Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Formula Bundle Review

In this review, we will have a look at the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Formula Bundle. For instantly dealing with pet stains or even dealing with old stains on the carpet, the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is a rechargeable shampooer with cord-free convenience. It sprays, scrubs and cleans up stains like a full size carpet cleaner in a handy handheld shape. It takes some time to become familiar with the spray nozzle, but for small pet stains the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is a super-handy device.

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Formula Bundle

Cleaning Spots on the Floor

Using your Bissell Pet Stain Eraser for spot cleaning carpet and upholstery is easy. Once the unit is charged, and the solution has been added, push the power button to turn the unit on. The battery status lights will illuminate to show how much battery remains.

Clean Pet Stains With Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

Hold the unit above the soiled surface and press the trigger to spray the cleaning solution. For stubborn spots, use the brush to gently scrub the soiled area while continuing to spray the cleaning solution. Press the front of the Pet Stain Eraser firmly against the surface and pull towards you to remove the cleaning solution. Be sure to release the trigger for optimal suction. Repeat these steps until no dirt or cleaning solution can be removed. Also, be sure not to over-wet the area.

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Charing the Pet Stain Eraser

Charging the battery for your pet stain eraser is easy. Before charging, make sure the unit is off by ensuring the battery status indicator lights are not illuminated. Insert the charging adapter plug into the charging port on the handle near the base of the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser. Next, plug the adapter into a grounded outlet, the battery status indicator lights will illuminate when charging.

Charging the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

For maximum runtime, charge the unit for hours before use. On the first use, make sure the unit is fully charged before using it.

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser has a 15-minute runtime. To check the battery status, turn the machine on by pressing the power button on the handle, the battery is fully charged when all three of the blue status lights are illuminated.

Cleaning Windows with the Pet Stain Eraser?

Yes, you can! If your Pet Stain Eraser came with the window cleaning attachment, these tips will help you become more familiar with it.

First, remove the scrubbing brush by pushing the tab up and pulling gently. Next, attach the window cleaning tool by first securing on the clear nozzle, then rotate the window tool until it clicks into place. There are two methods to cleaning windows with your window tool. You may either pour the window cleaner solution directly into the unit or spray the window with your preferred window cleaning solution.

How do I clean windows with my Pet Stain Eraser

To use the window cleaning solution in your unit, first, flush the tank with water to remove any previous contents. To do this pour out any liquid in the container, fill it with water and press the spray trigger until the tank is empty. Once rinsed, you may pour the window cleaning solution directly into the tank.

Next, hold the machine in a vertical position in front of the window and press the spray trigger to spray the window cleaning solution on to the window. Now release this pre-trigger and use the sponge on the tool to gently scrub. With the trigger still released, tilt the cleaner down to engage the squeegee. Clean with full vertical strokes and work across the entire window.

The second method to cleaning windows, allows you to spray the window directly with your cleaning solution, and follow the same steps to than squeegee and suck up the solution.

If needed the window tool may be removed and cleaned under water. To remove pushed upward on the back of the unit while pulling gently and let the attachment air dry.

Filling the Tank

The following steps will help with filling the solution tank for your Bissell Pet Stain Eraser. First, pull the tank away at an angle, to remove it from the unit. Next, twist and remove the tank cap. You can now add the formula from the Formula Bundle to the indicated fill line on the solution tank.

Filling the Tank pet Hair Eraser

The professional spot and stain plus oxy formula are ready to use, which means no mixing with water. Just pour and go.

Next, twist the cap back on the tank and return to the unit making sure it is fully sealed. Make sure that there are no gaps in the seals between the tank and the unit.

Summary of the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Features
– Spray, Scrub, and Suck to remove pet stains
– Grab-And-Go Cordless Convenience
– Pet stain and odor formula
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Final Words

With the warning that a sparkling clean area of the carpet or upholstery may possibly look even more apparent than a light stain, Bissell’s Pet Stain Eraser is an extremely convenient and practical spot cleaner. Bissell’s good cleaning solutions, combined with the Stain Eraser’s good suction power and exceptional transportability make it well suited for pet stains and old stains as well.

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Formula Bundle test

In a larger home with multiple pets (and kids) we would choose a full-size carpet cleaner with a detail tool, but for instant pet stain cleaning and freshening up upholstery, the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Formula Bundle is a good little spot-cleaner.

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