Today, we’re going to be looking at the Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum. Now, this is a newer vacuum from Bissell. It hasn’t been out for very long, but the vacuum is quite exceptional.

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum Review (2191)

We’re going to be looking at the different features that this upright vacuum presents. We’ll also be looking at why this may just be the best vacuum for you if you’re currently on the market for a good Upright Vacuum.

Now, before we get into the vacuum itself, let’s define a few terms…

What Is A “Bagless Vacuum?”

Back in the day, most vacuums used bags, rather than bagless systems. These bags were used to hold all of the dirt, dust, and debris. This was due to the technology available at the time and the cost of purchasing a bagless vacuum.

As time has gone on, bagless vacuums have become a lot more prevalent, and a lot more inexpensive. The technology is considered a lot more efficient and convenient, in comparison to bagged vacuums.

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright

What Is An “Upright Vacuum?”

Upright vacuums are the most popular type of vacuum. They stand tall and upright, and the design is quite simple. At the bottom, there is the motorhead. In the middle, there’s the dust cup, and at the top, there is the handle.

One of the reasons for their popularity – aside from affordability – is the fact that they are easily the most powerful vacuums on the market. You can clean anything with them, and that makes them very desirable.

So, What Features Does This Vacuum Have?

The BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum comes with a variety of excellent features.

One of the first features that you’ll notice is just how lightweight and mobile this vacuum is. In total, it weighs just over 13 pounds. Meaning that you can easily move it around your home, just by carrying it, and you won’t have any problems.

In the box, you’ll find three great accessories. A dusting brush, for getting chunks of dust that the main vacuum just can’t quite get to. Then, there’s a crevice tool, for cleaning small and narrow crevices. Finally, you have an extension wand, which is great for cleaning places that are high on walls and other spaces.

BISSELL 2191 PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright

Helix Solution

Using the “Helix System”, cleaning is made to be very, very efficient and easy. Now, this system is a bit difficult to describe, but essentially it allows for greater suction, enabling more dirt, dust, and debris to be sucked into the vacuum at any one time. And then, these different things are separated once they’re sucked in, allowing for a much easier filtration process.

For example, if you have a carpet that has a lot of nasty dirt and grime in it, this suction system is good at dislodging that dirt and sucking it into the vacuum.


During the cleaning process, you can switch from five different settings. Each one is designed for a specific type of surface, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to what kinds of floors you can clean. For example, you can clean hardwood floors, tile floors, carpet floors, and many others. Although, it must be said that it works best cleaning hard floors, but cleaning the carpeting isn’t bad at all, either.

BISSELL 2191 Upright Vacuum

All of the dirt, dust, and debris that you suck in goes through a pretty basic filtration system. But this filtration system is super convenient, as you can wash the filters in the sink, so you don’t have to replace them very often.

Once everything has been filtered, it enters the dirt bin. This is considered an “Extra Large” dust bin, and as such, it can hold a lot more than most other upright vacuums. However, finding a specific measurement for just how much space is in the dust bin is a bit tricky, since Bissell doesn’t actually advertise that.

Nevertheless, the dust bin has a lot of space, meaning that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and empty it that frequently. Along with that, it’s very easy to empty the dust bin, all you need to do is press a button, and that releases the contents.

Is This The Right Vacuum For Me?

Ultimately, the BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum is a very nice, very powerful vacuum. It’s well-designed and well-made, and it performs well. If you want something that does its job exceptionally well, and can clean just about anything, then this is a fantastic choice.


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