Best Smart Radiator Valve in 2021: Buying Guide

Finding the best smart radiator valve for your needs is not always easy. Fortunately, though, if you know what to look for, then finding the best smart radiator valve is much easier. By reading through this guide, you will know what you need to look for and how you can find the best smart radiator valve.

What Is A Smart Radiator Valve?

A smart radiator valve is, as the name implies, a radiator valve that offers smart features. The key feature that sets smart radiator valves apart from regular radiator valves is the variety of smart features that they offer. All of these smart features allow for a more convenient and pleasant user experience.

For you to use a smart radiator valve, all you need is a smart device. Your smartphone is one such device, as is a smart home device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

With a smart radiator valve, you have access to all of the settings that comprise the functioning of your radiator valve. These settings, more often than not, comprise the amount of heat being generated by the heater.

You can use your smart device to choose the exact temperature and, at any time, you can change the temperature. All you need is your smart device; there’s no need for you to be in the same room as the radiator.

To go along with that, most smart radiator valves give you the ability to schedule when a room is a particular temperature and when it is not. That way, if it gets cold at night, you can set the smart radiator to increase the heat in a particular space when the clock strikes 8 o’clock PM.

Why Should You Purchase A Smart Radiator Valve?

A good smart radiator valve offers a tremendous amount of convenience and flexibility. With a smart radiator valve, you have complete control over the temperature, and you can choose the exact manner in which your smart radiator valve functions.

Those are, in essence, the reasons why you should purchase a smart radiator valve. Even though they may not be the most elaborate devices, they work extremely well and make heating the various spaces in your home extremely easy.

All of that, when combined with the versatility and convenience that they offer, makes a good smart radiator valve a great choice if you need an easy, flexible, and effective heating solution.

Finding The Best Smart Radiator Valve

How Much Does A Smart Radiator Valve Cost?

A smart radiator valve will cost as much as it does depending on the features and functions that it offers.

For a simple, but effective, smart radiator valve, you may pay as little as $50. That’s a great price and you can find plenty of good smart radiator valves that cost that much while offering some great features.

For a more elaborate smart radiator valve, you may end up paying as much as $150. That price is often as high as it gets, and you won’t find too many smart radiator valves that cost that much. But, the ones that do offer a variety of very special features that make the entire experience much easier, and a lot more flexible.

At the end of the day, the price that you pay depends on what you are looking for and what the smart radiator valve you purchase offers.

Do You Need A Hub?

Some smart radiator valves require a hub. Some smart radiator valves do not. But, depending on the smart devices you own, a hub might be a good purchase.

A hub is a simple device that allows you to access your smart devices using your smartphone. More often than not, these hubs serve as a “station”, of sorts, for all your smart devices. You can use your smartphone and access all of the devices on a particular hub, using just one app. That way, the entire process is much easier.

Some smart radiator valves require a hub. The smart radiator valves that require a hub will either come with a hub or require you to buy one.

Sometimes, these hubs are only for the smart radiator valve and, without the hub, you can’t access the smart radiator valve with your smartphone or any other smart device.

For smart radiator valves that require a hub, it is best not to make the purchase unless the hub supports other devices or unless the hub is included. Purchasing a separate hub that only supports one device is simply not worth it.

A smart radiator valve that doesn’t require a hub is often the best purchase. But, if you own a hub, taking the time to see if the smart radiator valve supports that hub is not a bad choice. If there is support, then you can connect to the hub directly and adjust the smart radiator valve using just one app.

What Features & Functions Should You Look For?

Just about every smart radiator valve offers the same basic set of features and functions. There are more elaborate smart radiator valves available, though, and these tend to offer a few extra features and functions, all of which enhance the experience.

As a general rule, make sure the smart radiator valve you purchase offers, at the very least, these two features: a temperature setting that allows you to choose the exact temperature of a particular space, and a scheduling function. Both of these functions make using your smart radiator valve easy and pleasant, while also giving you access to the versatility you need.

For a more elaborate experience, you can find smart radiator valves that can detect open windows and wind speeds. This data can then inform the temperature setting that you select. To go along with that, you can also find smart radiator valves that offer very specific presets for certain types of spaces. These can be useful, especially if you aren’t sure which temperature is ideal.

A smart radiator valve will always be a good investment. Making use of the information outlined in this guide will allow you to find the smart radiator valve that offers everything you are looking for.

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