Best Dewalt Shop Vacs in 2020

If you are on the market for a fantastic DeWalt shop vac, but aren’t sure which one is right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this buying guide, you will learn about the ten best DeWalt shop vacs and what they offer. That way, you can determine which one offers what you need.

Best Dewalt Shop Vacs
Best Dewalt Shop Vacs

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1/2-Gallon Tank


The first shop vac we are going to look at is the DEWALT DCV517B. Just as the title above implies, this shop vac has a ½-gallon tank, which means that it can hold ½-a-gallon of dirt, dust, debris, and water.

Unlike many other shop vacs, this shop vac is battery-powered. You will be relying on the battery that DeWalt has designed for this shop vac, but it isn’t included, and neither is the charger.

If you can look past that minor inconvenience, though, you will find that this shop vac is very powerful and very effective. With a weight of just 4.5-pounds, this shop vac can work in all kinds of spaces – big and small – while removing large quantities of dirt, dust, debris, water; along with many other materials. Then, when you are done vacuuming, you can press a button and empty out the dirt tank, and resume vacuuming.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum

2 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DCV581H is more than twice-the-size of the previous shop vac. Because of this, it has a 2-gallon tank, while also weighing 11-pounds and relying on either battery-power or an AC cord. Each one of these features allows for a thorough and versatile vacuuming experience.

Since you can rely on either an AC cord or a battery, you are able to use this vacuum in many different spaces. If you need to clean an outdoor space, where no power cord can reach. If you need to clean an indoor space, where there are plenty of electrical outlets, then doing so is very easy!

As for the vacuums power and efficiency, it is one of the best available. Due to having a very strong five-foot hose, it can vacuum up nearly anything, including large quantities of water and other liquids. This allows for a versatile, and effective, vacuuming experience!

DEWALT 18 20V Max Vacuum

Armor All AA255 vs. DEWALT DCV581H

4 Gallon Tank


Even though the DEWALT DXV04T has a 4-gallon tank, it is a relatively lightweight and compact shop vac. Due to the lightweight and compact nature of this shop vac, it is great for vacuuming in all kinds of different spaces, and removing all kinds of different messes.

Within the shop vac, there is an excellent 5 HP motor, which allows you to vacuum very quickly and very thoroughly. This, when combined with the seven-foot hose, makes dealing with all kinds of different messes an easy and effortless process.

To enhance the experience, DeWalt has given this shop vac a large, and thorough, cartridge filter. By having this filter, dirt and dust is thoroughly removed from the vacuum, as it flows into the machine, and kept out of your air. That way, when you are finished vacuuming, your air will be cleaner and none of the dirt or dust you vacuumed will flow back into the air.

DeWALT Portable 4 gallon Wet-Dry Vaccum

6 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV06P is a sleek and mobile shop vac. If you look on the bottom of the vacuum, you will find a set of wheels, and on the top, there is a handle. Both of these features make it so much easier for you to maneuver the vacuum into a variety of spaces.

Within the shop vac, there is a 4 HP motor and a 6 gallon tank. By having the 4 HP motor, you have access to more than enough vacuuming power for just about any vacuuming task. If you want to vacuum a thick carpet or rug, for example, then you can easily do so. But, what’s especially nice is that you can vacuum for a very long time, as well, since this shop vac has a 6 gallon tank.

The DEWALT DXV06P offers a very efficient vacuuming experience, while also allowing for mobility and versatility. Both of these features make it ideal for just about any home.

DeWALT DXV06P 6 gallon Poly Wet-Dry Vac

8 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DWV010 is one of the most powerful shop vacs that you can purchase. Within the shop vac, there is a 15 Amp motor that generates airflow that’s around 130 CFM. That may not sound like a lot, but it is, and because of this, vacuuming up thick clumps of dirt and dust is easy.

One of the most notable features that sets this shop vac apart from others is its Automatic Filter Clean feature. By having this feature, the shop vac will pulse every thirty-seconds. This ensures that the filter is able to run for a long time, while continuing to clean itself.

This shop vac is able to take in a large amount of dust and dirt, and it will continue to filter that material out. Since the tank can hold 8 gallons of material, you are able to vacuum for a long period of time.

