Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees in 2023: Buying Guide

So, how do you know where to find the best fiber optic Christmas tree? You want to make sure that you choose the right one for your Christmas decoration as it will be the center piece of all the decorations that you have, it will draw attention and will have all the eyes of your family and guests on it. So, you need to make sure that the fiber optic Christmas tree you end up choosing is perfect.

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Our Recommended Fiber Optic Christmas Trees in 2023

8) National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree – 5 ft

National Tree Company SZE7-147-60 Tree, 5 Foot,...
  • FESTIVE APPEAL: This fiber optic tree with 255 individually crafted branch tips will brighten up your...
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Two piece construction makes setup and take down for storage fast and easy.
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Built to endure many holidays with its sturdy metal base and 150 additional multicolor LED...

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7) HOMCOM Pre-Lit Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

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6) HOLIDAY PEAK 3’ Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

HOLIDAY PEAK 3’ Musical Spinning Fiber Optic...
  • Artificial Christmas Tree – Dazzling, all-in-one fiber optic Christmas tree glows in continuously changing...
  • Pre-Lit and Fully Decorated – The lush, evergreen branches sparkle with long-lasting fiber optic tubes that...
  • Revolving Base – Decorative gold-tone base quietly spins the impressive 3-foot tree and lets you enjoy the...

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5) Goplus 5ft Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree

Goplus 5ft Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree,...
  • 🎄Stunning & Vivid Appearance - The artificial Christmas tree is designed with 180 lush branch tips,...
  • 🎄8 Wonderful Lighting Modes - The star LED lights and optical fibers come with 8 dynamic lighting modes,...
  • 🎅Flame-Retardant PVC Material - The artificial Christmas tree is crafted with selected PVC material, which...

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4) National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree SZOX7-100L-48 Tree, 27X27X48, Green
  • FESTIVE APPEAL: This fiber optic tree with 200 individually crafted branch tips will brighten up your...
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Two piece construction makes setup and take down for storage fast and easy.
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Built to endure many holidays with its sturdy festive gold column base and single bulb...

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3) National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Tree

National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Radiance...
  • This Radiance Pre-Lit Artificial Green Christmas Tree is 4 feet tall with a 26 inch base diameter. Featuring...
  • Features multicolor fiber optic lights that remain lit even when a bulb goes out. The lights are strung on the...
  • This tree features pre-attached, hinged branches that drop down for a simple set-up and fold back in for quick...

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2) TEKTRUM 36 INCH Fiber Optic Tree

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1) HOLIDAY PEAK Northwoods Greenery Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Northwoods Greenery Fiber Optic Christmas Tree...
  • Holiday Magic – This 32-inch Christmas tree changes colors before your eyes to create a dazzling display in...
  • Decorating Made Easy – This tree comes with gorgeous ball ornaments and built-in lights for an instantly...
  • Shine Like a Star – In addition to the continuous color show, this tree features a beautifully lit star at...

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Buying Guide

You’ll find that there are two different types of optic Christmas trees.

1. An artificial Christmas tree that is mirroring a natural Christmas tree, with fiber optics that are spotted around the tree branches that imitate the effect of having Christmas lights spread over the tree.
2. A fiber optic Christmas tree that has optic lights that are covering the tree entirely.

These fiber optic trees will tend to have options on variety of colored lights that you can choose from and you’ll see that this type of tree will look more on the regard of an artificial looking tree rather than a classic, real and natural tree.

However, these trees have a lot less of a set up time since they are usually very simple to build and will need to then be attached to a power source. Once the tree has been assembled and is plugged in, the tips of the tree branches will glow.

The good qualities of having fiber optic Christmas trees are that you can find them in a range of styles. You can get trees that come with décor, this completely cuts out a job for you.

If you’re not the creative type or you’ve got the Christmas tree last minute, then choosing a pre-decorated tree will be right for you.

The trees come in various sizes, from larger styles that will fit in big rooms in your house or used for event or conference halls. Or you can get a smaller sized tree and even a table-top one.

Perfect for if your house is on the smaller side or if you have animals that are known for pulling your Christmas trees; you can put it up higher, so they aren’t able to get to it.

The tree colors will differ, you can have the traditionally known white color, green, blue or you can even opt for a snowflake looking light design.

When it comes to putting the tree up, you should remember that Christmas trees with already hung Christmas lights are different to the fiber optic lights.

The standard Christmas lights come with very small bulbs, usually incandescent or LED lightbulbs, so this means that if a bulb was to stop working, you can easily locate a replacement bulb. However, with the fiber optic tree, if one area of lights on the branches quit working, unfortunately, you are unable to replace just those lights.

It’s great to know with that, that both types of trees don’t need a lot of upkeep done to them and they are both quick and easy to build. But on the other hand, the fiber optic trees are far more eco-friendly, lighter and are found to be cheaper too.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees: Pros & Cons

1. Pros

– Eco-friendly use as you will not need to add an extra power source for the tree to only power the lights.

– The reflective coating of the lights are far more efficient for saving energy.

– This tree disregards the annoyance of having to untangle the classic Christmas tree lights.

– Massive savings on space and storage since you can get models of trees that can be fixated on the walls or even up on the ceilings.

– Some fiber optic trees have options to contain MP3 players. Perfect for playing your favorite Christmas songs.

2. Cons

– These trees will arrive either pre-decorated or pre-lit. so, this will set a boundary on how much input you can put into your trees style. If you are creative with this, then these style of tree may not be for you.

