Best Direct Plug-In Air Purifiers in 2021: Buying Guide

A direct plug-in air purifier is a very simple device that runs directly on a standard electrical outlet. Purifiers of this variety tend to be small and compact, which is nice due to the convenience factor, but it can also be a little difficult, since they are designed for smaller rooms and spaces, more than anything else.

With that being said, however, direct plug-in air purifiers are very effective at eliminating things like germs, bacteria, nasty odors, among other things. Most of them don’t have any mechanical filters, which means they aren’t effective when it comes to eliminating nasty airborne particles. But, at the same time, they make less noise and require less maintenance, due to these features.

Best Direct Plug-In Air Purifiers

In this quick little Buying Guide, we’re going to look at some of the main things that you’ll want to look for when purchasing a good direct plug-in Air Purifier.

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Features To Look For:

Weight Of The Air Purifier

This is probably the least important thing since so many of them are very, very lightweight. On average, a standard direct plug-in air purifier will weight about half-a-pound to, at the most, two-pounds. Usually, the more it weighs, the bigger space it can purify. But, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes, a lighter direct plug-in air purifier will cover more spaces than something that is a bit bulkier.

Size Of The Room/Space It Can Cover

Generally speaking, most direct plug-in Air Purifiers cover rooms anywhere from 75 square feet to 200 square feet.

Keep this in mind when searching for a direct plug-in air purifier, because these air purifiers aren’t designed to work with large spaces. Instead, they’re designed to work with smaller spaces.

If you have a room that is one-hundred and fifty square-feet, then it might be a good idea to get one that is designed for two-hundred square-feet, because it gives you some flexibility when it comes to the space that you can work with.

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Filter-Free Or Filtered

While most direct plug-in air purifiers don’t have any mechanical filters, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any direct plug-in air purifiers that have mechanical filters.

Some of them do, and these mechanical filters are quite nice because they make it easy for the air purifier to eliminate germs and bacteria.

If your air has a lot of germs and bacteria, and you get sick a lot and want to remedy that problem, then finding a direct plug-in air purifier with a mechanical filter is essential. If your intention is more along the lines of getting rid of nasty smells and odors, then a mechanical filter isn’t as necessary.

Replaceable Filters Or Permanent Filters

Filters that need to be replaced can be a big annoyance, depending on their overall quality and the frequency in which they need to be replaced. If they aren’t that great, in terms of their quality, and if they need to be replaced on a frequent basis, then replaceable filters are a nuisance, more than anything else.

Permanent filters are often more appealing, due to the fact that you don’t need to replace them, you only need to wash them on a somewhat regular basis, so that they continue to keep working. Once again, though, some filters require more regular maintenance than others.

The best way to know the quality of the filters is by reading reviews of the direct plug-in air purifier that you are looking at, and then using that information to make the right decision for yourself.

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The Type Of Filtration System

While most direct plug-in air purifiers don’t have mechanical filters, they all have some kind of filtration system. Each filtration system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For the most part, mechanical filters are the best, but since those are a rarity, there are a few others that you must take note of.

Ozone Generators are somewhat popular, and while they are effective at eliminating the nasty particles in the air, ozone is somewhat dangerous, so use these with caution.

Ionizers use high voltages to purify air, and these are very effective, and a lot safer if you can find a direct plug-in air purifier with an ionizer.

UV Light is another excellent filtration system that is similar to an ionizer, and it is just as good but slightly more expensive.

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Ultimately, a direct plug-in air purifier is a great tool if you want something that is convenient and easy to use, and something that works quite well for basic air purification in smaller rooms and spaces. Now, if you want something that is incredibly powerful and built for large spaces, then these probably aren’t the air purifiers for you.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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