If you are looking for an excellent upright vacuum, then the Bissell 20193 Cleanview Bagged Upright Vacuum might just be right for you. Reading this review will teach you all that you need to know about this upright vacuum, so that you can determine if it’s the right choice.

Bissell 20193

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Mobile & Lightweight

Most of the upright vacuums that you can find are large and bulky. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, and it makes sense given the power that upright vacuums offer. But, nevertheless, a large and bulky vacuum is harder to move around and a little more difficult to use.

Bissell 20193 Cleanview Review

Bissell 20193

Unlike most upright vacuums, though, this upright is lightweight and mobile. Weighing just under fifteen-pounds, this is one of the lightest upright vacuums around. Due to its lack of weight and bulk, pushing it across your home is a pleasant experience.

Everything about this upright vacuum’s design allows for mobility. From the two-wheels on the bottom, which can speedily move across hard and soft surfaces, to the 27-foot power cord, the entire experience is mobile and flexible. Because of these qualities, this is an excellent upright vacuum to purchase if you’re looking for both convenience and efficiency.

Extremely Powerful & Efficient

Even though this upright vacuum is much lighter than most others, it certainly doesn’t lack power. In fact, considering what this upright vacuum offers, it’s one of the most powerful upright vacuums on the market.

Most of this power comes directly from the motor, which produces a tremendous amount of suction power. By harnessing this suction power, you are able to vacuum on hard and soft floors, removing the dirt, dust, and debris that happens to be on them. This allows for thorough and efficient vacuuming, ensuring that your floors are as clean as they can be.

Bissell 20193 Upright Vacuum Review

Bissell 20193

Within this vacuum cleaner, there is a triple-action brush roll. By having this brush roll, the entirety of the vacuuming process is much easier – enhancing the excellent suction power – since the brush roll can sweep up the dirt, dust, and debris that’s in the vacuum’s path. But, along with that, the dense bristles on this brush roll are capable of diving deep into the surface of carpets and rugs, loosening up whatever is in them. That way, those surfaces are cleaned as thoroughly as they can be.

Very Useful Pet Crevice Tool

To enhance the vacuuming process, and to give you greater mobility, Bissell has included a pet crevice tool. By using this pet crevice tool, you can reach into tight crevices and narrow spaces that the main vacuum can’t access.

Since this is a “pet” crevice tool, it’s great for removing pet hair. It simply vacuums up that pet hair, gathering it up and throwing it into the vacuum’s dirt tank. But, it can also remove small pieces of debris, crumbs, dust; along with many other kinds of material.

Conclusion: Excellent & Efficient Upright Vacuum

Ultimately, the Bissell 20193 Cleanview Bagged Upright Vacuum is a fantastic upright vacuum! If you need an upright vacuum that is very efficient and effective, then this is is a great choice!

Bissell 20193 Cleanview Bagged Upright Vacuum Review

Bagged Upright Vacuum Review

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