Best Wood Deck Cleaner in 2022

For a wooden deck to look as good as it can, it must be cleaned regularly. For a wooden deck to be cleaned regularly, wood deck cleaner must be used. Because of that, in this buying guide, you are going to learn all about how you can find the best wood deck cleaner and answers to the most asked questions about wood deck cleaner.

What Questions Do You Need To Ask To Find The Best Wood Deck Cleaner?

How Big Is Your Wooden Deck?

Right away, the first question that you need to ask concerns the size of your wooden deck. So, if you have a large wooden deck that extends to forty-feet – just to name one example – then take note of that. Alternatively, if your wooden deck is quite a bit smaller than that, then you should take note of that.

Since you know how big your wooden deck is, you will have a greater idea as to how much wood deck cleaner you need to buy. You’ll find that there are quite a few different kinds of wood deck cleaner, and they each come in different containers. Some come in 32-ounce bottles, for example, and others come in 1-gallon bottles.

For longer wooden decks, it’s ideal to purchase a larger bottle of wood deck cleaner. This is especially true if you intend to clean your wooden deck on a frequent basis.

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Wood Deck Cleaner | Recommended

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Wood Deck Cleaner | Recommended

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What Ingredients Are In The Wood Deck Cleaner?

Every wood deck cleaner tends to be a little different when it comes to their ingredients. You can find wood deck cleaners that rely heavily on chemicals such as sodium percarbonate, while others are just, essentially, bleach and water.

Every wood deck cleaner is a little different, chemically, and this transforms what the wood deck cleaner is capable of doing. Some wood deck cleaners are extremely useful for removing mold and mildew, while other wood deck cleaners are ideal for removing grease stains. Along with that, due to the chemicals within the wood deck cleaner, there are plenty of wood deck cleaners that are very bad for pets, which is something to take note of if you have dogs/cats.

More and more people are choosing to invest in wood deck cleaner that are hydrogen peroxide-based The reason for this is that hydrogen peroxide-based wood deck cleaners relies heavily on sodium percarbonate – among several other chemicals – which allows for all kinds of stains and messes to be easily broken down. Plus, due to the nature of sodium percarbonate, it’s safe for pets and it doesn’t degrade your wooden deck overtime.

What Type Of Wood Deck Cleaner Are You Looking For?

Speaking generally, there are two types of wood deck cleaner that you can purchase. There’s granular wood deck cleaner, and then there’s liquid wood deck cleaner. These are both extremely useful, but for different reasons.

As the name implies, granular wood deck cleaner is wood deck cleaner that comes in granules. More specifically, a fine powder, and this fine powder often comes in a small canister, not unlike the ones table sugar and salt come in.

For you to use granular wood deck cleaner, you must mix a certain amount of granules – perhaps, a tablespoon – into a certain amount of water. By doing that, the granules are broken down into the water, and then you can take that mixture and apply it to your wooden deck.

In essence, liquid wood deck cleaner is the exact same thing, but you don’t have to mix it in. Since it is liquid, it takes up more space, but it provides the same results. Most liquid wood deck cleaners are far less intense than granular wood deck cleaners, which means that they won’t harm your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type Of Wood Deck Cleaner – Granular Or Liquid – Is The Best?

That depends entirely on your needs. For many people, granular is the better choice, since it takes up far less space, while delivering the exact same results. But, liquid is a lot easier, since there’s no need to mix it with water, and it delivers the exact same results as granular wood deck cleaner.

Are Wood Deck Cleaners Safe On Skin?

Most wood deck cleaners are fairly mild. Because of this, they can get on your skin and they won’t do anything. It is, of course, still a good idea to wash them off as soon as you get a chance.

There are, however, certain wood deck cleaners that are very bad for your skin. Usually, this is because those wood deck cleaners use very particular chemicals that are quite strong, and these can be harmful to your skin.

Make sure to read the store page for the wood deck cleaner that you are considering. Usually, the manufacturer will mention this. If not, it will most certainly be in the reviews for that wood deck cleaner.

How Do You Apply Wood Deck Cleaner?

On a general level, there are quite a few ways to apply wood deck cleaner. Many people simply soak a rag with water and wood deck cleaner, and then scrub across the wood deck. This is very effective, but it can be quite tedious if you have a larger wooden deck.

For a similar experience, many people use a scrub brush, rather than a rag, and dip that scrub brush into water that’s been mixed in with wood deck cleaner. If the brush is strong, then this is quite effective, as it can break down things like mold and mildew. But, again, it’s quite tedious.

For intensive wood deck cleaning, there are certain wood deck cleaners that must be used with a pressure washer. By using these wood deck cleaners with a pressure washer, you can spray the pressure washer across the surface of the wooden deck and, almost immediately, break down the gunk and grime on the surface.

How Much Does Wood Deck Cleaner Cost?

For a one-gallon bottle of liquid wood deck cleaner, you will probably pay around $30. For a smaller bottle, you might pay $30. For granular wood deck cleaner, the prices tend to be around the same.


In the end, a great wood deck cleaner is exceptionally useful for keeping your wooden deck nice and clean. Reading this guide, and applying the information we’ve given you, will make it easy to find the wood deck cleaner that is right for your needs!

Wood Deck Cleaner | Recommended

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Wood Deck Cleaner | Recommended

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Wood Deck Cleaner
Wood Deck Cleaner
Wood Deck Cleaner

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