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When it comes to comes to reading and bed rest, you want to be in the most comfortable position possible to you. Maybe you’re just not finding the typical, regular pillows useful anymore with their non-existence comfort due their irregular shapes and hardness, or maybe they are too soft. Reading and bed rest pillows are distinctive in comparison to the ‘normal’ pillows. They effortlessly allow sit on the bed or couch contentedly while you read your books or watch television.

The memory foams inside this pillows accustom accurately to you according to your body and the support you require. They have an armrest and high-back integrated into them already so that you are able to sit more comfortably for a longer period of time. Since there are so many different types of these pillows out there on the market today, it can be hard to choose the right one for you.

We hope in that writing this guide for you will help you to increase your knowledge about the kinds of pillows, enabling you to make the right choice of your reading and bed rest pillows as there are many aspects to them that you need to take into account before you buy.

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Types of Reading Pillows
Whilst searching for a decent reading pillow, there can be many pillows that just don’t quite make the cut in what you are after. We’ve produced this article for you, mainly to concentrate on helping your body support. However, due to the increase of technological advances, there are now many pillows that are focusing on supporting e-readers, so we’ve drawn attention to some of these pillows in this article to help on assisting you and your reading materials.

1. Wedge:
This type of pillow is widely known for helping in the aid of acid refluxing, snoring and any back pains. Yet, a selected few styles need only to be tipped up or amended to sit against your bed’s headboard while you are in an upright position. There are numerous people that prefer this styles support when sitting preferable over lounging.

2. Traditional Bed Support:
This kind of pillow is purposely designed for helping with back support. They are typically fuller and are a bigger pillow, they come with armrests to help you in supporting your torso, so you are able to lounge against them. They work well with being a support by itself or it can also be placed in support of something such as a headboard or standalone support.

3. U-Shaped Reading Pillows:
These types of pillows come in all sorts of sizes, but they are mainly large, and they will offer you an entire body support. They are classically known as a more common design where you can use it in a number of alternative ways. You are able to sit inside of the pillow, if you fold over the ends of the pillow, it can create an elevation if you need or you can even flip it over and it can create a kind a seat-type addition, where you’re able to have your neck supported. They are super good to use if you need the extra comfortability, they can be used for lounging and also are very useful for sleeping too. These pillows are also known as the ‘pregnancy pillows’ as they again give you the full body support that you’ll need.

4. Reading Material Support:
When you are an avid reader, you can tend to sometimes have a on-off relationship with your e-reader. If you’re not want to want paper books purely because you like to have many books in one place, then having a portable e-reader is great for you as you are able to download any book you want from anywhere in the world, which is making it an increasingly popular and convenient product for people to purchase nowadays. What is convenient about an e-reader is that you don’t always have to have both your hands to hold it and now with the increasing development of technologies, they are now reading pillows available to hold e-readers so you are able to have a more stable positions where you can read your books far more restfully.

5. Prop ‘n Go Slim:
The top of this product can be attuned to an angle of your choice depending on the type of tablet or e-ready device you have. The ease of the bottom support is designed to adapt to a diverse number of surfaces, securing the stability while in use.

Can a Bed Rest Pillow Support Your Spine and How?
When you are sitting or lounging whilst either on the couch or in bed, if you do not have the right support for your back, many problems can occur due to this position, including spinal compressions problems, issues with your posture, and your pressure points along the spine going down into your hips. If you are sitting like this every now and again, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Albeit uncomfortable for a while, you can come out of the position feeling a little bit stiff and may be sore for a day after. But if you find yourself in this position on a regular occurrence throughout the day or the week, it definitely can lead to longer-term health problems.

Since, regular pillows don’t offer the same support that you need when you are sitting. As typically, people tend to slouch in bed while they’re reading, so the regular pillows are not able to offer an increased amount of support. This is due to these pillow not being firm enough to remain in their full position as would a memory foam pillow would, and sometimes they are too small or too weak to offer you the support that you need. The best bed rest pillows that are designed precisely to keep your head, neck and torso completely supported, making your experience of reading on the couch or in bed far more enjoyable, so you are able to do it for longer and you’re not going to damage your spine or posture in the long term.


1. Comfortability:
The perfect reason for you to invest in a reading and bed rest pillow is because comfortability is your number one priority. They extend high amounts of support with super soft material that you can just relax into. Memory foam being the biggest asset to these pillows, they support your shape and position which is how they can give you the best support.

2. Cleaning:
In comparison to the standard pillows, a reading and bed rest pillow are simple to upkeep with their cleaning needs. The cover that the pillow comes with is transferrable, meaning you are able to remove it and was it in your washing machine along with the rest of your laundry, making it easy to dry too, you can either hang it up to air dry or you are able to dry it in your tumble dryer.

3. Multi-use
The majority of reading and bed rest pillows are extremely adaptable to which ever need you apply them to. They can be used for pregnancy support, to sleep on, a couch pillow or used as a reclined pillow if you want to read. Due to their transportable and frivolous kind, you can even take them with you when you travel.

4. Type of Material:
Generally, reading and bed rest pillows are produced using the top-quality memory foam or polyester material. Meaning that they are ultra-soft against your skin to increase your contentment while you use them and make them suitably easy to carry around as they will adapt to the space around them and change shape if they need to fit, only to bounce back to its original shape.

Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

1. Breathability:
You want to choose a pillow that gives room for you and your skin to breathe. Having nylon pillows are not highly suggested to keep as the material can cause you to sweat, leading you to feel very uneasy while using the pillow.

2. Size:
Reading and bed rest pillow will be available in many different sizes of the standard small, medium or large options. The size comes down to your desired needs. If the pillow is only to be used within your home, then it is recommended to go for a medium to large pillow as you want to have extra comfort while you are at home. If you are needing to travel often and you want to take the pillow with you, it is better to get a smaller size pillow to help the ease of travel when you take the pillow, but still holding the greatest comfort for you.

3. Durability:
This aspects purely depends on the type and quality of the material that is used. Ensure that the fabric is sturdy and hard-wearing. Nonetheless, the majority of these pillows will come with at least a year’s warranty after you purchase it.

4. Design:
Any decent reading and bed rest pillow will nowadays come with a various amount of design. They memory foam will support your neck, spine, shoulder, however the pillow fits to your body shape. Some can even come with an extra cushion that is removable, providing even more support for your head.

Reading and bed rest pillows are a great way to increase your comfort either when you are watching television, relaxing, sleeping or reading. They are budget-friendly and will make you comfort experience far more content. Ensure you complete a thorough search beforehand ahead of purchasing to make sure that you invest in the right reading and bed rest pillow for you.

What is the difference between the back rest pillow and the bed rest pillow?
There is and there isn’t a difference. A bed rest pillow is usually purchased due to the orthopedic support aspect to it. However, these can be used by someone needing a back rest pillow too. The majority of the bed rest pillows are actually wedge pillow. There are some known brands, which will also provide extra support for your knees and legs.

Many bed rest pillows will tend to serve the same purpose and comfort as a backrest pillow, there are wide ranges available, so make sure to research for what it is that you desire. Backrest pillows that have a slight vertical angle are found to be far more supportive for when you are reading and watching television.

On the other hand, bed rest pillows with a smaller angle with enhance your comfort only a small amount when you are reading or watching television. Ideally, it all comes down to what you require in terms of your comfort.

Reading & Bed Rest Pillows
Reading & Bed Rest Pillows
Reading & Bed Rest Pillows
Reading & Bed Rest Pillows
Reading & Bed Rest Pillows

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