Best Cheap Bar Stools

It is often annoying to have to find and purchase a series of the same item, such as barstools. Putting down a large amount of money for nice dining table or new couch can seem like a good investment, while purchasing six of the same stools can seem overly expensive. If one stool costs $200, it can be hard to spend the $1000 all at once just for that.

But we’ve devised a guide for you to find the best barstools for the lowest price after researching and digging for them. They’re all under $100 and will give you the same look and feel you’ll find from those twice that price. Barstools are a great addition to any household, and add a sleek, modern edge to your kitchen or to accompany a high table.

Buying these beautiful but inexpensive barstools, you can allow yourself to spend a bit more on that beautiful countertop you have been eyeing or a new bullet mixer for your morning smoothies. After all the searching, we have managed to come up with forty different options for you to choose from. What we looked for: style and affordability.

We’ve also come up with a guide to help you figure out which stool is best for you. Here are some things to look out for when looking for barstools:

The different kinds of stools are vast. Some of the main categories are; whether it swivels or is fixed, whether it has arm rests or not, if it has a backrest, and whether it is upholstered or not.
Swiveling: This is a fun and practical function, which allows you to get down from the stool without having to move it.
Upholstering: Adds a classic style and comfortable addition.
Backless: If you’d like to save room, these are perfect and can be stored under the counter.
Armrests: They can offer extra support and comfortability to the stool.

There are three kinds of materials most stools are made of.
Wood: The sleek and subtle style of these can easily go with any interior design.
Leather: These are the classiest of its kind, all the while staying comfortable.
Metallic: These add an edge to any kitchen with their modern and smooth style.

Stools usually range between 24 to 36 inches high. Counter stools will stay in the 24 to 26 inches range, classic ones around 24 inches, and the extra tall stools will go between 34 and 36 inches high.

You can also find different functions available in the stool. The swivel feature is great to avoid make a fuss. Footrests, armrests, and a lever to adjust the seat’s height are all desirable options to consider when choosing a stool.

Make sure you take the time to find the right barstool for you and consider all the options. Finding a barstool in your budget with the features you want can be easier said than done. If you need four or six of the same stools for your kitchen, it can quickly go over budget. Our guide can help you quickly figure out what it is exactly you’re looking for, so you can focus on finding the cheapest and best option possible.

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