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If you are looking for a new personal alarm, then you’re at the right place. By reading through this quick buying guide, you will learn all about how to find a personal alarm that suits your needs!

Best Personal Alarm

What Is A Personal Alarm?


A personal alarm is a small device that, when activated, emits a loud alarm sound. Most personal alarms are extremely loud, very small, and designed to be used as a way of calling for help and scaring off assailants.

Why Should You Purchase A Personal Alarm?

A good personal alarm is extremely affordable and very small. Because of this, you can purchase and use one very easily. By having it on you, all you need to do is press a button to emit a loud alarm, which will scare off assailants and allow you to call for help.

Finding The Best Personal Alarm

What Purpose Will Your Personal Alarm Serve?

Just about every personal alarm serves one of two purposes: fending off assailants, or telling people that you need help. But, even those two purposes are aligned, there are some personal alarms that are meant to solve those problems within different contexts.

To give you an example, there are personal alarms that are meant for the elderly. These personal alarms allow elderly people to signal for help when they fall down, for example. But, many of those same personal alarms can also be used to fend off assailants and to tell people that you need help in a self-defense situation. Because of this, it helps to know what purpose your personal alarm will serve, so that you don’t get confused or purchase the wrong personal alarm.

Right before you purchase a personal alarm, make sure you know the purpose that it will serve. By knowing what purpose it will serve, you can then find a personal alarm that can fulfill that purpose in the best way possible.

What Type Of Personal Alarm Is Ideal For Your Needs?


There are, generally speaking, three types of personal alarms. These types include a personal alarm that can be worn around your neck or wrist, a personal alarm that takes the form of a smart watch, and a keychain that can be held together with your keys.

Each one of those personal alarms is useful and just as good as the others. But, of course, there will, more likely than not, be one personal alarm, in particular, that is ideal for your exact needs.

If you are looking to keep your personal alarm with you at all times, without having to store it in a pocket, then a personal alarm that can be worn around your neck or wrist is ideal. But, if you have some more money, then the smart watch variant is also great! For a personal alarm that is easy to bring with you, but you don’t need to wear, the keychain variant will serve you very well!

How Long Does Your Personal Alarm Battery Need To Last?


Every personal alarm varies, when it comes to battery-life. There are some personal alarms that have super long-lasting batteries, and others that don’t. Much of this depends on the personal alarm itself, and the features that it offers.

Right before you purchase a personal alarm, make sure you know what batteries it takes and how long those batteries last. Make sure to replace the batteries on a regular basis, as well, so that you aren’t in a situation where you need to use the personal alarm, but are unable to.

As a general rule, make sure that the personal alarm lasts for at least ninety-minutes, while the alarm is blaring. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about being unable to use the alarm when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Police Approved Personal Alarm
Police Approved Personal Alarm

How Much Does A Personal Alarm Usually Cost?

The answer to this question depends on the personal alarm. But, generally speaking, a pack can cost anywhere from $15 to $30. A more elaborate personal alarm may cost anywhere from $20 to $60, depending on its features.

What Other Features Do Personal Alarms Offer?

Many personal alarms come with a small light, so that you can shine it at an assailant or use it as a signal. There are other personal alarms with more elaborate features, but a light is extremely common.

How Loud Is A Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is, generally speaking, around 140DB. That is very loud, meaning that a lot of people will hear it, no matter where you are.


In the end, a personal alarm is a great self-defense tool. By engaging with the information we’ve outlined for you, you won’t have any problems finding a personal alarm that is ideal for your needs!

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