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We are now well and truly into the 21st century and everyone seems to be attached to their smartphones 24/7. Phone grips seem to be more a part of our daily lives than ever before. Let’s face it, we rely on our phones for so much that we never want to be without them.

However, phones have been growing in size, and it is now much more difficult to use them with only one hand. Whenever you take a selfie or just reach across, there’s always the possibility of a catastrophic drop.

How many times have you found yourself juggling your phone while you’re trying to hold other things – a purse, the groceries, your pet’s leash, or even your own child? High stakes, indeed. This is why phone grips are so important to us for making sure that we keep our expensive gadgets safely in our hands.

A phone grip is an accessory that has a handle or loop through which to put your fingers, and it attaches to the back of your phone or its case. PopSockets are probably the most popular, as well as the most famous, and they have pop-up, telescopic phone grips with colorful designs.

As always, though, you don’t have to stick with just one kind of phone holder. The market is always expanding and there are so many amazing alternatives to PopSockets that are durable, easy to use, often with extra features, and not too expensive.

Now’s the time to get yourself a phone grip, and using your phone will become so much more convenient that you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

Why do people love using phone grips?

Not only are phone grips necessary for security reasons and to avoid costly repairs, they are also great fun. There really are so many reasons why people like to have this gadget on their smartphone:

  • It personalizes and adds character to the phone
  • It gives something secure to hold onto
  • It acts as an insurance against dropping a valuable item
  • It works in both hot and cold weather
  • It can help the user to reach distant areas of large phones
  • It’s fairly cheap
  • It’s usually easy to fold or collapse
  • It can also work as a stand for the phone, both horizontally and vertically
  • It helps to protect the back pf the phone and the camera from being scratched or damaged
  • It can also act as a fidget toy
  • It makes it more difficult for somebody to steal the phone.

Can the phone still be charged wirelessly?

There are many advantages to having a phone grip or PopSocket, but maybe you have a phone that needs to be charged by Qi wireless. Is it still possible to use a wireless charger when there is a phone grip on the back of the phone?

In a nutshell, yes! However, it does depend on the manufacturer and the brand, as phone grips are made especially so that they are compatible with this technology. So, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the listing says that it is compatible with wireless or Qi charging.

If you are using the original PopSockets, they have been made so that they are compatible with wireless charging. They are magnetic versions that clip onto a MagSafe or magnetic case, so no adhesive is needed, and they provide a fully removable grip. This means that the grip can be taken off and replaced by a MagSafe charger whenever the phone needs charging.

There is also Ohsnap that gives a comfortable grip and kickstand and is made with a magnetic universal mounting interface.

Keep reading for more about these and others below.

Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap

There are plenty of PopSocket phone holders that are Qi compatible, and some of them are magnetic, making them go well with car mounts. It is unusual to find one holder that supports both. However, the Ghostek Loop phone holder strap both sticks to the phone and locks into the main module.

As well as acting like a metal plate for mounts, it also has a fabric loop just big enough to hold the phone securely, and a fold-out kickstand for landscape positioning.

It is a normal phone ring holder, but it also has an ergonomic grip that allows the use of interchangeable straps.

The loop is not made of elastic, so there is no need to worry about it stretching. The fabric does have a tendency to absorb smells, though, so it’s not a good idea to keep it inside any sweaty pockets for too long!


  • Ergonomic strap for finger holder
  • In-built magnetic car mount
  • Kickstand that can be adjusted
  • Ergonomic design for grip
  • Interchangeable phone straps.


  • Strap can absorb sweat.

Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip

This phone grip can just about do everything, from taking selfies to media viewing to completely secure phone use wherever you are.

It has a multi-directional kickstand that gives the most comfortable viewing angle wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

It comes with strong adhesive that guarantees a secure fit and the metal used in its construction means that it is compatible with the magnetic holders for smartphones.

Love Handle Universal Grip For Cell Phone

A Love Handle made just for the love of your life – your phone! The handle is stretchy, giving it extra grip, which means that you are less likely to drop, or even break, your phone or tablet.

