In this comparison between two vacuums, we are going to be looking at the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 and the Bissell CrossWave 1785A.

Both of these vacuums come from Bissell, one of the greatest vacuum manufacturers on the market. As such, these are both excellent vacuums that are well-designed, and full of excellent features.

Bissell CrossWave 1785A vs Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306

Bissell 1785A

However, these are both “wet-dry vacuums”, and before we get into both of these vacuums, let’s define what, exactly, a wet-dry vacuum actually is.

First off, both of these vacuums perform the same basic functions as other vacuums. They use a brush head to sweep and scrape off dirt, dust, and debris, and then they suck all of that stuff up through a filter, that leads to the dust bin.

However, both of these vacuums also release a little bit of water, that is mixed with detergent while cleaning. This makes it easier to do a more thorough cleaning on your floors, cleaning up stains that have been on your floors for a while, for example.

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306

Bissell 1785A

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306

Weighing just 17.5 pounds, this is a fairly lightweight wet-dry vacuum. You can pick it up and move it around easily, and it doesn’t have the same heft as most upright vacuums, for example.

The design and aesthetic is simple but clear. You can tell what function each part of the vacuum serves, and you won’t have to look too hard to figure out how things work.

You’ll notice that there are two tanks, on the front of the vacuum. The first tank is for clean water, that has been mixed with detergent. Then, the second tank is used to store all of the dirty water. On top of the dirty water tank, there is a strainer that gathers all of the pet hair, so it doesn’t get lodged in that tank.

When using the vacuum, you’ll be vacuuming, and washing, at the same exact time. The vacuuming process isn’t separate from the washing process. This makes it easy to be vacuuming up a dirty spot, and then to clean up the stain that is left over from the debris that you’ve vacuumed up.

Bissell CrossWave 1785A

Bissell 1785A

The brush-roll that the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 uses is a tangle-free brush roll designed specifically for pets. Because of this, it is easily able to capture hairs, and to prevent them from tangling and clogging up the brush.

However, it has also been designed to be used on many other surfaces, too, such as tile, hardwood flooring, carpet, linoleum, area rugs, and many others. You have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to what type of surface you clean.

Ultimately, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 is an excellent wet-dry vacuum that provides a great deal of versatility, and cleaning power. You can clean anything with it!

Bissell CrossWave 1785A

Let’s start off with this basic fact: this isn’t designed to clean up pet hair, unlike the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306. This doesn’t mean it’s less powerful, but it does mean that cleaning up pet hair, or any kind of hair, isn’t going to be as easy as it will be with the 2306.

Just like the 2306, you have a brush roll that enables you to clean many different floor types. From hardwood floors to area rugs, you can clean just about any type of surface with this vacuum.

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 vs. CrossWave 1785A

Bissell 2306

If you have a home that has many different floor types, this is a great feature to have.

The brush-roll is unique, because it uses both nylon, and microfiber. Both of these materials are very useful, because microfiber makes it easy to mop your floors thoroughly, and the nylon also serves as a way of gathering all of the debris together, making it easy to vacuum everything up.

Just as with the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306, during the mopping process, two tanks are used. One for clean water, and the other for dirty water.

There are two settings that you can access. One is for cleaning rugs, and the other for hard floors. To switch between these two settings, you can press one of two buttons, located on the handle of the vacuum.

Bissell CrossWave 1785A Review

Ultimately, the Bissell CrossWave 1785A is an excellent wet-dry vacuum! But, if you intend to vacuum up pet hair, it isn’t as good of a choice. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful and efficient wet-dry vacuum!


These are both fantastic wet-dry vacuums that provide similar levels of power. If you have pets, though, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 is a better choice. If you don’t, then the Bissell CrossWave 1785A will work very well!

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306 Review

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