Best Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

If you have pets, you know the importance of having a good vacuum. Dirt and debris are multiplied with furry friends roaming around your house. They shed constantly, and if your home is not properly cleaned, that hair can follow you everywhere. It will cling to your clothes, get in your food, and make you run for the nearest lint-roller.

Even if you do not have pets, humans lose numerous strands of hair a day, and a decent vacuum is needed to keep your house clean. Cleaning can be time-consuming, and it takes a lot of effort after a long day of work to push a vacuum around your house.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

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With all of the different vacuums on the market, it can be extremely challenging to narrow your choices down to just one. Unfortunately, some vacuums do not have the necessary features to tackle all of your needs. There are several key features that need to be considered when choosing a vacuum that is right for you. These features include suction strength, brush, capacity, filter, and body type. Additionally, these features are also applied to several different brands.

A vacuum’s power, or suction strength, determines how effective your vacuum will be at picking up dirt and hair. There are vacuums made specifically for different situations. While some people may only need a lower power vacuum for a small space, or a pet-free home, others may need a vacuum powerful enough to deep clean a carpet or other type of floor. Many vacuums also have a setting for different types of flooring. You can activate a setting for long carpets, short carpets, hardwood flooring, or tile.

The power will differ for each of those different surfaces, but only some vacuums have the ability to accommodate those different surfaces. For example, one would need a vacuum with a stronger suction to untangle and remove hair from a dense carpet. However, if you do not have a dense carpet, you may want a vacuum with a weaker suction as to not damage your floor. If you have many different surfaces and need to clean your floor especially well, a strong suction vacuum, or an adjustable suction vacuum, can make all the difference.

Vacuums can be created with several different types of brushes, not only within the vacuum, but as an add-on. The brushes within vacuums are also called beater bars. They rotate at the base of the vacuum, lifting hair and other debris from your floor. There are small, dense brushes, large, sparsely bristled brushes, and vacuums with neither. Some vacuums utilize strong air flow.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all vacuum brushes. Brushes with dense bristles may pick up dirt and hair quicker and easier, but they may dishevel long carpets or scratch floors. Brushes that have longer, softer, spread out bristles may be able to gather more hair while being gentle, but they may leave behind shorter pieces of hair or small items. Both of these methods, however, may be difficult to maintain.

The brush may need to be frequently cleaned to avoid hair build up, which would impede your cleaning efforts. They also may need to be replaced, which is an additional cost to consider in the future. Vacuums without beater bars may pick up dirt and hair without any of these issues, but their overall strength depends on suction power. Vacuums that focus on air flow may be more popular for those trying to protect and maintain the integrity of their floors.

If your floor is a type that is more easily damaged, a vacuum with no brush at all may be the right one for you. Some vacuums also come with accessories that you can attach to your vacuums hose if you need to switch between surfaces. For example, you may have a hardwood floor that requires a certain type of brush or a brushless vacuum. However, if you have carpeted steps, you could attach a brush to your vacuum’s hose and clean the steps with the brush that is most effective for that surface.

Capacity is a very important component of a vacuum. It is the amount of dirt, dust, and hair that your vacuum can collect before needing to be emptied. If you live in a small space, or if you do not mind frequently emptying your vacuum, capacity may not be an area of concern for you. However, if you vacuum large areas, especially dirty areas, or simply want the convenience of less frequent emptying, then considering the amount that your vacuum can hold is incredibly important.

Not to mention, if you have pets, or long hair yourself, the vacuum will become full much faster. While pets shed incessantly, and even more so when the seasons change, people shed as well. Humans can lose up to one hundred strands of hair in one day. If you vacuum once a week, or even biweekly, that is still a considerable amount of hair to pick up and store within your vacuum until the next time you empty it.

Also, some spaces, such as the workplace, may require vacuuming on a daily basis. If that is the case, the vacuum will fill up at a much faster rate and will then need to be emptied at a much more frequent rate. There are also different means of storing dirt in your vacuum.

You can have a bag that is taken out of the body of the vacuum and dumped out, or simply a hard container that can be removed from the body, dumped, and cleaned. These types of containers are especially helpful if you need to rinse out the container, and they are environmentally friendly. Bags need to be replaced over time, and therefore create more waste.

