Best Lasko Heaters in 2021: Buying Guide

Lasko’s space heaters, well known for their excellent quality, range from the cheap to the very expensive. The range covers compact under-desk heaters to taller tower-style space heaters. The different models have distinct features. Some have oscillation, others have natural convection heat and there are some that have cyclonic heat penetration. The simple, more economical models have knob style controls.

The models with digital controls and wireless remotes are easy and convenient to use. So which space heater is ideal for your home and for your family’s needs? After testing a few space heaters, we have reviewed our top 3. The following reviews should help you make a decision.

Lasko Heater | Recommended

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What are the advantages of space heaters?

Lasko AW300
Lasko AW300

First, keep in mind that your space heater works jointly with your central heating system. You should not use a space heater as a central heating unit. You can however use it to heat a room up in an emergency like when you furnace is giving you problems and you have to shut down the system for repairs. Second, the primary role of a space heater is to save on your overall heating costs; it is a quick and easy

way to heat up a room. This is because less power is used to heat a room up quickly when the space heater works together with your HVAC system, which would take longer if the system worked on its own.

A space heater is handy to have for these reasons:

  • To warm up the bathroom so you can enjoy your warm bath in higher temperatures and afterwards you can apply your lotions in comfort
  • To have decent temperatures in the room where the whole family is gathered while you save power by turning down the heat throughout the rest of the house
  • To use in an office as a table-top heater if you are cold in winter especially in a large office
  • To keep you comfortable while you are working in your garage
  • It is useful for heating your room up in a cabin in the woods if you are on a weekend away trip

Care, maintenance, and safety tips

Lasko 754200
Lasko 754200

All space heaters come with a detailed list of safe-operating instructions that are surprisingly thorough. Using a space heater incorrectly can be dangerous. There are a number of ways in which this can happen. Even though they come with added safety features like tip-over kill switches and overheat protection, you ought to read through the safety instructions to prevent any mishaps and to stay safe.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

To prevent fires: firstly, you should never leave a space heater running in a room unattended. Secondly, do not sleep with the heater on overnight. Thirdly, ensure your pets or your kids don’t accidently knock it over or drape any sort of fabric over it. Monitor its operation closely.

Lasko Motion Heat CC23160
Lasko Motion Heat CC23160

Even if unplugged do not store the space heater within reach of a young child. It is a 15-amp appliance which draws a high current. The heater’s plug and cord combined with it’s intuitive on/off switches is a serious electrical hazard to a curious child. While many toddlers tend to back away from heat, very few would expect an electric shock.

You should never use an extension cord with your space heater because of its high current. Overloaded extension cords can cause the space heater to catch fire. All instructions for space heaters warn against this.

The same concept applies to power strips. Do not use a space heater in a power strip. A heater can break or ruin a power strip.

Lasko Heater | Recommended

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