Best Handheld Vacuums with HEPA Filter in 2021

Handheld vacuums are a fantastic alternative to regular vacuums. With a handheld vacuum, you can hold the vacuum in your hand, move it around with complete ease, and you aren’t restricted by the bulk and heft of the vacuum,

Today, there are a lot of handheld vacuums available. Manufacturers understand that there is a demand for handheld vacuums, and they’re doing quite a bit to satiate that need.

Holife Stick Vacuum

In this guide, you’re going to be learning about the best handheld vacuums. These are amazing handheld vacuums that deliver a great vacuuming experience. But, each of these handheld vacuums has a HEPA Filter, which is an excellent method for filtering out the dust and allergens that you’re vacuuming up.

When you’re done reading through that part of the guide, we’re going to be looking at what you need to consider, when searching for the best Handheld Vacuum. These are things that will greatly determine the kind of handheld vacuum you buy, because they allow you to clarify your needs.

To end the guide, we’ll be looking over the questions that people most frequently have about handheld vacuums, and HEPA Filters.

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Handheld Vacuum | Recommended

Last update on 2021-09-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Handheld Vacuum | Recommended

Last update on 2021-09-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What Are The Best Handheld Vacuums With HEPA Filters?

Holife Stick Vacuum

To start this guide, we have the Holife Stick Vacuum. The Holife Stick Vacuum is, technically, a stick vacuum. But, you can detach it from the main hose and turn it into a handheld vacuum.

Holife Stick Vacuum Review

What’s great about the Holife Stick Vacuum is the fact that it’s powerful. It’s a powerful handheld vacuum that gives you a lot of suction power. You can use this suction power to vacuum on hard surfaces, and soft surfaces, with tremendous ease.

When it comes to the filtration, the Holife Stick Vacuum makes use of a HEPA filtration system, which is great at keeping those nasty allergens inside the vacuum, and there’s also a sponge filtration system that does the same thing.

Ultimately, the Holife Stick Vacuum is simple and basic. But, it does a great job of providing a quick and enjoyable vacuuming experience.

One last thing to note is the fact that the Holife Stick Vacuum is not cordless. You must rely on the power cord, which is 19.7-feet long.

WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Next up, we have the WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Unlike the Holife Stick Vacuum, the WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a handheld vacuum entirely. It doesn’t share traits with any other type of vacuum cleaner.

WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

What this means is that it’s a lot smaller, and more comfortable to pick up and use. It feels good to use, and it feels like a handheld vacuum. You can just pick the vacuum up and move it into a variety of different spaces, vacuuming, and cleaning.

However, what it also means is that it isn’t as powerful as the Holife Stick Vacuum. With the Holife Stick Vacuum, it was very easy for you to use it on a bunch of different surfaces, such as carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. But, with the WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, you’ll have the most luck on harder surfaces, and light upholstery.

That being said, the HEPA Filter works very well, and is especially useful at keeping dust out of your home. So, if you need to vacuum up dust, this is a good handheld vacuum to use.

WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

AIRKII Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The uses cyclone technology. It’s a powerful technology that allows for strong and consistent suction, throughout the vacuuming process.

AIRKII Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re using the AIRKII Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, you’ll be able to vacuum on most surfaces with complete ease. Vacuuming up dirt and dust on hard surfaces is especially easy, and on carpets and upholstery it’s also easy, but it takes a little more time.

What’s quite nice about the AIRKII Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the fact that it makes very little noise. You can vacuum for a long period, and during that period, you aren’t going to hear much. It’s a nice and silent handheld vacuum.

As for the design, it’s familiar. It’s a lot like the WELIKERA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and that’s not a bad thing. It feels comfortable, and you can pick it up and move it around with ease.

NOVETE Handheld Vacuum

On the surface, the NOVETE Handheld Vacuum doesn’t offer anything new. It looks and feels just like any other handheld vacuum. Sure, it’s powerful, comfortable to hold and use, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of unique features and novelty.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. With the NOVETE Handheld Vacuum, you have access to a handheld vacuum that gives you three different nozzles. These are nozzles that you can use to vacuum up different kinds of material, in various spaces and areas.

