Best Knockoff Airpods

If you are looking for a great pair of knockoff Airpods, but just aren’t sure which ones you should purchase, then you have come to the right place! By reading through this quick buying guide, you will learn all about the best knockoff Airpods and what they offer. That way, you can determine which pair offers what you need!

The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53
The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 are extremely simple earbuds that you can find for a very affordable price. But, even though they are simple and affordable, they offer the best and most notable qualities that Airpods offer.

Right away, the first thing you will notice about these knockoff Airpods is their design. Just as you would expect, they look exactly like regular Airpods. It is difficult to notice the difference, which means that most people will assume you are, in fact, using real Airpods.

Beyond the aesthetic design, though, these knockoff Airpods are very comfortable to wear. Rather than hurting your ears, they fit snugly and don’t push up against your ear too much. This makes it easy to wear them for long periods of time without feeling discomfort.

To ensure that you are able to wear them for a long time, the average battery-life is around five-hours. But, if you make use of the charging case that TaoTronics offers, they will last for up to fifty-hours!

The sound quality is absolutely fantastic. In many ways, the sound quality is actually a little better than the sound quality that the Airpods offer – although, this is dependent on the Airpod model that you purchase.

If you are looking for some very affordable knockoff Airpods that sound great, offer excellent battery-life, and wonderful sound quality, then the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 are a great choice!

The Knpaimly BS5 True Wireless Earbuds

The Knpaimly BS5 True Wireless Earbuds are exceptionally durable and versatile. Along with that, they offer great sound quality and excellent battery-life. The design however, does leave a little bit to be desired.

Right off the bat, you will notice the aesthetic design of these knockoff Airpods. It isn’t that great, and the logos and small aesthetic features make each earbud look a little tacky. But, fortunately, wearing these earbuds is a comfortable experience, which more than makes up for the bad aesthetic qualities.

While you are wearing these earbuds, you will have access to around 4.5-hours of battery-life. For most people, that will be more than enough. But, if you decide to purchase the charging case, you will have access to forty-hours of battery-life, which allows for much longer usage and greater convenience.

As for the sound quality of these knockoff Airpods, it is quite good. You will hear sounds that are nice and clean, while also being loud and powerful. If you enjoy listening to music, and want to hear the highs and lows of each note, then these knockoff Airpods will be more than sufficient!

In the end, the Knpaimly BS5 True Wireless Earbuds are excellent knockoff Airpods! Even though their aesthetic design is somewhat questionable, they offer comfort, excellent battery-life, and great sound!

The Mobvoi TicPods Free

The Mobvoi TicPods Free are exceptional knockoff Airpods that look like the real thing, offer the same level of comfort and utility as real Airpods, while providing truly excellent sound quality! Unfortunately, though, the battery-life is less-than-ideal, especially when compared with the previous two knockoff Airpods.

When you first take these knockoff Airpods out of the box, you will notice that they look just like real Airpods! The aesthetic design is absolutely fantastic, ensuring that they look as good as earbuds can look. But, along with that, they are very comfortable to wear, which makes using them for longer periods of time very easy.

Unfortunately, the battery-life is only around four-hours. If you have a charging case, it’s eighteen-hours, which isn’t a huge improvement. If you need knockoff Airpods that offer truly phenomenal battery-life, then these may not be the right choice.

The touch controls on the earbuds are extremely intuitive, precise, and responsive. If you have used Airpods before, then they function in that exact same manner, which makes things very easy!

The sound quality is absolutely wonderful. You will hear the highs and lows of your music, and the overall experience is incredible, as you can truly experience your music the way its meant to be experienced.

At the end of the day, if you can look past the lackluster battery-life, the Mobvoi TicPods Free are fantastic knockoff Airpods!

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