Best Pool Stabilizer

If you are on the market for a fantastic pool stabilizer, then this guide is the place to be. By reading this guide, you are going to learn all about how you can find the best pool stabilizer, as well as the answers to the most asked questions about pool stabilizers.

How Can You Find The Best Pool Stabilizer?

Think About How Much Pool Stabilizer You Need To Purchase

To begin the buying process, you will need to think about the amount of pool stabilizer you would like to purchase. If you go online, or visit a store, you can easily find pool stabilizer in jars and bottles of varying weight. For example, you can easily find ten-pound containers of pool stabilizer, just as you can easily find thirty-pound containers of pool stabilizer.

While purchasing a larger bottle of pool stabilizer may, generally speaking, be a better choice, there are two things to consider. You must consider just how much pool stabilizer you actually need – if you have a smaller pool that you don’t swim in very often, then you probably don’t need very much. You must also consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on pool stabilizer. Just as you would expect, the larger the container, the more expensive the pool.

Determine The Form You Would Like The Pool Stabilizer To Take

Pool stabilizer takes a variety of forms. You can easily find a pool stabilizer that takes a granular form – similar to salt or sugar – but you can also, quite easily, find pool stabilizer that takes the form of tablets. There are other forms available, but those two tend to be the most common and the most convenient.

For the most part, granulated pool stabilizer is cheaper and slightly easier to find. But, it has a very distinct odor, and if you aren’t sure just how much goes into your pool – or you haven’t measured – then you can easily put too much stabilizer into your pool. If you will be buying a large quantity of pool stabilizer, however, and you mind a bad smell, then granulated pool stabilizer will be ideal.

More often than not, pool stabilizer tablets are more expensive than granulated pool stabilizer. But, they don’t smell nearly as bad, and each tablet represents a very precise amount of pool stabilizer. That way, if you put a certain number of tablets into your pool, you will know exactly how much stabilizer is in your pool.

Try To Find A Pool Stabilizer That Serves As Stabilized Chlorine

If you go online, you will find various pool stabilizers that are also called “stabilized chlorine”. Finding stabilized chlorine pool stabilizer is the best choice, because they prevent one of the most common problems that occur when pool stabilizer is mixed with chlorine.

For pool stabilizer to be successful, there must be a certain amount of chlorine in the water. If there isn’t, though, then the chlorine that’s in the water won’t last very long and it may be far less effective than it could be.

Purchasing stabilized chlorine, rather than a stand-alone pool stabilizer, ensures that the pool stabilizer you pour into your swimming pool is already mixed in with chlorine. That way, the chlorine is effective and aligned with the amount of stabilizer in your pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Add Pool Stabilizer To Your Swimming Pool?

To add pool stabilizer to your swimming pool, you must first pour it in a container of warm water. By doing this, the tablets/granules will break down before entering your pool. Then, when they’ve broken down, you must pour them across the edges of your swimming pool.

What Happens If There Isn’t Enough Stabilizer In Your Swimming Pool?

If there isn’t enough stabilizer in your swimming pool, then the chlorine will be destroyed by the UV rays coming from the sun. This process takes just a few-hours. And then, right after that, bacteria can swarm the swimming pool.

What Happens If There Is Too Much Stabilizer In Your Swimming Pool?

If there is too much stabilizer in your swimming pool, then the chlorine is overpowered. It is no longer as effective as it should be, which leads to the same problems that take place when there isn’t enough stabilizer in your swimming pool.


For any outdoor swimming pool, pool stabilizer is a necessity. Using this buying guide, though, you won’t have any problems finding the pool stabilizer that is right for your swimming pool!

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