Best Smart Lock for a Sliding Door

Finding the best smart lock for a sliding door is not always easy. But, if you know what to look for, the entire process is much easier. By the time you are finished reading this guide, you will know how to find the best smart lock for your sliding door.

What Is A Smart Lock For A Sliding Door?

To answer this question properly, we must define what a smart lock is and then, from that, we must define a sliding door. Both of these definitions will explain what a smart lock, for a sliding door, is.

A smart lock is an electronic lock that relies on smart technology. More often than not, the “smart technology” that a smart lock relies on is your smartphone or a smart home device such as Amazon Alexa.

For you to use a smart lock, you will need to use your smart device. You can configure a smart lock to require a password, voice prompt, number sequence; among other options. Then, using that security mechanism, the smart lock will open up, allowing you to go through a door. As soon as that happens, the smart lock will lock itself automatically.

A sliding door is, as the name implies, a door that you open with a sliding motion. For you to open a sliding door, all you must do is take the door and slide it to the left or right, depending on how the sliding door has been set up. As soon as the door is open, and you’ve entered your space, you can close your sliding door by pushing it in the opposite direction.

Why Should You Purchase A Smart Lock For Your Sliding Door?

Throughout the past few years, smart locks have only become better and better. The smart locks of today offer a wide variety of fantastic security features, all of which make keeping your home secure a task that is both easy and extremely pleasant.

Since a smart lock is, above all else, a security mechanism, the main reason you should purchase a smart lock for your sliding door is due to the security that they offer. A smart lock gives you access to a wide variety of security features, including voice prompts and passwords. All of these features can be used at once, and customizing them is easy.

As a result of possessing so many security features, the entire security experience can be customized with ease. That way, your home is accessed through the mechanisms that you prefer, and no others.

To go along with that, smart locks are very convenient. You don’t need to keep your keys with you at all times – you can if you want to, though – and this also ensures that no one can take your keys and access your home without your direct consent.

Finding The Best Smart Lock For Your Sliding Door

What Is Your Budget?

To begin searching for the best smart lock for your sliding door, you need to consider your budget. A good smart lock can easily cost anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on what it offers and what it is meant for.

Right before you decide your budget, it helps to go online and look at the various smart locks that are available. Doing so will give you a good idea as to what different smart locks offer and what variations in price mean for the smart lock you purchase.

Just as a general rule, for a smart lock that is simple and relatively basic – lacking a variety of security mechanisms and not especially durable, but still effective – you should expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200. For a smart lock that offers a plethora of security functions, a durable body, and BlueTooth and Wi-Fi functionality, you will probably end up paying anywhere from $250 to $400.

What Security Mechanisms Are You Looking For?

The simplest smart locks offer a security panel and a key. You must use the key or the security pad – and, depending on how you set the lock, sometimes both. For most people, these security mechanisms are excellent, and offer everything you could ever need.

Some people, however, require greater security functionality. For those people, finding a smart lock that offers a greater variety of security mechanisms is essential. You can find smart locks that offer fingerprint scanning, a sensor mechanism that scans your phone and uses that to unlock the door, voice-activated smart locks; along with various others.

Take the time to think about the security mechanisms that you are looking for. By doing so, you will have a very easy time finding a smart lock that offers what you need. Just remember, though, that the more security mechanisms you need, the more you will have to spend.

BlueTooth Or Wi-Fi?

Every smart lock will, generally speaking, offer one of two forms of connectivity: BlueTooth, or Wi-Fi. Both of these work very well, but depending on your needs, one of them is better for you than the other.

For those who feel fine accessing the smart lock, using your smartphone, while close to it, BlueTooth is fine. You can access your smart lock, using BlueTooth, as long as your in range of it. More often than not, even if the Wi-Fi is down, you can still use BlueTooth functionality and access your smart lock.

With Wi-Fi functionality, you can access your smart lock anywhere. You do not have to be within range. That way, you can change the security code at any time, adjust the settings, unlock the smart lock; among other functions. This is the most convenient form of connectivity and, depending on your needs, it may be ideal.


In the end, finding the best smart lock for your sliding door is not always easy. Sliding doors are less popular than other doors and, as a result, there are fewer high-quality smart locks that work well with them. But, by making use of the information given to you in this guide, finding the right smart lock for your sliding door will be an easy task!

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