Best Wood Stove Gates in 2021: Safety Fence for Babies and Pets

Like most hot things, stove safety whether it be a wood stove, a pellet stove, or even a fireplace. Being safe is something that needs to be the main priority for your houses and your family especially if you have any pets or small children.

2018 Statistics have shown that firemen / first responders reported to about attending 470 fires caused by their wood stoves and pellet stoves per day. That’s a lot of unnecessary fires and tragedies families have suffered due to not having safety precautions put in place for their wood stove or pellet stoves.

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Did you Know?
Having a flame out in the open can cause so many hassles and accidents from being in a closed space or near any flammable items in your household near your wood stoves, pellet stoves, or fireplaces.

In the United States alone, it was reported that about 12 percent of all accidental fatal injuries to small children aged between birth to four years are caused by fire-related injuries which can include scalding and burns.

However, all this tragedy and accidents can be stopped. By implementing in your household, a wood stove, pellet stove, or a fireplace safety gate to stop your little ones from nearing the electrical/ hot equipment in your household and by having a safety gate around your items will provide you as the parent the reassurance that your children are going to be safe and sound and not be harmed which could if harmed lead to the tragic accident of death.

When considering purchasing a safety gate for either your wood stove, pellet stove, or fireplace there are some ideal points to consider and think about so that you as the parents/guardians of the children are walking away with a quality item that you can feel 100% comfortable having in your household so that you never have to worry about harm coming to your children or pets.

Key Features to Consider:
Like snowflakes, every baby or pet is unique and only you the parent know what your child is like, and also every space in people’s houses is different. Do you need one to stop your child from climbing into the warm fireplace and trying to take a nap or do you have some stairs in your house that you need to stop your child from trying to climb up or down?

Swinging vs Not Swinging Doors
Often parents are unaware that the gates have the options of swinging or non-swinging. If you can only afford to have a one-latch gate they are good to have in your household around the wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, or anywhere else you need to put a safety gate but you will be a bit restricted in what the one-latch gates can do.

If money is not an object, then I would recommend that you purchase a safety gate for your household that comes with a dual swinging door. The dual swinging doors offer parents the ability to double-lock your safety gate adding that extra security and calm mindset for your family as you will not be having to worry about your children or pets while in this space of your house.

Walk Through vs Step Over
If we have a safety gate around any of the spaces in my household, should I keep it locked and just climb over it or should we open it and walk through it? Often if safety gates are put in front of fireplaces unlike stairs, most people get the ones that they can just climb over if possible.

Sadly, these are not great to have in your households if you have small children or pets as if they see a parent climbing over them, they may try to copy as that is what children do or they are often not as stable and so pets or children can push them over and therefore your safety barrier is no longer safe.

The best ones to buy and purchase for your household are the ones that you can walk through as above – the safety gates that are dual swinging.

Single-Use vs Multiple Use
Will you be using your safety gate for a single purpose or will there be multiple places in your household that you could use it? If you are using a fireplace safety gate then they are normally for single-use only.

If you are wanting to use it for multiple places in your household, then when looking for one, make sure you have a read of the box and ensure that it can be pulled together easily, transportable and light, and easy to re-assemble.

You Close vs. Self Close
As a parent, you are often multi-tasking, and imagine if you went to light the fire after putting something on your stove and you hear your child in the background. Is it screaming or laughing? Does your heart feel like it has stopped a moment as you are trying to wrack your brain as to whether you closed the safety gate? If you feel the worry that you could be scatter-brained one day, go for the safest option of an automatic closing door.

Alert or Not Alert:
What’s even cooler, these days with technology you can purchase “Smart Safety gates that come with built-in alerts if the door is left open – a bit like the car door beeping at you.

Final Words
In conclusion, when purchasing the best safety gate for your family you will have to look at what the purpose of it will be – what it is guarding, whether you will be using it for multiple uses or just in one space and when it comes to the crunch as the parent you have to have the full utmost trust into the item that you buy as this item will be the decision-maker of whether your household will be safe and secure or whether an accident or tragedy could occur.

Wood Stove Gate | Bestseller

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Wood Stove Gate
Wood Stove Gate

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