Best Doorbell Extender in 2021: Buying Guide

Finding the right doorbell extender can be a challenge. But, if you know what to look for, the process is much easier. By reading through this buying guide, you will learn all about how you can find the right doorbell extender for your needs. That way, you can find the doorbell extender that works for you.

Our Recommended Doorbell Extender in 2021

5) Safety Technology Doorbell Extender

Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-3300...
  • Wires onto existing doorbell chime box inside the building or home
  • Extends the range of which you can hear existing doorbell unit for example to a garage or basement.
  • Up to 500' from the chime to receiver

4) Wireless Indoor Doorbell Extender

Plug-in Chime, Wireless Indoor Doorbell Extender...
  • 【Valuable Addition】A value-added accessory for Video doorbell, especially when your phone is unavailable...
  • 【Important-Matching With Modes】 Video doorbell which transmit frequency is 433MHz RF. Model V5/V6/V7 ,...
  • 【Easy Installation】Plug the chime into an electrical outlet in your room directly, configure with your...

3) Heath Zenith Door Chime Extender

Heath Zenith SL-7357 Wireless Plug-In Door Chime...
  • Chime plugs into any standard wall socket
  • Transmission range up to 100 ft
  • Adjustable Volume Control

2) Safeguard Supply Doorbell Extender

Safeguard Supply Doorbell Extender EX1000S-...
  • 🔔 Doorbell Extender For Wired Doorbell Allows You To Keep Your Existing Wired Doorbell Chime
  • 🔔 Doorbell Repeater Easily Turns Your Doorbell Chime Into An Expandable Wireless Doorbell
  • 🔔 Quickly Add Additional Extra Loud Doorbell Flashing Wireless Doorbell Plug In Receivers

1) IQ AMERICA Chime Extender

IQ AMERICA WD-5050A Wrls Chime Extender
  • Plug-In Remote Door Chime Extender Kit Allows A Doorbell To Be Heard Throughout The House

What Is A Doorbell Extender?

A doorbell extender is, as the name implies, a device that extends the range of your doorbell. With a doorbell extender, you can enhance the sound emanating from the doorbell, allowing it to be played from multiple speakers throughout more of a particular space.

Generally speaking, there are two types of doorbell extenders.

The first type of doorbell extender is a wired doorbell extender. By using a wired doorbell extender, you just connect the wired doorbell to the extender, and this enhances the sound so that more people can hear it.

The second type of doorbell extender is a wireless doorbell extender. A wireless doorbell extender is a doorbell extender that relies not on wires but, rather, on connectivity modes such as Wi-Fi. Since wireless doorbell extenders are wireless, you can move them around with ease, and use them to project the sounds of your doorbell all across your home.

Why Should You Purchase A Doorbell Extender?

A doorbell extender is a wonderful device to purchase if you cannot hear your doorbell as well as you would like to.

With a doorbell extender, you can enhance the range of your doorbell. By doing so, you are able to hear the doorbell from the various spaces and areas within your home. This is extremely useful if you need to hear your doorbell clearly, but are unable to do so.

Beyond that, most doorbell extenders are quite affordable. You only need to spend a little bit of money to acquire one, and doorbell extenders are reliable and useful.

Finding The Best Doorbell Extender

What’s Better For You: A Wired Doorbell Extender, Or A Wireless Doorbell Extender?

Right before you can begin searching for the right doorbell extender, you must consider the type of doorbell extender you would like to purchase.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you have two choices: a wired doorbell extender, and a wireless doorbell extender.

For those with a good wired doorbell – rather than, for example, a Wi-Fi doorbell – a wired doorbell extender will work just fine. You can use your wired doorbell extender to extend the range of your wired doorbell with ease, ensuring that you can hear the ring that it emits, even if you’re at the back of your home.

For those with large homes, and spaces that aren’t especially conducive to the movement of sound, a wireless doorbell may be ideal. Most wireless doorbells are quite small and can be carried in your pocket. Moving around with a wireless doorbell is easy and, as a result, you will always be able to hear your doorbell ringing, no matter where you are.

No matter your needs, make sure to consider the benefits of both. Doing so will enable you to determine which type of doorbell extender is perfect for you.

Where Are You Placing This Doorbell Extender?

Right before you can find the right doorbell extender, you need to consider where you will be using your doorbell extender. You can find indoor doorbell extenders, but you can also find doorbell extenders that are meant for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Many doorbell extenders are meant purely for indoor usage. As a result of this, most doorbell extenders do not possess the features needed to withstand outdoor weather, such as rain, snow, and intense rays of sun.

Some doorbell extenders, however, are designed for indoor and outdoor usage. These doorbell extenders possess features and design traits that allow for greater durability, ensuring that snow, rain, and sun won’t damage the doorbell extender.

Remember that, more often than not, an outdoor doorbell extender will cost more than a regular doorbell extender. Since this is the case, you may need to spend some extra money to acquire a doorbell extender of that sort. But, if you plan on using the doorbell extender outdoors, then spending the extra money to acquire one that offers enhanced durability and outdoor features is ideal.

What Type Of Warranty Does The Doorbell Extender Offer?

A good doorbell extender will offer a good warranty. More often than not, you won’t need to use this warranty, but knowing that you can send in your doorbell extender if anything happens is a great source of peace-of-mind.

Just as a general rule, make sure that the doorbell extender you purchase offers a warranty that is no less than one-year. A one-year warranty is the bare minimum you should look for.

The best warranty will be around three-years, if not more. A lot can happen during a three-year period and, as a result, you never know what kinds of issues your doorbell extender may end up facing. A long warranty ensures that those issues can be dealt with in a manner that is extremely inexpensive and quite easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Doorbell Extender Usually Cost?

The exact answer to this question is, of course, dependent on the doorbell extender you can purchase. You can find doorbell extenders that cost varying amounts, and much of this is due to the functionality of a particular doorbell extender.

All of that being said, however, a good doorbell extender will usually cost around $40. The exact amount may be a little more, or less, but if you spend around $40, you will get something great.

What Is The Best Range For A Doorbell Extender?

For a doorbell extender, the best range is around 150-feet. Larger and smaller homes may require more or less, but 150-feet is, generally speaking, just fine.

What’s Easier To Set Up; A Wired Or Wireless Doorbell Extender?

More often than not, a wireless doorbell extender is easier to set-up. But, most of them are fairly easy to set-up, regardless of whether they’re wired or wireless.


In the end, a good doorbell extender can make the entire experience of using a doorbell much easier. By reading through this guide, and considering the information that’s been given, you will have no problems finding the right doorbell extender for your needs.

Doorbell Extender | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-3300...
Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-3300...
Wires onto existing doorbell chime box inside the building or home; Up to 500' from the chime to receiver

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