Best Portable Blender in 2021: Buying Guide

If you are looking for a fantastic portable blender, but aren’t sure how to find one or which one to buy, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this guide, you will learn all about how you can find the best portable blender for your blending needs!

What Is A Portable Blender?
A portable blender is just like a regular blender. But, a portable blender is, true to its name, a lot smaller than a regular blender. Due to the small size of a portable blender, you can pack one in a backpack or travel bag, making it easy to take it with you no matter where you are. Many portable blenders run on USB power and built-in batteries, which only enhances their portability and functionality.

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Why Should You Purchase A Portable Blender?
A portable blender is a wonderful device to purchase, especially if you enjoy making smoothies and other blended beverages. By purchasing a portable blender, you have the ability to make those blended beverages no matter where you are – assuming, of course, that you have the right ingredients. The convenience of being able to do this is astounding, and allows you to eat and drink what you want, which makes any trip a lot more enjoyable.

Buying Guide For The Best Portable Blender

What Size Should You Look For?

Every portable blender that you can purchase is portable. That much is obvious. But, despite every portable blender being portable, there are plenty of portable blenders that are larger – and smaller – than the others. Since this is the case, it helps to know what size is right for you, before you begin searching for a portable blender.

Right before you begin thinking about what size is right, think about the bag you will be using to store this portable blender. Is it a small bag? Is the bag a little bit bigger? Make sure you know the size of this bag and, then, think about where you will be placing it in that bag.

To make sure that you find the right blender, you can even measure the space you will be placing the blender, and the total size of the bag. Making use of those measurements will then allow you to find a blender that meets those exact size requirements. Just input them in your search engine, and you will find what you are looking for.

More than anything else, the portable blender you purchase should be small enough that you can pick it up with one hand. Since it’s that small, you may not be able to blend very much with it, at one time, but it will be portable and mobile.

Is There A Power Source That’s Better Than The Others?

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned that many portable blenders rely on batteries, and can be charged using just a USB connection. Many portable blenders rely on chargeable batteries of that sort, but many of them do not. Because of this, being aware of the power sources you can choose, and which one is right for you, is essential.

You can find, if you look for it, a plethora of portable blenders that rely on a battery that lasts for a year or so, and then can’t be charged after that. You can also find, if you look for it, a plethora of portable blenders that rely on a traditional power cord. Both of those are valid options, and depending on where you will be going and how you will be using this portable blender, one of them may be right for you.

For convenience, though, a portable blender that relies on a chargeable battery is often the best choice. You don’t have to worry about the charge going out and being unable to recharge, and the batteries often last for a very long time.

What Will You Be Blending?

Right before you can begin searching for your new portable blender, make sure you know what you will be blending. Maybe you just want to blend smoothies while on the road, or perhaps you want to make more complex dishes; regardless of what you are blending, figure out what it is.

With those dishes in mind, go online and begin searching for portable blenders that can make those dishes. Most portable blenders are great for smoothies and fruit juices, but some of them are less-than-ideal for more complex dishes. Take the time to research what different blenders offer, relative to what you will be blending, and be sure to read the reviews.

For more complex dishes, make sure that you purchase a portable blender with a powerful motor. Anything above 1000-Watts will be above and beyond in its power and efficiency.


In the end, a portable blender is a wonderful tool to have on hand. Making use of this guide will allow you to find the portable blender that is right for all of your blending needs!

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