Bissell 39N7A vs. DBTech DB-8561 Handheld Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is the process of using steam – which is heated water, essentially – to remove gunk, grime, and stains from floors, and other surfaces. For a long time, steam cleaning was mostly used on floors – at least, when it comes to home usage, rather than commercial usage – but this has changed over the years, and steam cleaning is now used for window washing, cleaning clothing, and various other things.

BISSELL 39N7A vs. DBTech DB-8561

You can find a lot of different steam cleaners on the market today. Some of the most popular steam cleaners are these larger vacuum-cleaner-shaped devices that are pretty heavy, that you can move across various surfaces to remove the gunk and grime on them. Quite a few people love these devices, since they’re so strong and efficient, when it comes to removing all of that gunk off of the floor.

Some people find those steam cleaners too cumbersome and inefficient for their purposes. That’s because some people prefer a steam cleaner that is smaller, more lightweight, and easier to use on surfaces that require a steam cleaner with more versatility and flexibility.

For those people, a handheld steam cleaner is the perfect choice. And, if you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place! In today’s buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at two of the best handheld steam cleaners that are currently on the market. And these steam cleaners are the BISSELL 39N7A, as well as the DBTech DB-8561. Both of these handheld steam cleaners are pretty inexpensive, and they both contain a litany of incredibly useful features that will make the steam cleaning process very easy and very efficient.

DBTech DB-8561 vs BISSELL 39N7A

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Now, let’s dive right into things!

What Does The BISSELL 39N7A Handheld Steam Cleaner Offer?

With a weight of just 4.6 pounds, the BISSELL 39N7A> is a very lightweight handheld steam cleaner. Naturally, this is a good thing, since this is a handheld device, and it needs to be able to fit into your hand, without any issues.


Fortunately, it does just that, and the experience is very simple and very easy.

To use the handheld steam cleaner, you just need to fill it with water, and then it will turn that water into steam. To use the steam cleaner itself, just pull on the little trigger, and that’ll allow you to steam clean whatever happens to be right in front of you.

You can put up to 6.6 ounces of water into the little water tank. When you’ve filled up this water tank, and you’ve plugged in the BISSELL 39N7A, you can then turn it on and the water will heat up in just thirty seconds. It’s quick, and it’s easy.

BISSELL 39N7A Handheld Steam Cleaner

To aid in the flexibility of this handheld steam cleaner, the power cord is twenty-feet long, which is a decent length. You can use this handheld steam cleaner in larger spaces, cleaning things that are a bit further away, due to the length of this power cord and the reach that it gives you.

When you are heating up the water, you are using 1,000 watts of power, and that’s a lot of power, which not only allows the water to be heated up quickly, but it also allows for the steam to be very strong. With this strong steam, you can easily remove stains and gunk off of things like windows and clothing and floors.

Using an extension hose, an accessory nozzle, a grout brush, a window squeegee, a fabric steamer, an angle concentrator, and a detail brush, you can clean just about anything. Those are the accessories that BISSELL has provided, and they’re all exceptionally useful, serving as a fantastic way for you to extend the reach and functionality of this handheld steam cleaner.

At the end of the day, the BISSELL 39N7A is a great handheld steam cleaner! IT’s very cheap, so if you want something powerful and inexpensive, then this is an excellent choice!

BISSELL 39N7A Review

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What Does The DBTech DB-8561 Handheld Steam Cleaner Offer?

By using the DBTech DB-8561, you can remove grease, grime, mold, indoor and outdoor stains, along with many more different types of gunk and grime. You can remove all of those things, and more, with the DBTech DB-8561, and that’s because this is a very powerful handheld steam cleaner that has been designed to give you the functionality you need to steam clean just about anything.

DBTech DB-8561

In fact, you can even use it to remove wrinkles from clothing.

Within the little water tank, you can hold a total of eight ounces of water. And then, it takes around two-minutes, to three minutes, to fully heat up the water. This seems to depend on whether or not the tank is full or not.

So, it isn’t as fast, in this regard, as the BISSELL 39N7A, but it is still a very efficient handheld steam cleaner.

By pouring the water into that eight-ounce tank, you have access to steam for twenty minutes. And then, when you run out, you can pour more water back into it.

DBTech DB-8561 Handheld Steam Cleaner

Holding it is easy since the DBTech DB-8561 weighs only 3.2 pounds. And, the handle that you will use is very comfortable to hold. So, the handling aspect is perfect, and you’re not going to have any issues with it.

As for the power cord, it’s 9.5-feet long. Unfortunately, this does limit the mobility of the handheld steam cleaner, and it might be a bit more difficult to use it in spaces that are a bit larger and more open, if you don’t have access to a few different power outlets.

When using the steam cleaner, though, you can use some useful accessories. Accessories such as the extension hose, the long spray nozzle, the window/door nozzle, a bent spray nozzle, and several other accessories that give you more freedom to steam clean all kinds of different spaces and surfaces.

At the end of the day, if you want a handheld steam cleaner that isn’t that mobile, but still very efficient and useful, then the DBTech DB-8561 is an excellent choice!

DBTech DB-8561 Review

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 • 16 x 15 x 14 in
 • 9 pounds
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 • 90 min. of cleaning
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 • 8 min Heat Up
 • 40 oz. Water Tank
 • 45 min. of cleaning
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 • 12 pounds

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