Best Flushing Toilets

If you are looking to transform and modernize your toilet by restoring the outdated one you have now, then look no further from this article…You will find all the vast information you need right here. We have all the facts on the greatest flushing toilets that you have to choose from that are offered on the marketplace, which will undoubtedly assist you in making a suitable pick for your bathroom.

What we will discuss today is actually how diversely the flushing mechanisms operate and which key attributes a decent toilet must obtain. We’ll take a look at which flushing mechanisms are today’s most cutting-edge technologies, and how they shape the effectiveness of the toilet flush, it’s going to be something that all bathrooms are going to want to know.

Best Flushing Toilets

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Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Shapes of toilet bowls:

1. Elongated Toilet Bowls:

If you have a larger bathroom, (lucky you!) It means that fixing an elongated toilet will be perfect for you. These toilets adapt a larger surface area, usually in an oval shape, meaning that it is a far more comfortable seat for you, making every visit an enjoyable experience. This is especially convenient for taller people. The designs of these toilets are far more current in their exterior but due to the bigger dimensions, you’ll be looking at spending a lot more dollars for one of these.

2. Round Toilet Bowls:

This shape of toilet bowl is amongst one of the most commonly used for homeowners. The advantages of round toilets are to do with the size; as they will fit in smaller bathrooms, because they don’t take up much space. You’ll find that these shapes allow children to have a much easier time using them. Also, it has been found, that due to the round bowl, the compactness increases the competence of the flush.

3. Compact Elongated Toilet Bowls:

You’ll find that this is your perfect in between… this toilet bowl is the mix of a smaller, round bowl and a regular, elongated bowl all put together. If you want that comfortable experience that you get from an elongated toilet bowl, but you need it to be a little bit smaller, then going for a compact elongated toilet bowl will be what you need since you’ll still get that precious space. All in all, there are not a lot of differences between this one and the standard elongated toilet bowl; they are still comfortable for taller people to use and children are still able to use them easily and the pricing is not that greater of a difference.

Different Types of Flushing

I know that when we look at purchasing a new toilet; we definitely do not think about how this new toilet is going to flush or how its mechanisms are going to work. Yet, we actually tend to forget that this is one of the most important features to a toilet. The mechanism controls the complete proficiency of the toilet.

Take a look at this list below to get to know the various types of systems that are in place in the modern-day toilet models:

1. Double Cyclone Flush:

This toilet has two outlets placed at the top of the toilet bowl opposite and sideways of each other. The outcome of this results in the water intensely whirling around the bowl in imitation of a cyclone or a tornado. An extremely good method in the efficiency of the cleansing and dousing of the toilet bowl. The well-known company, Toto were the creators of this intelligent design.

2. Dual Flush:

A dual flush toilet was made with an intentional eco-friendly mindset. It allows you to choose how much water you want to use each time you have to flush your business. Knowing that a toilet can flush between 1.6 to 6 gallons each time that it flushes; it’s a good thing to be mindful about it. Help the environment and help your water bills. Functioned by two buttons on top of the cistern; you’re able to select for only a half flush or a full flush, therefore managing the water usage sensibly.

3. The Gravity Flush:

The name says it all. The gravity rules the flush. It makes the most of the water so that it is able to generate enough pressure that’s needed to push the waste through a valve, which opens up and sends it out and down the drain. They are one of the most frequently used flushing systems. Developments over time have guided this to a more effective way of using a lot less water.

4. Pressure Assisted Flush:

This is located in the main tank of the toilet so it can produce further air pressure to help with the assistance of toilet flushing, all at the same time of sustaining extra water in the toilet bowl. A pressure assisted toilet flush is comparable to the gravity flush toilets; yet it has an outstandingly stronger pressure within it, so it is able to remove even more waste and use even less water.

Types of Toilets

1. Wall-Mounted Toilets:

The base of this toilet design is elevated off of the floor and the cistern is completely invisible to the naked eye as it is assembled behind the wall. This is such a contemporary design, and it will save you so much space in your bathroom as somewhat half of the toilet is gone.