NOVETE Handheld Vacuum

Using the crevice nozzle, it’s easy to vacuum in really tight and narrow spaces. Using the brush nozzle, you can brush off dirt, dust, and grime from carpets, rugs, stairs, and other surfaces.

What’s cool is that, using the rubber nozzle, you can vacuum up things like spilled water and milk. The HEPA Filter helps keeps those materials within the vacuum, ensuring they don’t spill out or damage the vacuum itself.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum

To end this section of the guide, we have the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum. From a design and aesthetic perspective, this is an incredibly comfortable and beautiful handheld vacuum. It feels good to hold and move, and it looks really good, too.

What the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum offers is power and an excellent filtration system. When you’re using the vacuum, you can choose between two power modes, and they’re both great.

On the highest power mode, it’s really easy for you to vacuum on thick soft surfaces, which is something that a lot of handheld vacuums are unable to do.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum Review

The MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum has a H13 HEPA Filter. This is an exceptionally powerful HEPA Filter that’s able to remove particles as small as tobacco ash and pollen. It’s great at keeping everything separate, and ensuring that it’s removed from your home.

What Do You Need To Consider?

What Are You Going To Be Using This Vacuum For, Primarily?

Naturally, you’re going to be using this vacuum for, well, vacuuming. It’s important that you consider the kinds of things that you’ll be vacuuming up the most, though.

This is because there are some handheld vacuums that are great for certain kinds of cleaning, and other handheld vacuums that aren’t.

If you want to vacuum up liquids, then you should find a handheld vacuum with a nozzle that supports that. And the same goes for brushing and other kinds of vacuuming.

AIRKII Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

You also need to consider how powerful the handheld vacuum is. For especially thick surfaces, there are a lot of handheld vacuums that are terrible at vacuuming them.

Do You Want A Cordless Handheld Vacuum, Or A Corded Handheld Vacuum?

Most people go with cordless, because it’s easier to find cordless handheld vacuums and they give you more flexibility. But, corded also has some advantages.

With a cordless handheld vacuum, you are restricted by the battery-life of that vacuum. So, if it’s a forty-minute battery-life, and you’ve used it for forty-minutes, it’s going to turn off. And, it often takes a few hours for those vacuums to recharge.

With a corded handheld vacuum, you aren’t restricted to a certain amount of battery-life. But, you are restricted to the power cord, which might not be long enough for you to clean in certain areas or spaces.

What Is Your Budget?

If you want a great handheld vacuum, you’re probably going to be paying around $80 to $100. If you want a handheld vacuum that is, for the most part, pretty good, then $50 is about the price that you’ll pay.

When you’re thinking about what you need, it’s always wise to write down a budget. With enough searching, it’s easy to find the right handheld vacuum that suits all of your needs, without having to break that budget.

NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “HEPA” Stand For?

The term HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air”. Essentially, it just refers to the fact that a HEPA Filter is designed to remove the small particles that are within the air, which form “particulate air”.

What Are The Best Nozzles To Have?

When you buy a handheld vacuum, it’s ideal to have a brush nozzle and a liquid/rubber nozzle. There are a lot of handheld vacuums that don’t come with a liquid/rubber nozzle, though, but it’s a great nozzle for vacuuming up liquids.

How Much Does The Average Handheld Vacuum Weigh?

On average, a handheld vacuum weighs two-pounds. Naturally, you’ll find handheld vacuums that weigh a little less than that, and you’ll find handheld vacuums that weigh more than that. But, for the most part, a handheld vacuum weighs around two-pounds.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum


With a handheld vacuum, it’s a lot easier to vacuum quickly, and in those tight and constrained spaces.

Reading this guide has given you a very good idea as to the handheld vacuums that are available, and what you can think about and consider when searching for one. So, now, it’s up to you to use this information, so that you can find the handheld vacuum that is right for you!

Handheld Vacuum | Recommended

Last update on 2021-09-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Handheld Vacuum | Recommended

Last update on 2021-09-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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