Bissell Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review (2486, Orange)

In the past, when you would vacuum, everything that would flow into the vacuum cleaner would go into a bag. This bag would be used to hold all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you vacuumed up. In some cases, you would empty the bag, and then put it back into the vacuum, so that it could be used again. But, in some other cases, you had to throw the bag away once it was full.

Today, though, more and more vacuums are becoming bagless. Instead of using a bag as a way of holding all of the dirt and debris that is vacuumed up, a different type of container is used. Usually, this is a plastic container that has been designed in a way that allows for you to remove this container, to take it over to a trash bin, and then to press a button that expels the contents of that particular container. This is a much more sustainable way of disposing of vacuum debris, and it’s also a lot easier.

One of the most popular vacuum cleaner manufacturers is BISSELL, and they got in on this trend early. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the BISSELL 2486 Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, which is one of the best vacuum cleaners that BISSELL has made, and it fully embraces the bagless ethos!

Bissell 2486 Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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What Does The BISSELL 2486 Cleanview Offer?

The first thing that you’re going to notice about the BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is the fact that it looks a lot like an Upright Vacuum cleaner. And, what this means is that it has a design that is the same, but it lacks the bulk and heft of most upright vacuum cleaners, and that’s because BISSELL has designed this one so that it is nice and lightweight, rather than being overly large and heavy.

Due to this, moving the BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner around is a breeze. You can push and move it with incredible ease, and you can also move it into smaller spaces, and spaces that most other upright vacuums are unable to reach.

In the middle of this vacuum, there is the dirt canister. This canister is a large space, and it holds all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you vacuum up. Using this dirt canister, you can vacuum for longer periods, and then, when you are done vacuuming, the only thing you need to do is to press a button, which allows you to take the dirt canister and to dump the contents of it into your trash bin. Simple and effective.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

As you are vacuuming, the suction and brushes will be in full effect. The suction is excellent, and it uses “OnePass Technology” to achieve fantastic airflow that can work on hard surfaces – such as hardwood floors – and soft surfaces – such as carpets and rugs – and then it uses the brushes to help gather the dirt, dust, and debris from those surfaces.

The BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner works well on all kinds of surfaces, and you can use it to clean all kinds of different surfaces. And, due to the small size, you can also use this vacuum to clean spaces of varying sizes, as well.

To aid in the cleaning process, you have a couple of accessories. One of the most useful accessories is the Extension Wand, and this wand allows you to extend the reach of the vacuum so that you can then vacuum in spaces that are further away from the vacuum. If you want to clean crevices and nooks, then the Crevice Tool is very useful. Using the TurboBrush Tool and the Dusting Brush, you can remove dust that is on surfaces such as window sills and hard and soft floors.

Bissell 2486 Cleanview

Everything you vacuum goes through a multi-cyclonic suction system, and then a filtration system. With the multi-cyclonic suction system, dirt and debris is kept in the vacuum, and, more importantly, airflow remains strong and consistent, throughout the vacuuming process. With the filtration process, all of the bigger pieces are separated from, the smaller pieces, so that they don’t affect the suction. You don’t need to replace these filters. Instead, you can wash them off in the sink.


BISSELL has been in the vacuum cleaner business for a long time. And that’s because they make quality vacuum cleaners. With the BISSELL 2486 Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, you are getting one of the very best BISSELL vacuum cleaners.

Bissell Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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