Best Quiet Humidifier in 2021

If you are looking for a quiet humidifier for the baby’s nursey or one that won’t disrupt your own sleep then you will require a top quality quiet humidifier. One that will block out water droplet sounds, hums, and gurgling noises. Many humidifier manufacturers claim that their product is whisper-quiet”, but very few truly live up to this claim.

To determine the noise level of a humidifier you need to consider the following key factors:

Quiet Humidifier | Recommended

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The type of humidifier

Two common humidifiers are the evaporative types and the ultrasonic types. Evaporative humidifiers cost less that the ultrasonic ones and they contain operating fans. The ultrasonic humidifiers don’t rely on operating fans and are therefore less noisy. These types of humidifiers make use of high-frequency vibrations that mist up the air.

The decibel rating of a humidifier

The CDC claims that a soft whisper’s sound level is lower than 30 decibels (dB). A really quiet humidifier should therefore emit noises of less than 30dB. In comparison an average air conditioner will emit sounds of around 60 decibels and the hum of a refrigerator is typically about 40dB. There are no humidifiers on the market that are completely silent. A humidifier emitting less than 30 dB of noise will not disturb someone sleeping next to it.

When buying your humidifier ensure you look for one that lists the decibel ratings. Not all manufacturers list the ratings on the product description.

Buying Guide

Are you trying to decide between two specific humidifiers or are you just not sure which to choose from the range available? Our buying guide will assist you in choosing the one that is best for your family’s health and the one that is most suitable for your living space.

We believe that a humidifier can solve any clean air problems you may have at home. Not only will they help you solve issues you may not have been aware of, but they could even help prevent unknown issues from cropping up.

Here are some health benefits of a humidifier

Helps prevent influenza – since humidifiers get rid of any harmful particles present in the air they can decrease your family’s risk of getting the flu.

Reduces snoring – The increase in air-borne moisture will lead to a lesser amount of snoring from you or your partner.

Reduces allergy symptoms and asthma – dry airways and sinuses, make you more susceptible to allergens in the air. This can lead to allergic reactions and/or exacerbate asthma issues. A humidifier will help to keep these airways moistened.

Relieves a cough – moist air will result in making your cough wetter which helps to release trapped phlegm present in your throat and in your oesophagus.

Skin, hair and lips – moist air not only keeps your cough moist, it helps keep your, skin hair and lips from getting dry.

House and indoor plants – investing in a good humidifier is good for your wooden furniture, floors and walls. And your houseplants will be very grateful too!

What to Consider When Searching for a Quiet Humidifier

It is important to keep the following essential details in mind before buying your humidifier:

Noise Level

Plan to invest in the quietest humidifier for your bedroom. This makes a big difference especially if you plan to run it all night.

A humidifier whistling the entire night will disturb your sleep and likely keep you awake.

Our humidifiers all come with a sound decibel rating of between 28-38dB. This range of noise is excellent for humidifiers placed in a nursery or bedroom.

Water Tank Capacity

Another important feature to consider carefully when buying your humidifier is the water tank capacity. Look for a large tank that allows your humidifier to run for around 16 or even 24 hours.

Our range consists of the AIRCARE MA0800, which has a 2.5 or a 3.6 gallon tank – the largest capacity water tank. This model can operate for more than 48 hours before it needs refilling.

Quiet Humidifier | Recommended

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