Best Car Leather Cleaners in 2021: Buying Guide

In this guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at car leather cleaner. More specifically, we’re going to be looking at the specific questions you need to ask, when searching for the best car leather cleaner. And, after we go over those questions, we’re going to look at the questions that people have about car leather cleaner, and what it does.

Best Car Leather Cleaners

How Can You Find The Best Car Leather Cleaner?

In this section of the buying guide, we’re going to be going over the questions that you need to ask and think about, when looking for the best car leather cleaner. These are the questions that will define what you need to be looking for.

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What Type Of Leather Do You Have In Your Car?

So, right before you can actually look at the different car leather cleaning products, you need to know which kind of leather you have in your car.

Best Car Leather Cleaner

If you don’t remember the name of the leather, that’s totally fine. All you need to do is take a small cup of water, and gently pour it on the leather. Just pour a few drops, and then see what happens.

If you see the water slowly absorb into the depths of the water, then that probably means you have semi-aniline leather. It’s not the most common type of leather, but it is found in cars that are more expensive and designed for the “luxury market”.

If the water doesn’t absorb into the leather surface, but instead slides into it while moving around, then that means your car has corrected grain leather, or full grain leather. While there are subtle differences between the two, they’re very similar.

When you know what type of leather you have in your car, you can then search for cleaning products that are designed for that type of leather. Most of the traditional leather cleaning products don’t work well on car leathers.

What Form Do You Need The Car Leather Cleaner To Be In?

While searching for the best leather car seat cleaner, you’ll quickly learn that the different cleaning products come in a variety of forms. Many of them come in the form of a spray bottle, some of them are just liquids that you can pour out, and there are also gels and wipes.

Best Leather Cleaners And Conditioners

If you are going to be cleaning very specific areas within your car, then wipes can be incredibly useful. With wipes, you have complete control over what you are cleaning, and there is no risk of spraying the cleaner fluid somewhere you don’t want it to be. Plus, most wipes contain conditioner, and the conditioner keeps the leather nice and soft.

With a spray bottle, you can spray the cleaning fluid onto the leather, and then you can use a towel or rag to scrub it in. Or, you can spray the cleaning fluid onto a rag or towel, and do it that way.

For most people, a spray bottle will be the best and most efficient choice. You just point and spray, and then you can wipe and scrub whatever is on the leather.

Using a bottle of liquid, you can pour it onto a towel, and then use it that way. If you don’t want a spray bottle, the bottle of liquid can be a great choice. Plus, it’s usually a little cheaper.

Most gels are conditioners, and they’re great at seeping into the depths of the leather, and preventing it from aging and decaying. But, you will rarely find a gel that is also a car leather cleaner, rather than just a conditioner.

Do You Want The Car Leather Cleaner To Be A Conditioner, As Well?

While searching for the best cleaner for leather car seats, you’ll probably be tempted to purchase a conditioner. A conditioner is very useful, since it keeps the car leather nice and soft, so that age doesn’t wear it down. But, you don’t need to buy a separate cleaning product for that. Instead, you can buy a two-in-one cleaner.

The Best Leather Conditioners and Cleaners

For the best car leather and cleaner, you’ll probably end up buying a liquid that’s in sprayable form. There are some wipes that do this, but most of them don’t, because you really need to scrub in the liquid in order to properly clean and condition the leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean The Leather In Your Car?

In order to keep the leather in your car nice and clean, ensuring that it lasts for a long time, it’s best to do a clean every month. You can, of course, do it more frequently than that, or less than that. But, once a month ensures that everything continues to look and feel good.

How Often Should You Condition The Leather In Your Car?

This really depends on the current condition of the leather. If the leather hasn’t been cleaned in a while – more than nine-months – then you should condition it. But, if you are cleaning the leather every month, then you will only need to do it once every year. Make sure to do it thoroughly, though, so that everything looks and feels clean and soft.

What’s The Best Way To Remove Thick Grime From Car Leather?

Use a powerful car leather cleaner, and wipe the grimy space down. Make sure that the cleaning fluid has penetrated the leather. Then, use a brush that has been specifically designed for the leather in your car – a Google search will show you the best brushes – and brush on the grime. It will come off as you brush the leather, and the cleaning fluid helps to loosen it all up.

Make sure that the brush is designed for your specific car leather, though. With the wrong brush, the leather could be damaged.

How Much Does A Good Car Leather Cleaner Cost?

For the best car leather cleaner, you may need to pay around $15 to $20. It’s unlikely that you’ll pay any more than that, for a bottle of the material.

Best Leather Conditioners

In comparison to other cleaning products, those prices are a little high. But, the reason for that is because these cleaning products are designed for specific types of leather that can’t be cleaned with other leather cleaning products. For example, a product that uses olive oil or alcohol will break down and degrade the leather


If you read this guide, and consider all of the information that has been laid out for you, you won’t have any problems finding the best cleaner for leather car seats; the leather cleaner that is right for you and the needs that you have!

Remember that your car leather is special, and it requires a special cleaner that will work well on its surface, and remove all of the dirt, gunk, and grime from it.

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