DEWALT Dust Extractor

9 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV09P is designed for durability and efficiency. As such, the overall design reflects these ambitions, which leads to a very durable and very powerful vacuum cleaner. Due to these features, this is a great shop vac to purchase if you need something that is very powerful and long-lasting.

Even though this shop vac has a large motor and a 9 gallon tank, it is quite mobile. Right underneath the shop vac, there are rubber casters that you can navigate across many surfaces. By having these rubber casters, it is easy to vacuum in just about any space and on any surface. Plus, there is a handle on the top, which makes it easy to pick up the shop vac.

Where this shop vac really shines, though, is in the efficiency that it offers. As a result of the 5 HP motor and strong hose, you can vacuum up anything, which makes every vacuuming task so much easier than it often is.

DeWALT DXV09P 9 gallon Poly Wet-Dry Vac

10 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV10P is, if you compare it to most other shop vacs, very similar. It doesn’t offer anything particularly unique, aside from a 10 gallon tank, but it doesn’t need to. Rather, this shop vac offers all of the best features you would expect in a shop vac, which leads to a great vacuuming experience.

As with the previous shop vac, moving this machine around is easy due to rubberized casters and a large handle. Due to these two features, you can vacuum just about anywhere. But, along with that, due to the strong vacuuming hose and a 5.5 HP motor, you can not only vacuum anywhere, you can vacuum anything.

By having the 10 gallon tank, you can vacuum up larger materials and large quantities of certain materials – water, for example – which makes larger vacuuming projects significantly easier.

DeWALT DXV10P 10 gallon Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum Yellow

12 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV12P has been designed for large vacuuming projects that require large amounts of storage and power. As a result of these design intentions, the shop vac has a fantastic 12 gallon tank, as well as a 5.5 HP motor. Both of these features allow you to vacuum up thick materials that are in messy spaces, without having to constantly empty the shop vac.

Beyond those design qualities, this shop vac is quite mobile and very durable. As with the previous shop vacs, there are rubberized casters on the bottom, which makes moving the shop vac around quite easy. There is, along with that, a handle on top of the shop vac, which also enhances mobility.

Every component within the shop vac is well-designed and quite strong. This shop vac has been designed to last for a very long time. Because of that, it’s great if you need a long-lasting shop vac that won’t die on you.

DeWALT 12 gallon Poly Wet-Dry Vac

14 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV14P is a large, but mobile, shop vac that has a 14 gallon tank and a 6 HP motor.

As a result of having that motor, you have access to powerful and constant suction, which makes every vacuuming task a lot easier. Since you have a 14 gallon tank, you are able to vacuum up lots of material in one vacuuming session.

One of the coolest features that this shop vac offers is that of a built-in tank drain. By having this tank drain, you can just connect a pipe to the tank and drain out the liquids within it. This makes it so much easier to dispose of large quantities of liquid.

Beyond that, this shop vac is mobile, due to a nice handle and rubberized casters, while also being very powerful and very durable. If you need a shop vac that can vacuum anywhere and anything, then it is a wonderful purchase.

DeWALT 14 gallon Poly Wet-Dry Vac

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16 Gallon Tank


The DEWALT DXV16PA is the largest and most powerful shop vac in this guide. It offers a 16 gallon tank, a 6.5 HP motor, and an extremely strong and durable design. Each one of those features – including the ones that weren’t mentioned – allow for an extremely efficient and effective vacuuming experience.

As for what sets this shop vac apart from the others, there isn’t much, aside from the power and tank size. But, due to these differences, this is one of the best shop vacs that you can purchase if you are looking for excellent vacuuming power and a large tank that can handle large vacuuming tasks.

Even though this shop vac is so large, it uses the casters and handle that other shop vacs use. As a result of this, the vacuuming experience is quite mobile, overall, and vacuuming in smaller or tighter spaces isn’t too challenging.

DeWALT 16 gallon Poly Wet-Dry Vac Acc


In the end, the shop vacs that DeWalt manufactures are some of the best that money can buy. No matter what your vacuuming needs are, one of the shop vacs in this guide will offer what you are looking for!

Dewalt Shop Vacs
Best Dewalt Shop Vacs

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