Best Heater with Remote Control in 2021: Buying Guide

Heaters are great. They keep you nice and warm, even if the weather outside is incredibly cold and uncomfortable.

Today, there are lots of different heaters available. Most of these heaters are very good, too, thanks to the various advancements in the technologies that heaters rely on.

Best Heater with Remote Control

But, one of the other qualities that has made today’s heaters especially great is the fact that they now come equipped with certain features that make them easier to use. One of the best examples of this kind of feature is that of the remote control.

Using a remote control, you have access to all of the important heating-related settings. You’re able to turn the heat down, or up. And, you can change the heating mode that’s being used, as well as having access to features such as a timer.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about the best heaters with remote controls. These are the five best heaters with the best remote controls. And, you’re going to learn what these heaters offer.

You aren’t just going to learn about these heaters, though. You’re also going to learn how to find the right heater, with a remote control, for you. And, you’re going to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about heaters with remote controls.

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Heater with Remote Control | Bestseller

What Are The Best Heaters With Remote Controls?

5 Hurricane Tower Heater

The Hurricane Tower Heater is a tower heater. This means that it stands tall and upright, just like a tower. But, while it is a tower heater, it isn’t that tall, and it’s also quite slim. This makes it very easy for you to pick it up, move it around, and store it.

Hurricane Tower Heater

What’s especially nice about the Hurricane Tower Heater is the fact that it has such a nice design. It’s a simple design, and everything about the design is clear and concise. You won’t be confused or uncertain about any of the features that this heater offers.

As for the features that the Hurricane Tower Heater offers, they’re all very basic. You can adjust the heat, and there’s a heat oscillation feature. These aren’t complex or elaborate features, but they work well, and for what you pay, it makes perfect sense.

4 PELONIS Electric Space Heater

The PELONIS Electric Space Heater is larger than the Hurricane Tower Heater. But, it’s a little easier to move around, since it has four caster wheels on the bottom.

PELONIS Electric Space Heater

When you’re using the PELONIS Electric Space Heater, you have access to a 900W heating mode, and a 1500W heating mode. There are five temperature settings that you can choose from, as well. These temperature settings are 65F, 70F, 75F, 80F, and 85F. But, you can customize the temperature to your exact specifications.

Using the remote, you have access to those heating-related settings. But, you also have access to a timer feature, which can be set for up to ten-hours at a time. This gives you direct control over when the heat is on, and when it’s off.

3 Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater is a ceramic tower heater that isn’t very tall, nor very big. It’s perfect for small rooms and spaces, and it’s easy to move around. Although, it doesn’t have wheels or any other mobility features.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

To use this tower heater, you’ll probably be using the remote control, more often than not. And, the reason for that is because the remote control is lovely. It’s well-designed, feels good in your hand, and you can store it on the back of the heater.

When it comes to the different settings that are offered, you have access to settings regarding the specific temperature you would like the heater to run at, as well as a timer that you can set for up to eight-hours.

2 Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

If you look at the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater, and then look at the Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater, you aren’t going to notice too many differences. Aside from the fact that the Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater is designed for spaces that are around 300 square-feet.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Since it’s designed for large spaces, this is a great heater for living rooms, large bedrooms, and other spaces.

As for the settings and features that it offers, it allows you to choose between 60-degrees, and 85-degrees of heating. You can set a timer for 1-hour, 2-hours, or 4-hours. And, you can also choose if you want “Low” or “High” heat, depending on how much heat you need.

While these are basic features, the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater works incredibly well, and provides a fantastic heating experience!

1 Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

The Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater is a fairly small and portable space heater. It looks like most other space heaters, from a design perspective, but it provides a couple of things that other space heaters don’t offer.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

What makes the Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater different from most other space heaters is the fact that it’s very energy efficient. Even on a higher temperature and heat setting, it doesn’t use that much electricity, which is great!

Using the remote, you’re able to adjust the temperature, and set the 8-hour timer. These features are laid out on the remote, which is easy-to-use. On top of the heater, you can see the temperature that you’ve chosen, and adjust it accordingly.

When Searching For The Best Heater With A Remote Control

Heater with Remote Control

What Kind Of Heater Do You Want To Buy?

As you’ve seen in this guide, there are a couple of different types of heaters that you can buy. These days, space heaters are very popular, for example. But, there are also different types of space heaters, tower heaters, convective heaters, and many more.

It’s important to look at the different types of heaters that are available, and to consider the specific heating needs that you have.

For example, if you intend to heat a smaller room, then a portable space heater is a fantastic choice. With a space heater, you can heat a smaller space very easily, and since it’s a portable heater, you can move it from room to room without any problems.

What Settings Does The Heater Offer?

When you buy a heater, there are a couple of settings that, ideally, it should have. These are the settings that you’ll be accessing using the remote control, as well as a little control console that’s on the front of the heater.

Ideally, your heater will give you the ability to choose the exact temperature that you would like the heater to run at. But, if it doesn’t, then it should give you a range of 25-to-30-degrees that you can choose from. For example, a range like that would be 60-degrees to 90-degrees.

Electric Heater with Remote Control

The other setting that your heater will, ideally, come with, is that of a timer. Most heaters come with timers that have an 8-hour range, and some have a 10-hour range, but it’s rarer.

If the heater comes with other settings, that’s great. But, many of them come with those two settings, and those should be more than sufficient for your needs.

How Much Does The Heater Cost?

Finally, the last question to ask yourself has to do with the cost of the heater. You’re going to find that some heaters cost around $40, and some of them cost around $200. It depends on the type of heater that you’re going to be buying.

Make sure you have a good idea of what your budget is, before you start searching for a heater. It’ll make the search a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Two – Or More – Heaters In The Same Space?

This depends on the size of the space that you’re heating. If you’re heating a large space that is around 500 square-feet, or more, then you can. But, if the space is smaller than that, it’s probably not a good idea.

Best Remote Control Heater

With that being said, though, a smaller space that is empty – no furniture or other assorted objects – can have several heaters in it. As long as these are smaller heaters that are heating one particular area within that space.

What Is An Oscillating Heater?

The word “oscillating” means to “move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm”. And, in the context of heaters, an oscillating heater is a heater that projects the heat back and forth, within a space.

Instead of directing the heat to one space that’s right in front of the heater, an oscillating heater projects the heat back and forth, across the other areas of the space.

How Tall Are Most Tower Heaters?

Most tower heaters tend to be around 2-feet tall. Some of them are 3-feet tall, and some of them are 4-feet tall. But, most of them aren’t.

This height is nice, because it keeps the tower heater fairly small, so that it’s easy for you to move it around. With a larger height, more of the room can be heated, but there doesn’t tend to be a huge difference in the speed of the heating process.

Remote Control Heater


A good heater with a good remote control is very valuable. By reading this guide, you’re now well-aware of the best heaters that have the best remote controls! But, you’re also aware of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about those kinds of heaters, and what to ask yourself when searching for the best heater with a remote control!

Heater with Remote Control | Bestseller

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