Which leads me to my next point, and probably most favorable because this means that any cleaning needing to be done, will be made so much easier for you. (Yey!) There’s no need to be worrying about the in-betweens of the dirt around the seams because it’s behind the wall; so, all you’ll need to clean is the bowl and only underneath where there is space between the floor and the toilet.

Any cons? Yes, well there could be a couple, one being the cost. It is far pricier to purchase this type of toilet, just purely out of the way that it is designed; it’s not the conventional type of toilet you usually would see. Another con could be the installation process, it’s quite a complex job to complete, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the DIY skills yet. Safe to say in that case; I’d rather call in a professional.

2. Bowl Height

The usual 15-inch-high toilet is perfect of smaller and shorter users, which is also an easy use for children. The research has shown that this height of a toilet is an ideal position for the user; it helps to evade any constipation issues. However, if you do have any mobility problems such as with your hips, knees or back, then when going from a seated to a standing position afterwards can become uncomfortable for you.

There is such a thing as the ‘comfort height’ toilet, who knew that that word could be used when talking about a toilet? These toilet bowls can range from 17 inches up to 19 inches high and are classified as the ‘right height’ for a toilet. For physically taller people; the higher toilet will be a great fit for them. And therefore, this height of toilet will make a major difference for people who do obtain any substantial issues with their knees, back and hips. Conversely, if your home is made up of your little humans or you are all small and petite; then we highly suggest that you don’t go forward with this height of toilet as your body’s position when you are seated has known facts that it can likely lead to having constipation.

3. Non-Skirted Vs Skirted Toilets

A non-skirted toilet is an older style of toilet and is not particularly used as often now. An aspect of this toilet has a part called a ‘trap way’ and it is completely visible. This toilet is far more reasonably priced than the more commonly used toilet design. And we all know that cleaning toilets is already an undesirable thing to do; yet this type of design is infamously known for being extremely difficult to clean.

In contrast, a skirted toilet is constructed in a way where it conceals this ‘trap way’ thus giving the toilet a far more unified look to it. It has a satisfying look as the surface has a smooth finish and, wait for it… it’s super easy to clean as you won’t be finding any hidden areas of dirt build up. If you’re looking to go for a more modern designed toilet for your home; then we recommend you should definitely go with a skirted toilet.

4. One-piece toilets

Just the name alone gives away what this toilet is. A one-piece toilet is a compact and straightforward toilet, it has an attached bowl and tank design; making it easy to install into your bathroom and certainly a good choice to make if you have very limited space to work with. And also, another one to look into if you’re interested in having a stress-free toilet to clean. But you’ll have to bear in mind that the price can be higher to install and if you find one part or area of the toilet has been damaged or broken; you’re unable to replace just one part of it, you’ll have to unfortunately purchase a whole new one.

5. Two-Piece Toilets

On the other hand, a two-piece toilet is used more frequently in the general homes today. They will cost you a little bit less than the one-piece toilet due to the look and design. You’ll find that they are going to be trickier when it comes to installation; so, a professional may also be needed here. Along with this, this toilet will also take up a few more of those inches in your space, and you may have to get your hands a bit dirtier when it comes to cleaning this toilet as dirt will build up in the space between the tank and the bowl. Nevertheless, if you are to find a problem with the toilet; you’ll have full access to the parts and pipes. If you have a budget to follow, then this is the toilet for you, as it offers you the exact same operation as the one-piece toilet, for lesser of the price.

Other Features

If you aren’t too concerned with pricing or have a high budget for your new toilet; you can look in to getting some ‘unique’ features. If you want to go away from the standard white toilet color, there are all different colors that you can go for such as black, pink or yellow. There are many other distinctive features that you can add so let’s take a look:

1. Noise Level:

You may want to consider this feature when looking at a new toilet. Your home may have thin walls, or it may be next to the young baby’s room or you may just have really light sleepers in your house, so having a really noisy toilet flush might end up causing disturbance to the house during times where there needs to be silence. Mostly, the gravity flush is known to have the quietest flush, but you can even find toilets that have specific fil valves that are actually created to be more discreet. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure that the toilet lid is a soft closing lid otherwise it will slam shut and it will take out the effect of getting a quiet flush toilet in the first place.

