Best Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner in 2020

In this buying guide, you are going to learn all about how you can find the best water filter vacuum cleaner. You are going to learn the questions that you must answer, as well as the answers to the most asked questions about water filter vacuum cleaners. By the time you are finished with this buying guide, you will know what you need to do to find the best water filter vacuum cleaner.

What Are The Questions You Must Ask To Find The Best Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner?

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Right away, the first question you need to ask has to do with your budget. Every water filter vacuum cleaner is a little bit different, when it comes to cost. Because of that, it isn’t uncommon for you to find water filter vacuum cleaners that cost a lot more – or a lot less – than many others. But, one thing to remember is that they all tend to be rather expensive.

To determine the budget that’s right for your needs, it’s wise to look at different water filter vacuum cleaners. Take a look at how much they cost and what they offer. If there are specific features that jump out to you, take note of them and how much those water filter vacuum cleaners cost.

After you have written out a budget that is right for your needs, you will be able to narrow your search down to water filter vacuum cleaners of that price. By doing this, the entire search process will be so much easier. You will have fewer results to pore through, and the results you’ll be engaging with will be aligned with your budget.

What Type Of Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner Are You Looking For?

On a general level, there are two types of water filter vacuum cleaners. Most water filter vacuum cleaners are canister vacuums, but there are also some water filter vacuum cleaners that are upright vacuums. Both machines have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which transforms the overall vacuuming experience.

Most people are familiar with an upright vacuum – upright vacuums are the most popular vacuums on the market – and because of that, choosing an upright water filter vacuum cleaner is the easiest choice. But, canister vacuums offer a couple of advantages over upright vacuums.

A canister water filter vacuum cleaner weighs more than an upright, but you don’t need to hold a canister vacuum. Instead, a canister vacuum sits on the floor, and you simply hold a hose that is attached to the vacuum. Using this hose allows you to vacuum on walls, couches, floors, ceilings; and just about any other surface. Due to the size of the hose, you can easily vacuum in just about any space.

An upright water filter vacuum cleaner weighs less than an upright vacuum and is, generally speaking, a little bit easier to use. But, upright water filter vacuum cleaners don’t offer the same level of versatility and mobility. Plus, they are a little more difficult to find, and they can be more expensive.

In the end, it comes down to what you need and what’s in your budget. For maximum mobility and versatility, a canister water filter vacuum cleaner is ideal. But, if you want a more familiar experience, an upright water filter vacuum cleaner can be extremely useful.

What Are Your Cleaning Needs?

Right before you make your purchase, take the time to consider your exact cleaning needs. To do this, you need to consider the surfaces and spaces that you will be vacuuming. That way, you can determine the different capabilities that are necessary.

For vacuuming on carpets and rugs, some kind of motorized floor-head is ideal. If you will be vacuuming in small and tight spaces, a crevice tool will be extremely useful. For vacuuming on couches and chairs – among other upholstery surfaces – an upholstery tool will work wonders for you.

Those are just some examples. Make sure to consider what you will be vacuuming and the capabilities that you need. Then, look for those capabilities in the vacuum cleaner you would like to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets A Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner Apart From Other Vacuum Cleaners?

Just as the name implies, water filter vacuum cleaners use a water filter. Usually, this water filter is contained within the vacuum cleaner’s dust tank. Dirt, dust, and debris flows into the dust tank, and then it flows into the water and becomes trapped. A water filtration system is ideal for pollen, dust, pet hair – and other kinds of material.

To go along with that, water filter vacuum cleaners can vacuum up wet messes. Wet messes such as water, spilled milk, small pieces of ice; along with many others. Most vacuum cleaners can’t do this, which makes water filter vacuum cleaners especially useful.

How Much Does A Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner Usually Cost?

The exact answer to this question depends entirely on the water filter vacuum cleaner. If you go online and look at the different water filter vacuum cleaners that are available, you’ll find that they tend to vary quite a bit.

Speaking generally, though, water filter vacuum cleaners tend to cost anywhere from $400 to $900. This price varies with the brand, style of the vacuum, and the capabilities that the vacuum cleaner offers. But, if you spend anywhere in that range, you’ll be getting a very good water filter vacuum cleaner.

How Can You Maintain The Water Filter System?

To maintain the water filter system, you must empty the water filter on a regular basis. Without emptying the water out, it will become very dirty and far less effective at filtering the contaminants flowing through it.

For a regular cleaning, you can usually empty the water filter out after you’re done. But, if you are vacuuming for more than thirty-minutes, give or take, then you should empty it out after thirty-minutes has passed.


In the end, water filter vacuum cleaners are exceptional devices. By using this buying guide, you will have a very easy time finding the water filter vacuum cleaner that offers exactly what you need!

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