Life Span of a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree
If you invest in a really good fiber optic Christmas tree, one that is sturdy and hard-wearing to go through the put ups and put downs over the years at Christmas time; you’ll find that your tree can last a decent number of years. This brings down the stress of trying to find a tree every year. It allows you to save your money the excess cash that you would have spent on a Christmas tree. Just remember to put a ‘handle with care’ sticker on the box so you don’t forget about the trees once you’ve packed up after Christmas.

How Safe Are Fiber Optic Christmas Trees?
Safety should always be at a top priority for everything. So, when you are looking for a Christmas tree, this especially should be prioritized since you do not want to be facing a threatening situation over Christmas time.

Natural Christmas trees do have an attractive appearance, full and green but they do become very dry quickly which is a safety hazard. If you have pre-strung lights on this tree, they will emit heat from the bulbs which can warm up the tree which can be a fire hazard since the tree will be dry already meaning that there is more opportunity that the tree could start a fire. According to peoples’ cases, there has been situations recorded where real Christmas trees have spontaneously combust, which has caused damages to the people inside and to the home. Definitely not the way you’d want your Christmas holiday to go.

Opting for a fiber optic Christmas tree will eliminate the chances of this due to the tree being artificial, this tree will not become dry and would not emit heat as the fiber cables are combined into the branches and only produce light. So, you’re not going to have to stress about leaving your tree on when you are out of the house, there really isn’t a big threat to your home and family by having a fiber optic Christmas tree.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees: How Do They Function?
Originally, the fiber optic Christmas trees in the UK used to be fitted with Halogen lightbulbs but, these became banned for retail sale in the UK in September 2018. This was due to a ban coming in from regulations from the EU Energy Regulations. This led to producers and the sellers having to replace these lightbulbs with other eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives. Dense incandescent LEDs and lights rapidly increased in popularity among the UK, and this is where the brand-new fiber optic Christmas trees were built with these LED lights. These lights are constructed into the branches and not built from external. The idea of this is actually fairly easy, photons, which is known as the light particles, they will transport inside the fiber optic cable and will reflect off of the walls which creates the shine and gleam on the Christmas tree.

When you get your tree and bring it home with you, it will generally come with the instruction manual inside the box. You’ll have to unpack out the tree and get yourself acquainted with everything about how you need to build this tree. Typically, the constructing side of the tree should be somewhat very simple. It will usually contain a tree base and stand, and the fiber optic branches. Be sure to build your tree close to a power source since your new tree will need to be plugged in for it to work.

Am I Able to Decorate My Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?
Fiber Optic Christmas trees have a very pretty look to them. They emit a glistening light from their branches. So, when there are no other lights on in the room; the Christmas tree will glow beautifully for a lovely Christmassy feeling. Yet, if you are creative and love to make things look fuller. There is nothing stopping you from adding more lights to your tree, you can add more tinsel and baubles too. However, make sure not to go over the top on the decorating since you do not want to have these decorations over power the effect of the fiber optic lights. But you can add glossy decorations as these will actually help in reflecting the light off of the fiber optic lights which will make your tree glisten even more. Bigger decorations work too. Having one color scheme will make your tree look seamless and will give off a wonderful glow in your home. You can also add some chocolates to your tree for some extra Christmas treats and you won’t have to worry about the pre-strung lightbulbs warming up and melting the chocolate.

Differences Between Fiber Optic Christmas Tree, Pre-lit Trees & An Artificial Tree
It is best to always research and weigh up your options when it comes to purchasing a Christmas tree. There are a few options that you can go with.

You have the choice to go with an artificial tree, which will look pretty much identical to a real Christmas tree however, you won’t be finding the fallen pine needles all over the floor, meaning that’s an extra daily cleaning task to do. So, with an artificial tree, you can decorate with fairy lights, baubles, ribbons, sentimental decorations, tinsel, ribbons and really anything else that you want and suits your home. You’ll probably need an extra pair of hands to help you with all of this as sometimes the lights and other decorations can become quite tangled, you’ll want to make sure that the lights are evenly spread over the whole tree and not clumped in one area of the tree.

Another choice you have to go with is a pre-lit Christmas tree. A big bonus to this type of tree is that your tangly fairy lights have already been set in the perfect position for you. There’s no need to add or change anything. You can decide between different types and sizes of the lighting. You can have big or small lighting, white lighting or blue lighting, it can be warm, soft lighting or it can be bright lighting. Once you’ve chosen your type of lights, all you need to do now is hang on all your other decorations like the tinsel, ribbons and baubles etc.

Questions & Answers

Am I able to plug my fiber optic Christmas tree into any power socket?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You’ll have to follow the instructions given in the instruction manual. But usually, most of these trees will need to be attached to a regular power socket for the best efficiency.

How can I tell how the lights should work?

Included in your box for your fiber optic Christmas tree should be the instruction manual where you will find the guidance on how to use and set up your tree.

Will fiber optic Christmas tree already come with a power adapter?

Usually, yes, they should. Some of the power cords will be up to 5 foot long, maybe longer if the tree is bigger. This allows room for you to be able to set up your tree anywhere in your home.

What are the kinds of LED lights that are included on the fiber optic Christmas tree?

The LED lights that are featured with the majority of fiber optic Christmas trees are created to reflect many light colors.

Can I buy an extra cord for my tree? And if so, where?

You are able to check with the manufacturer of the tree if they provide this or where they sell extra cords. Some of the manufacturers will sell them or they can tell you to research where you can buy them elsewhere. You can take the details of the plug and the watts on your plug and you can take this to your local hardware or electrical store to make inquiries.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees
Fiber Optic Christmas Trees
Fiber Optic Christmas Trees
Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

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