2. Seat Warmer

If you are living in a cold country, then this could be a perfection addition. You won’t ever have to worry about feeling cold on those early morning businesses. Seat warmers are the answer to this. The toilet will come with a functioning feature setting, so you are able to control the temperature that suits you.

3. Touchless Toilet Lid

Are germs one of your biggest fears? Then you do not want to miss out on this feature. This is a motion-activated toilet lid that will automatically lift up and lower the toilet lid without ever having to touch it. A perfect feature for men and women living under the same household.

4. Bidet

This feature is very popular in Europe and especially Asia and are yet to make their way over to the United States. Maybe it will eventually become built-in feature soon.
This works with a simple push of a button; when you’re done doing your business, you press that button and the toilet will carefully spray water which aids in rinsing you off, also an eco-friendly feature since you’ll be needing to use a lot less toilet paper.

5. Air Dry Toilet

If the toilet you purchase has a bidet, then it will usually come with an air dryer. Again, another eco-friendly feature. The toilet will just blow the air to dry you. Meaning less toilet paper. (Win-win!)

6. Touchless Flushing

Wave your hand and your toilet flushes… now that is some feature I’d say. The toilet will deal with all of it after you’ve done your business. If you want to reduce the amount buttons you need to press when going to the bathroom, then this is the feature for you. The less buttons you need to touch, the less bacteria which is always a good thing. There are even some more advanced models that will also monitor the amount of water used each flush to help you save water.


You want to make sure that when you choose a toilet that you are going to have in your home is the right fit. It needs to be able to fit in the space that you have in your bathrooms, it needs to fit to the people in your family. Do you have tall people? Small children? Family members that have mobility issues with their knees, hips and/or backs? Will you want a toilet that is easy to clean? Or a toilet that is more budget friendly? These are all the things that you’ll want to consider before heading out to buy one.

But remember, making your search for a toilet doesn’t need to be boring, you can make it fun by adding some of these features. Along with all of the extra special features we mentioned, there are many, many more features such as a deodorizing toilet, you can even get toilets that play music while you do your business. (Who doesn’t want to have a sing along in the bathroom.) And some even come with a feet warming system, if your toilet seat is warm then your feet should be warm too. However, you will be paying more for these aspects, so, you may also want to take in to account that there may be a lot more maintenance costs that come with it too.

A toilet should hold comfort for its users and features that will benefit all. So that’s why we want you to take a look and give a chance to our recommendation:

TOTO Ultramax II One-Piece Toilet Set

You’ll find that this toilet is super-efficient, and it has been acclaimed for its eco-friendliness, this toilet will only need to use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It’s admired for its simple installation and utmost brilliant gravity flushing system, so you’ll know that this toilet will be quieter than normal, regular toilets.

This toilet has comfort built into it. With the elongated, oval seat which is 12-inches, it allows you to still keep most of the space in your bathrooms, so you won’t have to be worrying about squeezing in and around your bathroom. It is also classified at the ‘right height’ for a toilet, meaning that it can be used by a diverse amount of people such as children, tall people, shorter people, reduced mobility or the elderly.

The toilet is fitted with a ‘tornado flush’, (we referred earlier of a ‘cyclone’ flush, these two types of flushing are the same kind of flushing system.) Which results in you not having to ever double flush the toilet when you are done, but it allows you to spend less time cleaning up the toilet bowl, as the toilet is a one-piece design so there won’t be any room for a bacteria build-up between the seam of the toilet bowl and the tank. The toilet itself is assembled to be a smooth looking design which is pleasant to the eye, it also come in plenty of different shades of white, such as off-white, cream and beige, this will add a nice finish to the décor of your bathroom.

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