pounds.

Is BlueTooth Better Than Wi-Fi?

For some people, yes. For others, no.

BlueTooth is different from Wi-Fi, because BlueTooth is meant for short-distances and does not rely on the internet. You cannot use BlueTooth for longer distances, or to access online media or anything of that sort.


In the end, the Alexa is one of the best smart home devices, and a good Alexa outdoor smart speaker is one of the best ways to use Alexa!

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