In this review, you are going to learn all about the Bissell 1808C AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum. Right after you’ve finished reading this review, you will know if this upright vacuum offers what you are looking for.

Bissell AeroSwift Upright Vacuum

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Very Lightweight & Mobile

Most upright vacuums are heavy and clunky. Sure, they’re extremely powerful, but their heft and bulk often makes using them far less pleasant than it could be. That’s why this upright vacuum is quite a bit different from most other upright vacuums. Instead of being a large and clunky upright vacuum, it’s lightweight and very mobile.

Bissell AeroSwift Vacuum Review

Bissell 1808C

With a weight of eleven-pounds, and a design that is quite compact, this upright vacuum is much smaller than most others. Being lighter and smaller means this upright vacuum can easily move across the spaces in your home. Even if those spaces are quite small, this upright vacuum can navigate through those spaces and vacuum the spaces that other upright vacuums can’t reach.

To go along with that, storing this upright vacuum is a much easier task than it is with other upright vacuums. Since it’s smaller than most, it easily fits into a closet or wardrobe, making the most out of the space that you have.

Excellent Suction Power

Since this is a vacuum cleaner, for it to be effective, it must offer some excellent suction power. And, fortunately, this upright vacuum offers just that! By having access to the suction power that this upright vacuum offers, you can easily vacuum across hard and soft floors, gathering up the dirt, dust, and debris that happens to be on those floors.

Bissell AeroSwift Review

Bissell 1808C

The suction power this upright vacuum offers comes from its motor. While running, it generates a great deal of suction power, and it does so by making use of the cyclonic suction system that’s built into this vacuum. Having this cyclonic suction system ensures that the suction remains very strong and very consistent throughout the entire vacuuming process. That way, everything is vacuumed up in the most effective manner possible.

Extremely Useful TurboBrush Cleaning Tool

Most of the time, you’ll be using this upright vacuum as you would any other upright vacuum; pushing it across your floors and relying on the floor head to clean everything up. But, there will be times when you need to vacuum on surfaces that the floor head can’t reach.

Bissell AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum

Bissell 1808C

For those situations, you can use the excellent TurboBrush. By using the TurboBrush, you have access to a smaller brushing tool that allows you to vacuum and brush on nearly any surface. The surfaces you can vacuum are things like couches, bed sheets, chairs, curtains; along with a wide variety of others. Having this tool allows you to vacuum nearly anything, which allows for a far more elaborate and thorough vacuuming process.

Conclusion: Fantastic & Convenient Upright Vacuum

In the end, the Bissell 1808C AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum is a truly fantastic upright vacuum. If you are looking for an upright vacuum that offers power and convenience, this one is a great choice!

Bissell AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum Review

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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