We’re going to be taking a look at two excellent robot vacuums. The Bissell 2504, and the Eufy 11S. Both of these robot vacuums are from reputable brands – Bissell and Eufy, respectively – and they are quite affordable.

Bissell 2504 vs Eufy 11S Robot Vacuums

Bissell 2504

You’re going to learn all about the different features and attributes that these robot vacuums possess, as well as the different benefits that these features and attributes bring. By the end of the article, you’re going to know which one of these robot vacuums is the best one for you!

Bissell 2504 Robot Vacuum

Let’s start off with the design. The Bissell 2504 has a very simple and clean design. This vacuum has a dark shade of black, and the aesthetic is minimalist, but it goes with just about everything.

On the very top of the device, you’ll see a power button. Just press that, and you can turn on the vacuum. But, fortunately, the Bissell 2504 also comes with a remote control, which makes it much easier to access all of the features that this vacuum offers. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t offer any smartphone functionality, which may be an annoyance.

Eufy 11S vs Bissell 2504 Robot Vacuums

Eufy 11S

There are three brushes that are used, while the vacuum is cleaning. The first two brushes are near the front, on the sides. These are known as the “dual spinning side brushes”, and these spin at a rapid pace, and help to gather up, dislodge, and sweep dirt, dust, and debris. Then, the main brush, which is near the back of the Bissell 2504, is a rotating brush roll that gathers up all of the different types of debris, enabling the suction to do its work, and to take everything into the vacuum.

Overall, the suction and the brushes are quite powerful. They aren’t as powerful as other robot vacuums, and definitely not as powerful as something like an upright vacuum, but if you want to clean basic debris, dirt, and dust, then you really can’t go wrong.

To aid in the cleaning process, there is a feature known as “Multi-Surface Adaptability” that Bissell has integrated. This particular feature means that the vacuum can detect when it is on a different floor surface. So, if it moves from a hardwood floor to a carpet floor, the device will detect that, and adjust the suction speed to accommodate that floor type best.

Bissell 2504

Bissell 2504

With the remote control, you have access to all of the basic features that you would expect in a robot vacuum such as this. You can create a custom schedule for the vacuum. You can change the suction speed. You can turn on the vacuum. You can tell it to go back to the dock, so that it can recharge. All of those features are available here, and they are easy to access, using the remote control.

Eufy 11S Robot Vacuum

Let’s start with the engine. Eufy has specifically designed the Eufy 11S, and its motor, to be exceptionally powerful. It provides up to 1300Pa of suction, which is quite good for a robot vacuum, and this makes it easy to vacuum up most types of debris, and just about any form of dust and dirt.

You can use the Eufy 11S to clean just about any surface type. Whether it’s a hardwood floor, or a carpet floor, or a thick rug, you can use this vacuum to clean it. But, it may work better for harder floors, due to the thickness of most rugs and carpets.

Eufy 11S

Eufy 11S

As for the sensors, they are simple and they don’t provide any unique features, but they do their job. Using the sensors, the Eufy 11S is able to create simple and straightforward pathways. These sensors also prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs and bumping into random objects.

When cleaning, you have a few different cleaning modes to choose from. Each cleaning mode is designed to accommodate a certain level of dirtiness. But, you can also activate “Auto Mode”, and then the Eufy 11S will use the “BoostIQ” technology to detect when there is an especially dirty spot on your floor. It will activate the higher suction speed, clean that spot, and then go back to the normal suction speed.

While cleaning, the dirt, dust, and debris go through two main filters. The first is a standard dual-layer filter that helps to separate and remove the bigger particles, and to filter those out. Then, the last filter is a high-performance filter that removes all of the smaller particles, such as germs and allergens.

Once the filtration process has been completed, everything goes straight into the dustbin. This dustbin can hold a total of 0.6 liters, which, for a robot vacuum, is definitely a lot. Emptying the dustbin is very easy, simply press a button and then you can release all of the debris that is in the dustbin.

Bissell 2504 Robot Vacuum

You can use the Eufy 11S, on a single charge, for up to one-hundred minutes. This isn’t a particularly long period of time, but it’s long enough for a relatively thorough cleaning.

Ultimately, the Eufy 11S, while a bit expensive, is a powerful and easy-to-use robot vacuum that should be more than sufficient for your cleaning purposes. Assuming, of course, that those cleaning purposes are relatively low-key, rather than for bigger cleaning purposes.


Both of these robot vacuums are efficient, easy-to-use, and well-designed. For something that is a bit cheaper, and not as powerful, but still very good, the Bissell 2504 is a really good choice. However, if you don’t mind spending some extra cash, you will be very pleased with the Eufy 11S, which is better at navigating around your home, and is, in general, a more powerful robot vacuum.

Ultimately, though, these are both good robot vacuums. The only flaw, that they both have, is the fact that they lack smartphone functionality, which does make things a bit less convenient, since you have to rely on the remote control.

Eufy 11S Robot Vacuums

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