Best Mini Air Purifiers in 2023: Buying Guide

Air purifiers are wonderful devices. They can take dirty air that is full of germs, dust, and bacteria, and they can filter all of that gunk out and turn that air into something that is healthy for you to breathe in. From this process of purification, you can get rid of colds and allergies, among other things.

Best Mini Air Purifiers

However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, a lot of Air Purifiers tend to be on the more “bulky” side of things. So, if you live in a small studio apartment, for example, then purchasing an Air Purifier isn’t always the best idea, because you need to make the most out of that relatively small space.

This is why mini air purifiers are now becoming so popular. These are air purifiers that, as you may have guessed, are smaller than most other air purifiers, and while they are less powerful, they are far more conducive for smaller spaces that don’t have the room, or necessity, for the bulk and power of a regular air purifier.

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In this quick, but informative, buying guide, we’re going to look at a couple of things that you need to know, to find the best mini air purifier for yourself.

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Things To Look Out For:

Corded Or Cordless

Most small air purifiers are corded. This is nice because you don’t have to worry about recharging a battery, or anything of that sort. But, depending on the power outlets in your home, along with the physical limitations of your space, this can quickly become an issue.

Consider where you will be placing the air purifier, and whether or not that place is close to a power outlet. If it’s not, a cordless may be the best choice, even though it does require somewhat frequent recharges.

If you do decide to purchase a cordless miniature air purifier, make sure you know how long the battery lasts, and how long it takes to recharge.

The Type Of Filtration System That The Mini Air Purifier Has

There are two that you want to take note of. True-HEPA, and HEPA-type. If you have the option, choose a True-HEPA filtration system, because True-HEPA filtration systems are fantastic when it comes to filtering out small particles, which is excellent if you have allergies. HEPA-type is a little different, and while it is still very good and very effective, it isn’t as effective as a True-HEPA filter.

Other filtration systems exist, but those are the two that are the absolute peak of efficiency, convenience, and safety – ionizers, while popular, release ozone into your home/apartment, and ozone is far from safe – so it is wise to focus on those two particular filtration systems, primarily, and then to choose a miniature air purifier that has either a HEPA-type or True-HEPA filtration system.

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Permanent Or Replaceable Filters

Permanent filters have a distinct advantage; you don’t need to purchase new filters every couple of months. Instead, you can simply wash out the filters and then put them back in, good as new. With replaceable filters, you have to replace those filters every couple of months – or whatever period the manufacturer has indicated – and this leads to money being spent – more than needed – and, potentially, time wasted.

For this reason, permanent filters are the better choice, although, they, too, require maintenance and this can be inconvenient, but significantly cheaper, overall.

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Versatility Of Design

Specifically, the physical design of the air purifier itself. Some of them are designed with mobility in mind – which they should be – and as such, are in the shape of a square. Others are a bit more obtuse, and can make it difficult for you to move the air purifier around and to put it in different places and spaces. You must also account for weight, as well, which is usually minimal, but sometimes unusually heavy, which greatly affects the versatility.

You want an air purifier that is versatile and mobile because unlike other air purifiers, small air purifiers are designed to be moved around and placed in different spaces and places.

Room Coverage

Since these are small air purifiers, they, aren’t going to be able to cover as much space as that of a regular air purifier.

Most mini air purifiers can cover around 60 square feet to 160 square feet. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. But, these air purifiers aren’t designed to be able to cover large and imposing spaces. Instead, they’re designed for smaller rooms and spaces.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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