One of the highlights of homeownership is having a swimming pool in your backyard. You can take a dip to cool off on hot summer days or relax after a long day at work with a night swim under the stars.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner under $600

But when it comes to having your own personal swimming pool, the cost of maintaining the pool – cleaning it, keeping the chlorine balance just right, etc. – can prevent many people from even considering the idea. Learn the benefits of a robot pool cleaner that won’t break the bank!

Cost of Robot Pool Cleaners Vs. Manual Labor

When it comes to old-school pool cleaning techniques, you have to choices – do it yourself or hire someone to do it. Cleaning and maintaining a pool yourself consumes a huge amount of time better spent relaxing and swimming in the pool, don’t you think? Unless your name is Danny Tanner and you enjoy cleaning, you’ll want to hire outside help.

Let’s say the average pool cleaning appointment costs $200. If you get your pool cleaned weekly throughout the summer, that’s $2,400. A good chunk of your income, right? If you live in warmer states where you can use your poor year-round, that’s around $10,000. You can find a quality robotic pool cleaner for way less than $2,400 and think of what you could do if you save 10k a year in pool maintenance!

So, Rosie the Robot Cleans My Pool?

If you want to name your robotic pool cleaner Rosie, that’s your business. But no, robotic pool cleaners aren’t full-sized robots cleaning your pool with a duster.

An automatic robot pool cleaner scrubs, vacuums and cleans your pool with little to no effort from you. Just plug it in, drop it in the pool and let it do its job while it uses sensors to navigate your pool’s walls.

You might be concerned about putting electric equipment in the water, but there is a built-in transformer that controls the power voltage, along with an automatic shut-off if there is an electrical overload.

Robotic Pool Cleaner under $600

How Long Do Robot Pool Cleaners Last?

You can expect your robotic pool clean to last anywhere between 3 to 8 years if you properly care and maintain the equipment by annually cleaning the accumulated debris and store the equipment between uses.

Unlike pressure side cleaners, the parts of the robotic cleaner can’t be replaced. However, some brands offer 3-year warranties with purchase, which helps ensure a long, happy life for Rosie.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Key Features

The general rule when you purchase any appliance is the more you spend, the more features and add-ons you’ll get. Robotic pool cleaners are no exception to this rule.

There are options for every budget, and many of the standard features are the same across the board. Many of the pool cleaners come with their own infiltration system, meaning you don’t have to hook them up via pump or hose.

Some models have a feature that monitors the level of chlorine and other chemicals in the pool, releasing you from scheduled pH balance checks. A chemical imbalance in the pool’s water can cause chlorine poisoning, and the side effects can be much more serious than turning blonde hair green.

The most basic brand of robotic pool cleaners simply vacuums the bottom of the pool. The more advanced systems are able to power wash the walls and crevices. Each model has its own suction power strength, so that is one aspect where you need to consider your pool size and type (in-ground or above ground) to know which brand will work the best for your needs.

$600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Will It Scratch Up My Pool?

You may be concerned that the robotic pool cleaner will scratch your pool with its wheels or brushes. However, the bristles are soft enough so as not to leave any damage to the pool floor or tiles.

When you compare the pros and cons of purchasing a robotic pool cleaner with either cleaning the pool yourself or hiring a pool cleaning company, a robotic cleaner is a much more cost effective and beneficial option in the long run.

Hot, summer days are meant for floating in the pool, not floating nets in the pool to collect dead bugs and leaves. A robotic pool cleaner lets you spend more time IN the pool, not more time CLEANING the pool.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner under 600

Top 15 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for Tiled/Vinyl/Above Ground Pools

Well, that’s it for this Robotic Pool Cleaner Buying Guide. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robotic Pool Cleaner that’s best for you see our full guide on these robotic pool cleaners.

5 Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaners from Dolphin
Best of the
Best Overall Budget Pick
(< $600;)
For Above Ground
Swimming Pools
Dolphin Oasis Z5i Dolphin Premier Dolphin Nautilus CC Dolphin E10 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Oasis Z5i Premier Nautilus CC E10 Nautilus CC Plus
Up to 50 ft. Up to 50 ft. Up to 33 ft. Up to 30 ft. Up to 50 ft.
XL Cartridge Fine Cartridge Large Cartridge Medium Cartridge Large Cartridge
2.5 hours 3 hours 2 hours 1.5 hour 2 hours
23 x 19.5 x 13.5 in 23.5 x 19.5 x 14 in 16.4 x 16.8 x 9 in 18 x 22 x 12 in 16 x 10 x 16 in
40.6 pounds 37.2 pounds 14 pounds 22.8 pounds 19 pounds

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