Best Heaters with Thermostat for 2021

With a good heater, it’s so much easier to keep warm during those harsh Winter months. Without a heater, you might be feeling very unpleasant, having to live with that cold weather and those harsh winds.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - Perfect For the Home or Home Office

If you’re looking for a good heater that has a thermostat, then you’ve come to the right place. In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at five of the best heaters that you can buy. These are excellent heaters that are well-equipped with some excellent features and attributes, including a thermostat.

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Heater with Thermostat | Bestseller

Top 5 Best Heaters That Have a Thermostat

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

To start, we’re going to look at the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater. This is a portable heater that’s quite small. Moving it around from space to space is easy, which is one of the best qualities of the heater.

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - Perfect For the Home or Home Office

Since this is a space heater, it’s best used in smaller spaces. Bedrooms, for example, are a great space for you to put the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater. Larger spaces will work, but you also have to keep in mind that this isn’t a very big heater.

When you’re using the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater, you’re able to choose the amount of heat that’s being produced, and then you can use a thermostat to determine the exact temperature that you would like the heater to be producing. These are controlled by dials, and it’s an incredibly simple and basic set up.

PELONIS Space Heater

Next up, we have the PELONIS Space Heater. What you’ll notice about this heater is that it’s somewhat tall, rather than wide and bulky, and it has a lovely design. Everything is clear, concise, and neat.

Space Heater, 1500W Internal Oscillating Instant Heating Electric Heater, Portable Tower Heater with Thermostat, 24Hr Programmable Timer, Safety Overheat Protection for Indoor, Home, Office

You can use this heater in a bedroom, small living room, kitchen, and other, related spaces. It’s not great for heating large and open spaces, but small spaces can be heated with complete ease.

To use the PELONIS Space Heater, there’s a little remote that you’re going to be relying on. On this remote, you’re able to set a timer and adjust the exact temperature. There aren’t that many different features and settings, but what’s available works well and gives you some freedom when it comes to how your space is being heated.

PELONIS Electric Space Heater

From PELONIS, once again, we have the PELONIS Electric Space Heater. What’s nice about this heater is the fact that, while it is a bit large, there are wheels on the bottom, and it’s pretty easy to move the heater around.

PELONIS Electric

You can use the PELONIS Electric Space Heater in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, offices, and smaller living rooms. It’s a space heater, so it’s not going to heat a huge room, but for smaller rooms, it’s perfect.

When you’re using the PELONIS Electric Space Heater, you can choose between 900W mode, and 1500W mode, which will determine the intensity of the heat that’s produced. And then, there are five different temperatures that you’re able to choose from. These temperatures are all in Fahrenheit, and they are 65-degrees, 70-degrees, 75-degrees, 80-degrees, and 85-degrees. You can set a timer to determine when the heater is on, and when it’s off.

Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Space Heater

The Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Space Heater is small and inexpensive. It’s not designed for large spaces, but it serves as a great heater for a bedroom if you put it near your bed, or another area that you wish to heat.

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater with 3 Operating Modes and Adjustable Thermostat - White

Since the Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Space Heater is a ceramic heater, it generates this heat using PTC ceramic. It’s quite effective, in this regard, and it’s able to generate the heat very quickly.

Using this heater is extremely easy. On top, there are two dials. One of these dials is for the temperature, and the other is for the heating mode. Just choose the dial that you want, and that’s it. It’s a simple and basic space heater, and if that’s what you want, then it’s an excellent choice!

Comfort Zone Space Heater

The Comfort Zone Space Heater is an oscillating space heater. It rotates back and forth, spreading heat to the areas of the room that it’s facing. This is quite nice, if you have a larger space that you want to heat, and you don’t want to be picking the heater up and moving it around all of the time. Along with that, it’s also a ceramic heater, so it’s able to produce a bit more heat than many other space heaters.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating with Stay Cool Housing - Tower with Remote Control, Digital Thermostat, Timer, Large Temperature Display and Efficient ECO Mode

As for what the Comfort Zone Space Heater offers, it offers a nice, convenient, and effective heating experience. It’s great for smaller spaces, and you’re able to adjust the temperature and set a timer. These are all pretty basic features, but that’s the charm of the Comfort Zone Space Heater. It’s a nice space heater that looks nice, works well, and provides a very simple and convenient heating experience.

When Searching For The Best Heater With The Best Thermostat

What Spaces Are You Going To Be Heating?

When you’re looking at heaters and trying to find one that suits your needs, take the time to think about where you’re going to be putting this heater. And, there are two reasons for you to be thinking about this.

PELONIS Electric, 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater with Programmable Thermostat

For one thing, it’s always good to have an idea of where you’re going to be putting a device that you’re buying, especially when that device is a heater. So, by doing this, it’ll be easier for you to find the right space for it.

But, the other reason to consider this aspect is because you may realize that you’re going to need to either heat a space that is somewhat large, or a variety of different spaces. If you’re heating a larger space, you can invest in a heater that’s built for larger spaces, or purchase an oscillating heater, which is better for spreading heat across larger spaces. And, if you need to heat more than one space, it’s good to buy a heater that isn’t too big, and has some mobility features.

How Powerful Does The Heater Need To Be?

So, it isn’t always that easy to determine how powerful a heater is. However, if a heater is 1500W, that generally means it’s quite powerful. And, if that heater is also somewhat large, then that’s also a really good sign. If you don’t need a very powerful heater, though, then a smaller 900W heater will work just fine.

It’s important for you to consider the kind of heater that you need, in terms of power. There are some heaters that are great for extremely cold places. And then, there are some heaters that are best for areas where the winter is cold, but not that cold. You’ll know which place you’re in, and what kind of heater is right for you. But, when you’re searching pay attention to the terms “900W” and “1500W”, and also pay attention to the term “ceramic”, because ceramic heaters are excellent for really cold places.

What Kinds Of Convenience Features Are You Looking For?

Here’s the thing, the more money you spend, the more convenient using the heater will be. And, the same goes for the amount of heating power.

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater with 3 Operating Modes and Adjustable Thermostat

However, if you aren’t that concerned with convenience, then most heaters will work just fine. But, if you are concerned with convenience, and you want a very convenient heater, then there are a couple of different features you should pay attention to.

Specifically, you should look for a heater that has a remote control, because this remote control gives you access to all of the settings and features, without you having to be at the heater. And then, you should look for wheels and carrier handles, because they’ll give the heater more mobility. Finally, the last convenience feature you should look for is a timer feature, because that feature makes it a lot easier to determine when the heater should be on, and when it should be off, without you having to do those things directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Space Heater?

A space heater is a heater that’s designed to heat one particular space. It’s not designed to push the heat throughout the entirety of a home, but rather, just one single space.

How Much Does The Average Space Heater Cost?

While it does vary, you can expect to pay around $80 for a fantastic space heater. If you spend more, you’ll get a better and more elaborate space heater, but there is no need to do so.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

How Big Are Most Space Heaters?

Usually, the average space heater is no more than three-feet tall, and a foot wide. But, there are a lot of space heaters that are much smaller than that. And, as for weight, most space heaters weigh no more than fifteen-pounds, and no less than five unless they’re really small space heaters.


With a good heater, you’re able to keep your home nice and warm during the cold winter season. If you’re buying a heater, though, it’s always wise to buy one with a thermostat, because then you have direct control over the temperature that’s being produced.

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

By using this guide, and looking at all five space heaters that we’ve suggested, you’ll be able to find the right space heater for your needs very quickly!

Heater with Thermostat | Bestseller

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