Best Quiet Pedestal Fans

If you are on the market for a quiet and well-designed pedestal fan, then you’re at the right place! In this buying guide, you are going to learn all about what a quiet pedestal fan is, and how to find the right pedestal fan for your needs.

Buying Guide For The Best Quiet Pedestal Fan

To begin this buying guide, we are going to define what a quiet pedestal fan is, and why it’s useful. Once you’ve learned those two things, we will dive into the guide and determine the three key qualities to think about and look for in a quiet pedestal fan.

What Is A Quiet Pedestal Fan?

A pedestal fan is a fan that, upon first glance, looks a lot like a tower fan. Just like a tower fan, a pedestal fan is held up on a stand, several feet above the ground. As the fan is running and pushing air around it, can either stand still or oscillate back and forth. By doing this, a significant quantity of air can be pushed around in either one space, or multiple spaces.

Even though pedestal fans are quite similar to tower fans, they do possess several key differences. One of the most notable differences is the fact that a pedestal fan sits on a pedestal, and this pedestal can be adjusted. If you would like the pedestal to be five-feet off of the ground, for example, then you can adjust the pedestal for that. Pedestal fans also have an adjustable fan head, allowing you to position in the fan in nearly any direction that you would like.

While a quiet pedestal fan is all of those things, it is also something else. This “something else” is, of course, quiet. A quiet pedestal fan is a pedestal fan that is very quiet, ensuring that you are able to have the running while you sleep or relax.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Quiet Pedestal Fan?

A quiet pedestal fan offers several key benefits. Each one of these benefits allows for versatility, convenience, and ease. By owning a quiet pedestal fan, the entire experience of cooling your space is exceptionally easy and pleasant.

The most notable benefit of a quiet pedestal fan is that of versatility. By owning a quiet pedestal fan, you are able to adjust the height of the fan at any time, as well as where the fan is pointing. As a result of this, you can determine the exact space in which air is flowing. This is exceptionally useful if there are specific points in your home that need greater air flow.

The other most notable benefit is the fact that quiet pedestal fans are quiet. Rather than making a significant amount of noise, as most tower fans do, quiet pedestal fans are nice and quiet. This makes it very easy to relax and enjoy yourself while the fan is running at full-blast.

DID YOU KNOW. While tower fans may look a lot like pedestal fans, they often weigh more, make a lot more noise, produce less airflow, and offer significantly less versatility.

How Can You Find The Best Quiet Pedestal Fan For Your Needs?

What’s A Reasonable Price For A Quiet Pedestal Fan?

To begin the buying process, it is very important that you consider your budget and the average price of a quiet pedestal fan. By considering your budget, you will be able to determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend. That way, you can narrow down the different pedestal fans you are looking at to a smaller pool of results, which makes the buying process much easier.

If you go online or to a store, you will be able to find quiet pedestal fans that cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Most quiet pedestal fans aren’t too expensive- under $120, for the most part – but there are plenty of expensive quiet pedestal fans that you can purchase.

The majority of the less-expensive quiet pedestal fans that you can purchase offer a variety of basic features that you would expect any pedestal fan to offer. These are features such as height adjustment and fan head adjustment, low noise, and multiple fan speeds to choose from. Each one of these features is extremely useful, and allows for an extremely pleasant cooling experience.

Most of the more-expensive quiet pedestal fans that you can purchase offer those same features, as well as a few different ones. These are features such as a better motor, which allows for more air to be moved at any given time, a quieter motor, as well as a remote control.

If you are looking for a good quiet pedestal fan that doesn’t offer anything extraneous, then $50 to $100 is a great budget. If you are looking for something that’s even better, then $100 to $200 will get you that!

What Amount Of Sound Should A Quiet Pedestal Fan Generate?

Every quiet pedestal fan is a little different, when it comes to the amount of sound that it generates. You can find quiet pedestal fans that make just a little bit of sound, and you can also find quiet pedestal fans that make almost no sound. It is entirely dependent on the quiet pedestal fan and the unique features and mechanisms that it uses and relies on.

If you search online, or visit the information page for different pedestal fans, you will find an exact sound measurement. More often than not, these sound measurements differ depending on the airflow setting that is being used. But, regardless of that, these sound measurements are important to consider.

Many of the quietest pedestal fans make as little as 36-decibels of noise, even while on a higher airflow setting. To put that in perspective, 36-decibels of noise is just a little higher than the sound of a whisper. While a pedestal fan of this sort is running, you will barely hear it.

For people who want the quietest experience possible, pedestal fans that produce that much sound, or around that much of sound, will be extremely useful. But, what must be considered is the fact that fans of that sort are quite expensive.

Most of the standard quiet pedestal fans make around 50-decibels of noise. That is higher than 36-decibels, but it isn’t that much noise. More often than not, pedestal fans that make this amount of noise are far more affordable than their quieter counterparts.

CAUTION. A pedestal fan that makes more than 60-decibels will be quite a bit noisier than you might hope for. For that reason, stick to fans that make less than 60-decibels of noise.

Since this is the case, if you are on a budget and want something that is extremely quiet and extremely useful, then a pedestal fan that makes that much sound is a great purchase!

What Airflow Speed Is Ideal For A Quiet Pedestal Fan?

The majority of quiet pedestal fans that you can purchase are quite powerful and produce a very nice airflow speed. But, of course, this airflow speed does differ depending on the pedestal fan that you are purchasing and the mechanisms within the pedestal fan.

If you look at different pedestal fans, you will be able to find fans that can move air at 2500 cubic-feet per-minute, while also being able to find fans that move air at 1250 cubic-feet per-minute. These differences are significant, and they transform the entirety of the experience.

For you to determine which airflow speed is ideal, you need to think about your needs. Most of the people who live in relatively cool places won’t need a fan that offers the insane airflow speeds of more expensive pedestal fans. Most of the people who live in hot and warm places will benefit from fans that offer those speeds.

By taking the time to consider the cooling needs that you require, you will be able to find the pedestal fan that offers the airflow speed you need. That way, air will be moved around at a rate that is ideal for you!

Quiet Pedestal Fans: Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Air Flow Settings Does A Pedestal Fan Come With?

The answer to this question depends on the exact pedestal fan. But, generally speaking, a pedestal fan will offer anywhere from two-to-five airflow settings. There are various pedestal fans that offer more than that, though, but two-to-five airflow settings is very common.

Is A Remote Control Useful For A Pedestal Fan?

The pedestal fans that come with a remote control are often more expensive than those who don’t. But, having a remote control is quite useful, since you can access and control the pedestal fan from anywhere in a room. Without a remote control, you need to get up and access those functions and settings using a control panel that is on the pedestal fan.

How Much Does A Quiet Pedestal Fan Weigh?

Every pedestal fan is a little different, when it comes to weight. But, most pedestal fans tend to weigh anywhere from seven-pounds to fifteen-pounds, depending on what the fan offers.


In the end, a quiet pedestal fan is a great purchase if you are looking for a well-designed, versatile, and comforting fan. By reading through this guide and considering what has been outlined for you, you won’t have any problems finding the quiet pedestal fan that is right for you!

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