It utilises no-residue, removable adhesive, and this means that it can be removed from the phone or phone case without leaving any unsightly residue.

However, it doesn’t grip on silicone cases or the iPhone X, Pixel 3, iPhone 7 Black or iPhone 8. All of these phones require a different type of adhesive.

VEPOWER Phone Ring Stand

There’s no way you can boast that you have all the top-rated phone accessories if you don’t have a phone finger grip! One of the most highly recommended and prominent brands is VePower.

It is creative, having 360° rotation and flips at 360°, as well as a kickstand function.

The holder has an invisible spindle and joint, which makes it appealing and doesn’t distract from the beauty of the phone.

It is made from stainless steel and zinc alloy of the finest quality, and the ring’s edges are polished and smooth so that there’s no danger of any scratched fingers.


  • Complete maneuverability
  • Smooth and comfortable to use
  • Grip that is secure and firm
  • Made from zinc
  • Anti-slip


  • A little more expensive than competitors

Spigen Style Ring Phone Holder for All Phones

The Spigen phone holders are very similar to PopSockets, but they are also slightly more functional and give a firmer grip, yet still having the cutest of designs.

The fantastic grip means that you only need to use one finger to hold your device, and you can put it down flat anywhere. Its magnetic plate ensures that it wont lose its grip. The plate also gives capacity for wireless charging.

It has 360° rotation which hinges on its surface, and it can be used as a kickstand in any mode. Just make sure that the ring isn’t stuck too close to the bottom.


  • Handy drop-free grip
  • Kickstand
  • Hook for car mount
  • Easy rotation and flip


  • Hinges over time
  • Not compatible with Qi charging

Sinjimoru Stretching Silicone Phone Strap Holder

There are times when it is better to have a strap wrapped around the hand than a grip, and this particular strap clip is so easy to attach and detach from all different types of phone cases.

It is compatible with wireless charging, just 0.9mm thick, and is made specifically to prevent all types of phone accidents.

Why are PopSockets the best phone finger grips?

In the past it was possible for our thumbs to reach all corners of the phone with no trouble at all. Nowadays, models are increasing to maybe 5-6 inches and it is not so easy to operate them with just a thumb, so a little bit of help is needed.

We are so lucky to have so many products to choose from that are designed to give us a better grip on our mobiles. They make sure that our fingers are hooked in properly and the thumb is free to move even further.

This is especially helpful for taking selfies.

Phone grips are made specially for attaching to the back of the phone or the phone case, and contain a handle through which to put your fingers and maintain a secure hold of the phone.

The PopSocket is popular because it has a telescopic grip, but there are so many more options available out there, both long-lasting and affordable, too.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need a PopSocket alternative?

They give your phone a much more effective grip so that there’s no risk of dropping it, and it’s much more comfortable when taking selfies.

What are some of the drawbacks of PopSocket?

  • It adds bulk at the back of the phone.
  • It may not be compatible with all phone cases.

It does not give your device much in the way of protection, like a screen protector would, so it’s advisable to use a case for the phone so that the back does not get damaged.

Do PopSockets damage the phone?

The PopSocket does not damage the phone, or any other devices. The sticky part leaves no residue, and the PopSocket can be removed or re-positioned at any time.

How do you hold the phone while texting?

There are various different ways, but the most common way is to put one thumb on one edge, three fingers curved around the other edge, and the index finger on the back of the phone.

Final Thoughts

Reports suggest that at least 40 million phone grip holders are sold globally, which means that it’s quite likely that you will see one almost every day.

Manufacturers produce them in many different colors and patterns, and it’s so easy to swap between different styles and colors because the adhesive is re-usable, too.

Hopefully you have learnt more about the latest gadgets and accessories and can benefit from the information here.

This is only a personal opinion, although everything is well-researched and used personally, in order to keep you up to date with the latest top quality alternatives to give you a much easier life.

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