The hard container typically does not have to be replaced unless it breaks. These both come in various shapes and sizes, and it is up to your discretion when deciding which you are better suited to use. Overall, it is more convenient to have a vacuum that can hold more dirt and hair at a time, making capacity an important factor to consider.

Vacuums also have filters that not only clean your floor, but they can improve the quality of air in your home, or wherever you use your vacuum. Filters can remove allergens, dust, and any toxicities from the environment. The most commonly used filter in vacuums is a HEPA filter. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help alleviate those issues.

Even if you do not have allergies or asthma, having a filter in your vacuum is beneficial to the overall cleanliness of your space. They can also be helpful if anyone in your home smokes. Soot from candles may also build up in your home, and a vacuum filter can help make your space cleaner on the surface, as well as in the air you breathe.

Having a vacuum with a filter can save you money by combining two products into one; if your vacuum has a filter, you may not need to purchase a costly air purifier. This is important to consider if you have pets, children, or are concerned with your health in terms of the air in your home.

Vacuums come in many different shapes and sizes. There are small, compact, lightweight vacuums that can be carried up steps and maneuvered into small spaces with ease. There are also larger vacuums made to cover bigger areas in a more time-efficient manner. Then, there are flat vacuums that operate remotely and on their own, without a stem to guide it. Similarly, there are handheld vacuums that are best suited for cleaned furniture and hard to reach spaces. While all of these vacuums have advantages, they also have their own disadvantages.

First of all, smaller vacuums are simpler to operate, and are ideal if you have several floors in your house. They are also convenient if you need to frequently transport your vacuum. While there are some small vacuums that are incredibly effective and powerful, some may not match up to their larger counterparts. That is why all of the abovementioned options are also important to consider before choosing a vacuum solely based on size.

Large vacuums are a plus if you have a large space to cover in a short amount of time. They may also have better features within the vacuum, including the ability to hold more dirt at a time. They can fit several attachments that can be used to cover different areas of your home.

However, it may be difficult if you need to carry a large vacuum up the steps, or if you have tight corners to reach. Robot vacuums are very popular at the moment, and for good reason. They operate on their own, and do not require any manual labor to clean your floor. They are small, can cover a lot of ground, and squeeze into the hard-to-reach spaces. While you will still need to carry it up steps to clean several floors, they are much smaller than other vacuums and are typically lightweight.

Robot vacuums can also be set from your devices, so you can have the house vacuumed even if you are away from home! They are incredibly convenient for many reasons, but they do not have a human touch. Robot vacuums may miss areas you would like cleaned, or they may accidentally pick-up items that you did not want vacuumed. Finally, handheld vacuums are perfect if you need to vacuum a couch, or any other piece of furniture. Many of these handheld vacuums are also considered pet vacuums. They remove dirt and hair from fabric and are typically wireless so that you can hold it in your hand.

Pet vacuums are also convenient to use in your vehicle. Because they are wireless, you can utilize handheld vacuums outside of your home, and in any space that you may need with ease. All of these vacuums can be beneficial depending on the space where they are used. Sometimes, having more than one type of these vacuums may be helpful.

While the vast number of options can make it feel impossible to make a decision, there are even more options when it comes to the brand of vacuum you want. After considering the features that you require, you also can choose between Bissel, Dyson, Roomba, Soniclean, Miele, Vorwerk, Kenmore, Shark, and many more. While these are the most popular, there are so many more options to choose from.

However, you can eliminate options that do not fit the power level, brush design, capacity, filter, or body type that is needed for you and your home. All of these vacuums are also at different price points, which, of course, is a factor to consider when making any purchase.

If you or someone in your home has long hair, a lot of hair, or if you have pets, vacuums are a necessary cleaning tool to have in order to keep your house clean. When it comes to hair accumulated on your floor and furniture, a broom will not match up to a vacuum in its cleaning abilities. Hair fall and shedding make proper maintenance of your home essential, and in order to do that, you need a vacuum that works best for not only your layout, but for what you are cleaning up.

It is important to choose an option for the vacuum’s functionality rather than just for price or size. Price can vary greatly, and while there are affordable vacuums, having an effective vacuum can make all the difference in having a clean and healthy home. For this reason, although it may be easy to purchase a cheaper vacuum, having a vacuum that is right for you may be reason enough to splurge. It can be a costly purchase, but saving up for the right vacuum can save you precious time and effort, so that you can focus on the things that really matter in life.

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