Best RV Wood Stove in 2021: How To Stay Warm In Your RV?

The cozy warmth of fire takes us to the finest memories in life. An RV woodstove is more than a heating system, it is the centerpiece that creates the warmest atmosphere for enjoying the company of loved ones and sharing stories around the fire.


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If you are living in a tiny place, you know firsthand how challenging it is to create an inviting space with… well… not much space.

An RV woodstove will not only create a snuggly-warm atmosphere but also give a unique character to your mobile home.

Wherever you go, you will always be looking forward to coming come to crack the woodstove and bask in the soothing aroma of toasted wood.

Owning a nice RV woodstove is not a luxury, but a wise investment that will significantly cut down the heating costs.

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Advantages of Wood Stoves in an RV

Most RVs are operating on electric heat or propane. But there is hardly a better alternative to the cozy warmth of wood stoves.

They are also quite efficient in battling humidity and providing maximum comfort on chilly winter days.

In addition to providing that heart-warming crackling sound, RV woodstoves also eliminate the need for purchasing moisture-removing products.

It is a smart and lasting investment that cuts down the fuel cost. Firewood is much more affordable than propane or electricity and is available even when stealth camping.

Moreover, if your RV has enough room to fit a traditional wood stove, it can also double as a cooktop to slow cook or boil water.

A Wood RV Stove has Disadvantages as well

It is important to know that wood stoves do require some maintenance. For some smaller units, you will need to cut the wood into smaller pieces, no more than 6 or 8 inches.

You might also need to constantly add fuel so that the fire does not go out at night.

Flue pipes and the stove require frequent cleaning and you also have to periodically clean out and dispose of ash.

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If you are intending to use it in a stealth van or converted truck camper, you will need to cut a hole to fit the flue pipe.

Moreover, to prevent the air from getting dry, you might need to humidify by putting a kettle of water on the stove.

Alternative Methods for Heating Small Spaces

Having a woodstove is a commitment. The amount of labor it requires for operating can be interpreted both as a negative and positive feature. It mostly depends on your tastes and lifestyle.

However, it is undeniable, that a woodstove will create the ambiance that drives people to your place.

That being said, if you do not feel like going into the hustle of operating a wood stove, you should look into alternative ways of heating small spaces such as propane or infrared.


What is the smallest wood stove?

If you have a really restricted space, you might be wondering what is the smallest wood stove on the market. In terms of cubic inches of required space, it is the Dwarf 3kw Lite from Tiny Wood Stove (10×8.5×17 inches, or 1,360 cubic inches).

A similarly compact one is the Cubic Mini-Cub Wood Stove at 11x12x10.5 inches or 1,386 cubic inches.

These two compact wood stoves will provide the necessary heat to accommodate your needs while enabling you to cleverly utilize the limited space.

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How to securely install a wood-burning stove in an RV?

Before enjoying the snuggly-warm atmosphere, you will firstly need to correctly install these beauties in your home.

The most crucial step in the installation process is choosing a safe zone around the stove with a heat-shielding material to prevent the walls and other surfaces from getting excessively hot.

Another important step is securely anchoring the stove so that it does not move around when driving, and cutting a hole in the roof for fitting the flue pipe.

Once this is done, it is time to come up with a driving cap to put on the top of the roof, so that the air does not rush down the pipe and blow the ashes all over the place while you are driving.

Are wood stoves safe in an RV?

You might be wondering if having a wood stove in an RV is really a good idea. The answer is “yes”, as long as it is installed and maintained correctly.

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